I Feel It

It’s been a pretty chilly winter so far in NYC, but let’s relish in the good news: the sunlight is just starting to creep past 5:00pm, and February is already almost halfway over (almost) (#BYE!).

I’ve already had the luxury of an unstoppable start to 2013, with an insane Pretty Lights New Year’s Eve show,

Pritty, Prittyyyyyyyy Lights

Pritty, Prittyyyyyyyy Lights

and I’m still dreaming of the gorgeous vistas (and Australian men) in Whistler from my trip a week ago.

I mean, Whistler wasn't, like, THAT beautiful..

I mean, Whistler wasn’t, like, THAT beautiful..

If you ever have the chance to go to Whistler, you have to, and you have to hang out with my bestie, Lindsey, because she is so cool AND she has pink hair.

That's Lindsey, with the pink hair, and me, standing in an Inukshuk on top of the world, wearing our helmets, because safety first.

That’s Lindsey, with the pink hair, and me, standing in an Inukshuk on top of the world, wearing our helmets, because safety first.

We are about to get, anywhere between, according to Gawker, 3 – 30 inches of that fluffy white fun stuff (not the illegal kind) in NYC over the next two days, so I wanted to make sure I shared with you some tunes to help you get through the stages of a snowstorm.  Not like I have to call them out to the northeastern folk, but in case you don’t live in a place where you get dumped on and have these things called “snow days”, these stages are as follows:

1. Excitement – Fun! Snow!

2. Realization – Wait, we’re getting a shit load of it.

3. Anxiety – How will I make it to work on time? How early do I have to get my ass out of my warm bed up to shovel? I have to shovel ALL that wet, heavy shit so my little, unsafe car can leave my driveway, and possibly kill me on the icey roads?

4. Stress – Will they let me work from home? Will we be open? ARE MY WEEKEND PLANS RUINED? IS MY SPIN CLASS GOING TO GET CANCELLED?

Then it branches off into either a PARTY when you find out your office is closed, or you become a miserable, angry, road raged driver, cursing the whole 2 hour commute into your office. Of course, my office was always open, even after a foot and a half of snow would fall, because as my boss used to like to say after I came home from a 14 hour day, “The environment never sleeps.”  No further comment.

So, here are my favorite tracks of the new year so far, and majority are absolute gold for your workouts! (Listen in Spotify by following me!):

1. Flux Pavillion, I Feel It (5:13): The same guy that brought you “I Can’t Stop” in 2012 is back with a fresh new album called “Blow The Roof”, and it is SO GOOD. I’d paste the whole thing into this post, but that’s aggressive (is it though?).  This song is similar in a lot of ways to his first single, but I can’t stop (not even a pun) dancing and singing all 3 lyrics over and over again to this one.  Another track worth checking out is one he collaborated on with Childish Gambino called Do or Die, which is heavy beats infused with some rap (laughing at myself because I wrote “rape”, but rape is not funny).

2. Motorcycle, As The Rush Comes – Gabriel and Dresden Chill Out Mix (6:21): Very chilled out, as the title states, with some airy female vocals, and slow bass.  I’d totally do a slow, painful, thick climb to this one if I still taught…

3. Get Shakes, Sister Self Doubt (4:26): Very similar to LCD Soundsystem from the electric beats, the cowbell, and even the vocalist sounds a little like James Murphy.  Either way, makes my head swirl, and I’m interested in learning more about them.

4. Toro Y Moi, Rose Quartz (4:13): This guy is going to be huge this year… I already saw his name on the Sasquatch 2013 bill, and his sound is so relaxed, but dancey at the same time, that I think he’ll really be turning heads with his new album, Anything in Return, that just came out.

5. Aenon, This Is What I Meant (4:32): I have been practicing meditating once a day with the new year, and this whole album from this electronic producer has been an easy segway into getting lost in my pea brain, but this song in particular struck me as extra awesome.  It’s all instrumental, and a little trancey, with just the right amount of energy in it.

6. Groove Armada, Lovebox (5:41): I’ve loved Groove Armada ever since the first time I heard “Hands of Time,” and was totally confused when I heard another song by them that was housey… I love their style because they’re a little bit of everything, but this song gets me straight jammin’, which is the way to my heart.  This is another one that’s a little bit trancey, but there’s a lot of different layers to the song that help build it up and break it down.

7. Deadmau5 ft. Alexis Jordan, Happiness (5:41): THIS ONE.  I will never, ever get sick of this song. Her voice is beautiful, so if you like dance music with female vocals, this is for you.  Obsessed.

8. James Brown, Tupac, Unchained (2:52): I don’t see movies often, but when I do, they better involve a James Brown and Tupac mashup.  This song is super awesome for gettin’ your disco and rap fix, and I can’t get sick of it.  Django Unchained was awesomely scary, funny, awful, and incredible all at once. How do you do that so well, Tarantino, you sick F?!

9. Future Islands, Balance (4:07): This is one my favorite friend, Boots, sent me.  The lead singer of this group has got a very odd voice, but I’m so into it, especially paired with the lyrics and the beat.

10. The Source ft. Candi Staton, You’ve Got The Love (NowVoyager Remix) (6:06): This song you may recognize from the very end of the Sex and the City movie (yup, saw that one!) and I always remember loving it, but not until recently did I realize that Florence’s version was a cover!  This song is SO beautiful, and this has a good beat behind it to keep you dancing.

11. Kill Paris, Baby Come Back (3:27): Kill Paris is going to be another huge producer to look out for this year.  His stuff is straight fire, and the right mix of chill, heavy dub, and dance.   I promise you’ll recognize this song in a heartbeat, if not from the radio, then from that Swiffer commercial a few years ago with the broom.

12. Phantogram, All Dried Up (3:47): Yup, still obsessed with this duo, and this song is beautiful.  That’s all that has to be said about this one.

13. Cat Power, Cherokee (4:46): Cat Power’s new album is worth listening through over and over again, but there’s something to this song I can’t quite get enough of.  The chorus to this song is just so good.  Her raspy, cute voice makes me happy.

14. Xenia Dunford, A Love Song (4:16): So I went to middle school and high school with Xenia, and heard she was in the music scene in LA, and OH MY GOD. She is so talented, like her voice is chillingly beautiful.  Check this out for pure piano, soul, love, and flow.

15. Tame Impala, Feels Like We Only Go Backwards (3:13): Got this one from an Aussie I met in Whistler, and I love it… I would like to call them the modern day Beatles, but how could I ever… There’s definitely a little “yellow submarine” in their vocals though, and happy and trippy all at once.  Check ’em out.


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