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Spotify Go figure that the first day in months I am able to finally sleep in, which is my favorite past time activity since I am a bit narcoleptic, but everyday life does not accept such tendencies, and me and my roomates were all woken up to the sound of jack-hammering at 7:30 am.  That … Continue reading

Santa Baby & Sail

iTunes (Santa Baby) Spotify (Santa Baby) iTunes (Sail) Spotify (Sail) I hope everyone had a nice time with their families during the holidays! Two things: To my friend on Spotify, Jimmy, who sent me songs by The Rapture: THANK YOU! I have been looking for more artists who remind me of LCD Soundsystem lately, and … Continue reading

Tomorrow May Never Come

Having trouble getting the iTunes link for some reason, but it’s on my iTunes ping account (@ Amanda Bucci) Spotify I try to keep my ramblings on the blog to a minimum, but I have quite a bit to ramble about from the past week involving both music AND spinning. So it’s on topic. 1. … Continue reading

I Need a Dollar

Two spin classes in 12 hours… Shouldn’t be a problem, but I am just NOT a morning person. 6AM Spin class was tough on my body today. This class we had a warmup, 2 songs of climb, 1 song of jumps, repeat the loop 4 times, and then cooldown.  Here’s a bunch of new tunes … Continue reading