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Spotify iTunes (look who decided to work this week!) Remember last week when I said I’d have more playlists to post for you this week? I lied. Sorry. Hugs! Here’s a picture of some puppies to make up for it. (source: We cool? Okay. Thanks.  Now that that’s off my chest, before we get to … Continue reading

Dance Yrself Clean

Spotify Thank you guys so much already for your input on the Charity Ride.  I still have over a week until that race, so keep the comments flowing! Also.. Valentine’s Day? Ain’t got nothin‘ on me this year. It was fabulous. Have you guys heard of Shakti Active Wear? My super awesome Aunt Louise sells … Continue reading

Push & Pull

Still unwinding after a weekend high at the Royal Family Affair Music Festival up in Stratton Vermont this weekend. Lettuce, Chromeo, Big Gigantic, Break Science & Chalie 2na (WHO I MET!), Pimps of Joytime, Big Gigantic, Soulive, John Brown’s Body, just to name a few… So much fun, I would highly recommend it next year if … Continue reading