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The Last Waltz

Spotify (Tomorrow May Never Come…) Spotify (Rill Rill) (source) Last week, we lost a music legend.  Levon Helm of The Band passed away after a long battle with throat cancer.  I won’t lie when I say that I cried a little when I saw on his website the note from his family about him being … Continue reading

Dance Yrself Clean

Spotify Thank you guys so much already for your input on the Charity Ride.  I still have over a week until that race, so keep the comments flowing! Also.. Valentine’s Day? Ain’t got nothin‘ on me this year. It was fabulous. Have you guys heard of Shakti Active Wear? My super awesome Aunt Louise sells … Continue reading

Nocturnal, Peaches, and Psycho Killer

iTunes (Nocturnal) (OMG IT WORKED!) Spotify (Nocturnal) iTunes (Peaches) (Yet 5 minutes later this playlist did not work…) Spotify (Peaches) iTunes (Psycho Killer)  (Same with this.) Spotify (Psycho Killer) ^iTunes Ping really, really annoys me. I am thinking of ONLY posting SPOTIFY playlists from now on. Is there ANY READER on here that would be … Continue reading

Booty City!

iTunes (mehhh not tonight… sorry, I’m tired!) Spotify I hope you all took some action today in being apart of the SOPA + PIPA protests online today.  I figured out how to blackout my site (thank you WordPress!) without completely and utterly ruining my life’s work here on this blog. In more important news (so … Continue reading

Mercy & Rope

iTunes (Mercy) (Not working on Ping. I’ll never understand ya, iTunes) Spotify (Mercy)  iTunes (Rope) Spotify (Rope) Only a few more days until Christmas! I can’t believe it. WHERE is the snow? Please! Someone! Dump, already. I’ve got snowboarding plans for New Years Eve weekend, and I will not settle for this 50 degree weather … Continue reading

Lucid Dreams & Afternoon Soul

iTunes (Lucid Dreams) Spotify (Lucid Dreams) <— Find me on Spotify @ “spinmuse” and send me music! It’s so fun! We can share! iTunes (Afternoon Soul) Spotify (Afternoon Soul) I missed you guys last week! More than that, I missed teaching! I still taught my intro to spin class which I truly love teaching. A … Continue reading

The Ills

(^ Who’s bright idea was it to make i’s and L’s look alike in certain fonts?) iTunes  Spotify I had such a great time teaching at Spynergy this weekend! It was a totally different teaching experience than what I’m used to, and I loved it.  I don’t usually use a microphone so that felt a … Continue reading

The Substitute Playlist

Spotify iTunes I survived my first substitute spin class this morning! I had to make sure I had GOOD music lined up, so that I could make a bunch of people who don’t know me like me.   I got some music compliments, so I would like to think it was a success. I hate … Continue reading

Long Ride

Still recovering from my big sister’s wedding over the weekend. I can’t believe it’s over already! Womp womp: 1. Pretty Lights, Switch Up (3:49): You know the drill. 2. Van Morrison, Brown Eyed Girl (3:06): I liked playing Wild Night during the last class, so I played another Van Morrison song to get the crowd … Continue reading

I Need a Dollar

Two spin classes in 12 hours… Shouldn’t be a problem, but I am just NOT a morning person. 6AM Spin class was tough on my body today. This class we had a warmup, 2 songs of climb, 1 song of jumps, repeat the loop 4 times, and then cooldown.  Here’s a bunch of new tunes … Continue reading