Ride With Me

Spynergy in Wellesley: Sunday – 10:45 am – 11:35 am

@ Benefitness in Brookline Village: Tuesday – 645 pm – 745 pm

Sub @ Gold’s Gym (Natick, Ashland and Millis locations) and now subbing at Beacon Hill Athletic Clubs around Boston including West Newton, Cleveland Circle, Brighton Center, Brookline Village, and Wellesley!


4 thoughts on “Ride With Me

  1. I was wondering if rather than commenting on the music, can you expand in more detail the riding or profile end…like –sprint…what kind of sprints, or climbing etc….jumps….more detail what you are actually doing…Just wondering…great stuff….

    • Hey Dan!

      I know, sometimes I get totally carried away about talking about the music, and forget to profile the ride, or I’ll just say something super vague about the riding profile. I will work on putting more detail about pickups and climbs and jumps for each song from here on out! This is a good comment, it’ll keep me in check 🙂 Thanks for coming by – if you have any questions about any of the posts I’ve already put up from the past, just let me know and I can help answer more info about the ride I played out for each!


    • Hi Angel!

      Absolutely! Here’s the deal. If you find a song on my page that I have linked to soundcloud that you want to download, I am pretty sure that in the same box where you can press play to listen on my page for each song, all the way to the right of the box, there are a few icons. If you click the down arrow, that will bring up something that asks if you want to download it. You can click download, and then for me, it will just automatically start downloading on my mac, and then when it’s finished, it gets automatically into my itunes.

      If you want to download a song that’s not on my page at soundcloud, if you go to the soundcloud website and search for a song, a list of results will appear, and when you find the one you want, usually there is a “download” option in the player. Sometimes people who post songs to soundcloud make them not-download-able (made up word much?), so not every song will be downloadable, but I have had great luck with most of the ones I have looked for to add to my library.

      Let me know if that helps, and good luck! Thanks for reading!!!!

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