Jam With Me

I’m on iTunes, Spotify, Twitter, and Soundcloud under the handles:

Amanda Bucci or Spinmuse

You can “dropbox” me tunes on Soundcloud here

I’ve recently upgraded my Spotify account to premium, and fellow spin instructors, you should do the same! It’s a great service, and will save you tons of money if you are sick of downloading songs from iTunes.  Get it here

I also encourage you to add me as a friend on Spotify, and send me tracks… I love the inbox sharing tool, I’ve been having a lot of fun with it lately both sending and receiving tunes from friends.


4 thoughts on “Jam With Me

    • Drew! Thank you so much, you are too kind. I love your website too, I am glad we found each other – I’ll be adding you to my blogroll as well! I’m glad you can find my site helpful… I see you are just up on the North Shore – I’d love to take a class sometime with you, let me know if you are ever subbing any classes on the weekends so I can make the drive up there and catch a class! Have a wonderful day, your comments made my whole day!

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