A Major Award

This is a very special post today!  My two new Boston-based blog friends, Erica & Emily at Sleep, Eat, Gym, Repeat! have given me an “Inspirational Blogger” Award! I am touched.  I didn’t have a speech prepared (yes I did), but… THANK YOU! That just made my entire life. No, really. That’s so cool. Out … Continue reading

Gym Review – Boston Sports Club, Allston

Like I mentioned in my previous post, I have been meaning to write health club reviews for the few gyms I have checked out since moving to Brighton.  The first one was the Beacon Hill Athletic Club in Cleveland Circle, and this review will be for the BSC in Allston. I was a member here … Continue reading

I Have Big News.

Disclaimer: this post is a short novel, and no music – just the most important story ever.  Almost to the day, one year ago, I was puffy-eyed, broken-hearted, wanted to crawl in a hole, die, turn into a zombie, and zombie-attack everyone. Then I GOT BED BUGS. (I know, how many times can I possibly … Continue reading

So Much Love

Spotify (I feel as though this post needs a photograph to break up all the text, but really, I got nothin’… so, sorry. Unless you want one of Snooki, which I’m priiitttyyy, pritty sure you don’t.) Got one playlist for you this week – Sunday class last week was subbed out, taught this playlist tonight, … Continue reading


Grateful Dead Spin class was quite the… trip.  The owner of Spynergy, Bill, teaches this class a few times a year, and if you appreciate the Dead, then this is the best spin class you’ll ever take.  It’s about 75 minutes of endurance, to the best live Dead songs.  I will definitely be linking the … Continue reading