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Hanging On

Before I get to some tunes… A public service announcement from your old pal. Birthdays are weird. Some years, you can’t wait for the big day to come; other years, you dread that awful feeling of getting older.  Birthdays are a time for reflection, whether you realize it or not.  They make you think about … Continue reading

Music Roundup, Inspired by Unemployment

So it’s day 3 of unemployment. I start my new job on the 9th, so I have some time to get everything under the sun taken care of before I move. So far, everything has fallen into place so smoothly that it completely feels too good to be true (insert anvil falling from the sky … Continue reading

Snowboard Beats Volume 1

I was so happy to see the title of this post that Joel sent over this week! Not only is snowboarding one of my favorite past times, but remember when I met pro-snowboarder Kevin Pearce a few weeks ago? And he tried to ask me out and I was like, “nah.”  I giggled, per usual, … Continue reading

Nocturnal, Peaches, and Psycho Killer

iTunes (Nocturnal) (OMG IT WORKED!) Spotify (Nocturnal) iTunes (Peaches) (Yet 5 minutes later this playlist did not work…) Spotify (Peaches) iTunes (Psycho Killer)  (Same with this.) Spotify (Psycho Killer) ^iTunes Ping really, really annoys me. I am thinking of ONLY posting SPOTIFY playlists from now on. Is there ANY READER on here that would be … Continue reading

Booty City!

iTunes (mehhh not tonight… sorry, I’m tired!) Spotify I hope you all took some action today in being apart of the SOPA + PIPA protests online today.  I figured out how to blackout my site (thank you WordPress!) without completely and utterly ruining my life’s work here on this blog. In more important news (so … Continue reading

Derezzed & Roustabout

iTunes (Derezzed)  (So I’ve been blogging for like, an hour and a half, and I need to make a playlist for intro, so I’m going to put the links on hold until I have some time to deal with the annoyances of iTunes since it takes an extra 20 minutes). Bear with me Spotify (Derezzed) … Continue reading

Tomorrow May Never Come

Having trouble getting the iTunes link for some reason, but it’s on my iTunes ping account (@ Amanda Bucci) Spotify I try to keep my ramblings on the blog to a minimum, but I have quite a bit to ramble about from the past week involving both music AND spinning. So it’s on topic. 1. … Continue reading

Robot Rock

iTunes Spotify (I totally forgot to link last week’s post San Francisco Bound to Spotify and iTunes – I fixed it though!) November already? I hope you guys had a nice Halloween – we got dumped on in Boston… well, more like a few inches, but for my own sake I’m going to pretend we … Continue reading

San Francisco Bound

iTunes Spotify It’s been a wild past few days.. Saw my first STS9 concert in Boston, and I have no idea why I’ve been holding back on them all these years when they’ve been around. So. Much. FUN! A long, sleepless but incredibly fun weekend visiting friends from college in NYC ensued, where I slept … Continue reading