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See Ya, 2012

With another year coming to a close owning this thang I like to call spinmuse, I wanted to write a 2012 wrap-up post of top jams from this year, because YOU, dear spin enthusiasts, are worth it. How are you all? I miss you guys… in brief: NYC/my new career is my dream come true, … Continue reading

Hanging On

Before I get to some tunes… A public service announcement from your old pal. Birthdays are weird. Some years, you can’t wait for the big day to come; other years, you dread that awful feeling of getting older.  Birthdays are a time for reflection, whether you realize it or not.  They make you think about … Continue reading

So Much Love

Spotify (I feel as though this post needs a photograph to break up all the text, but really, I got nothin’… so, sorry. Unless you want one of Snooki, which I’m priiitttyyy, pritty sure you don’t.) Got one playlist for you this week – Sunday class last week was subbed out, taught this playlist tonight, … Continue reading

Snowboard Beats Volume 1

I was so happy to see the title of this post that Joel sent over this week! Not only is snowboarding one of my favorite past times, but remember when I met pro-snowboarder Kevin Pearce a few weeks ago? And he tried to ask me out and I was like, “nah.”  I giggled, per usual, … Continue reading

Dance Yrself Clean

Spotify Thank you guys so much already for your input on the Charity Ride.  I still have over a week until that race, so keep the comments flowing! Also.. Valentine’s Day? Ain’t got nothin‘ on me this year. It was fabulous. Have you guys heard of Shakti Active Wear? My super awesome Aunt Louise sells … Continue reading

Bootcamp Beats Volume 1

Today, I have a special post for you guys!  Through our mutual friend, Lindsay @, Joel and I have connected, and low and behold… He is my male-workout-music-match (Ali @ whipmeintoshape is my female match).  Joel will tell you a little bit about himself in his post below, but when I opened his e-mail … Continue reading

Mercy & Rope

iTunes (Mercy) (Not working on Ping. I’ll never understand ya, iTunes) Spotify (Mercy)  iTunes (Rope) Spotify (Rope) Only a few more days until Christmas! I can’t believe it. WHERE is the snow? Please! Someone! Dump, already. I’ve got snowboarding plans for New Years Eve weekend, and I will not settle for this 50 degree weather … Continue reading

Lucid Dreams & Afternoon Soul

iTunes (Lucid Dreams) Spotify (Lucid Dreams) <— Find me on Spotify @ “spinmuse” and send me music! It’s so fun! We can share! iTunes (Afternoon Soul) Spotify (Afternoon Soul) I missed you guys last week! More than that, I missed teaching! I still taught my intro to spin class which I truly love teaching. A … Continue reading

All Comes Back to One

iTunes Spotify Oh my god, I have some exciting news. I have figured out how to integrate soundcloud INTO my blog posts. I have tried before and for some reason (old age) I couldn’t figure it out. I have figure out how to do it though. This means you should be able to listen to … Continue reading

Paperback Writer & I Cut Like A Buffalo

iTunes Spotify I hope you guys had a nice Thanksgiving! I sure did. Still nibbling on leftover squash, cranberry sauce, and some delicious apple crisp thing my mom makes. The deep fried turkey was delicious, but I only had maybe a thumb’s worth (gross) of turkey. Veggies 4 lyfe. I subbed for a class at … Continue reading