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Nocturnal, Peaches, and Psycho Killer

iTunes (Nocturnal) (OMG IT WORKED!) Spotify (Nocturnal) iTunes (Peaches) (Yet 5 minutes later this playlist did not work…) Spotify (Peaches) iTunes (Psycho Killer)  (Same with this.) Spotify (Psycho Killer) ^iTunes Ping really, really annoys me. I am thinking of ONLY posting SPOTIFY playlists from now on. Is there ANY READER on here that would be … Continue reading

Robot Rock

iTunes Spotify (I totally forgot to link last week’s post San Francisco Bound to Spotify and iTunes – I fixed it though!) November already? I hope you guys had a nice Halloween – we got dumped on in Boston… well, more like a few inches, but for my own sake I’m going to pretend we … Continue reading

Long Ride

Still recovering from my big sister’s wedding over the weekend. I can’t believe it’s over already! Womp womp: 1. Pretty Lights, Switch Up (3:49): You know the drill. 2. Van Morrison, Brown Eyed Girl (3:06): I liked playing Wild Night during the last class, so I played another Van Morrison song to get the crowd … Continue reading


It’s actually Tuesday, but who can even keep track? Here’s a dubby, electronic, beaty playlist for all your workout music and basshead needs. 1. Nalepa, Monday (the Glitch Mob Remix) (6:29) – Learned about this song from a coworker who I just discovered also loves bass and electronic beats. Instrumental warm up song, should get … Continue reading


Because sometimes that’s all you feel like doing.  I used a lot of short songs for this playlist, enjoy kids! 1. Ben Lee, Catch My Disease (4:14): Not sure why I chose this song for the warm up, but it’s got a good, “catchy” beat.  Kind of fun. Nice introduction to spinning, safety talk and … Continue reading