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Spotify Have you ever been late for your own spin class? I was subbing tonight for a 6pm class, which on a normal day, I’d never be able to make in time, but I was all excited to leave work right at 5pm to fight that traffic out to my gym. Of course, with my … Continue reading


Spotify iTunes (look who decided to work this week!) Remember last week when I said I’d have more playlists to post for you this week? I lied. Sorry. Hugs! Here’s a picture of some puppies to make up for it. (source: We cool? Okay. Thanks.  Now that that’s off my chest, before we get to … Continue reading

Bootcamp Beats Volume 2

Another special post for you guys today from Joel, who wrote a banger playlist a few weeks ago for us.  I dig his style so much, and I can not wait to take one of his classes! I’ll make sure he makes the class extra wompy for when I come visit.  Also, I had mentioned in … Continue reading

Waters of Nazareth & Beauty Beats

iTunes (Waters of Nazareth) (Can’t post this link for some reason. iTunes, when will you step it up?) Spotify (Waters of Nazareth) iTunes (Beauty Beats) Spotify (Beauty Beats) I hope everyone had the best new years eve! I sure did! This whole weekend was such a blast. Cousin got married, drove into the mountains of … Continue reading

Paperback Writer & I Cut Like A Buffalo

iTunes Spotify I hope you guys had a nice Thanksgiving! I sure did. Still nibbling on leftover squash, cranberry sauce, and some delicious apple crisp thing my mom makes. The deep fried turkey was delicious, but I only had maybe a thumb’s worth (gross) of turkey. Veggies 4 lyfe. I subbed for a class at … Continue reading

Tomorrow May Never Come

Having trouble getting the iTunes link for some reason, but it’s on my iTunes ping account (@ Amanda Bucci) Spotify I try to keep my ramblings on the blog to a minimum, but I have quite a bit to ramble about from the past week involving both music AND spinning. So it’s on topic. 1. … Continue reading

I Need a Dollar

Two spin classes in 12 hours… Shouldn’t be a problem, but I am just NOT a morning person. 6AM Spin class was tough on my body today. This class we had a warmup, 2 songs of climb, 1 song of jumps, repeat the loop 4 times, and then cooldown.  Here’s a bunch of new tunes … Continue reading