I’m Alive

A lot has happened since we last spoke. I was in my quaint apartment in Boston, temporarily unemployed, listening to about 10 hours of music a day whilst (is this a real word?) packing, driving, or working out.


I’m in a swanky lounge in my luxury apartment building (more on this in a moment), stealing free wi-fi and granny smith apples that suddenly appeared in a giant basket in the lounge tonight.


The move to NYC has felt like free wi-fi and free apples in every aspect.  Bear with me here, I’m really tired today.  Every. Single. Thing. Has. Been. Perfect.

This apartment building is like, rap-video swaggy (minus the bitches and hoes… although..?). It’s everything and more I could have ever asked for moving blindly from Boston to NYC.  We have a HELICOPTER LANDING PAD view of the East River, and even better than that (can you believe it gets cooler than this?):

Oh, hi.

THERE IS A STREET MEAT VENDOR RIGHT OUTSIDE MY BUILDING. LIKE, RIGHT OUTSIDE. AT ALL TIMES. Does the Halal street meat vendor company read spinmuse?

Proof, 5am Tuesday morning. STREET MEAT NEVER SLEEPS. And no, that is not my silhoutte housing a hot dog.

Now, for the whole “reason why I moved” thing.  Work has been amazing.  Every day makes me more excited to go back there than the next.  I have met some super fun people that I work with who I have been bothering the crap out of with questions.  I feel so interested in what I’m doing everyday, because I know that I am a part of helping a studio that sees almost 500 riders a day run smoothly.  I literally am loving what I have been learning so far, which has just been the everyday basics, while I’m still understanding what the manager duties will entail.  I love that there’s weeks of training that I’m undergoing ahead.  I’m learning so much, and I love this company, I love the riders, and I’m excited to go to work everyday.

I get to ride, a lot, and as much as I do miss instructing already, it’s nice to sit back and get to take other peoples classes, instead of working for 9-10 hours a day, commuting for an hour or longer each day, doing my own workout, showering, eating, and then putting all the prep work into making a few rides for the week.  You guys know what I mean, it is a LOT of work! But that’s what sets you apart from the other instructors out there.  I will say I haven’t had a heavy, long, brutal Pretty Lights song climb in a while.  The instructors focus more on movements and speed rather than resistance, but I am getting an amazingly fun and exhausting workout in everyday! The music from the instructors I’ve taken is also so noteworthy.  They get to do what I couldn’t get away with…. almost every song is an electronic and/or dubstep remix.  And it’s super loud.  And I get to hear some version of “Call Me Maybe” like 18 times a day.  HEAVEN. ON. EARTH.

Can you feel the love in this post?  That guy in the sky is finally on my side again!

So, although I still don’t have much of a direction I’m going to take this little hobby of mine, I do have some tunes to share. More of a little encouragement to check out this album that The M Machine has finally put out, after teasing us with a few singles from way back in November.  If you recall, I loved their song “Promise Me A Rose Garden” for rolling hills, and ever since hearing that song and seeing them open for MiM0SA, AND (I’m good at run-on sentences) the fact that they were signed onto Skrillex’s music label, I have been anxiously awaiting this 6-track, “Part 1” release of Metropolis.

We got 6 tracks here:

1. Immigrants (4:53): All instrumental, some heavy beat drops thrown in, and I would consider it a perfect song for some heavy, powerful hills. 

2. Deep Search (4:38): This song reminds me a lot of two Deadmau5 tracks called Cthulhu Sleeps and FML, put together.  It’s very beaty and a little trancey, all instrumental, and again, I think it’s got a steady beat for a hill climb.  

3. A King Alone (3:47): A softer electronic track, with some male vocals, and it’s pretty soothing.  The beat is a little slower so I would suggest hills for this as well.  

4. Faces (2:47): Not really a fan of this one, it’s got vocals that make me feel weird. No spinning to this allowed. Not even going to post it.

5. Black (5:48): A little slow to start out, but it’s totally a party tune.  It’s got a faster beat than the other songs, a heavier electronic beat, and sexy build ups.  This would be perfect for some sprints. 

6. Shadow In The Rose Garden (3:09): Not to be confused with Promise Me A Rose Garden… This is a slower, bass-ier, dub-step version of Promise.  I love the female vocalist, mixed with heavy bass, and totally bearable dubstep.  Steep hills here. 

Welp, friends, that’s all I’ve got for you this week.  I have taken a major break from the computer since moving and starting a new job, and it’s been pretty glorious.  I suggest you do the same… after, of course, reading this post.  I’m headed to The Gorge in Seattle in a week for the Sasquatch music festival, and I think I’m going to pee my pants when I get there, so expect some reviews of new bands that I get to check out while I’m there! Like this group, which I totally wanted to used in my spin class but never did:


2 thoughts on “I’m Alive

  1. I was wondering where you went! I havent been able to make tuesdays in quite sometime because of work, and I have missed your class dearly! Happy to see youre on to bigger and better things! best of luck!

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