Music Roundup, Inspired by Unemployment

So it’s day 3 of unemployment. I start my new job on the 9th, so I have some time to get everything under the sun taken care of before I move.

So far, everything has fallen into place so smoothly that it completely feels too good to be true (insert anvil falling from the sky here).  I might break even on selling my car, we found an amazing apartment for the right price, I have a subletter for my apartment in Boston, and my old boss did not actually kill me, despite his threats.

Although technically I am not working right now, my days have so far been filled to the brim with stuff. Stuff of all sorts.  During this time, I have come across some awesome tunes that I figured I would post.  They are, of course, all spinmuse approved spinning songs.

Firstly, and having nothing to do with spin, the new Jack White album, Blunderbuss, is so fresh. He is one of the headlining acts at the Sasquatch festival that I am going to Memorial Day weekend. I can’t wait to see him live.  This albums a good mixture of relaxing, chilled out tunes, with some heavier rock jams.  Here’s “Love Interruption”, which is one of my favorites off this album (lyrics are awesome): 

Secondly, the new Michal Menert album dropped last week as well, Even If It Isn’t Right, and I am loving it.  I haven’t had a chance to truly listen to it in it’s entirety, which you have to do when you’re listening to Michal’s stuff.  His intention with his albums is to make them feel like an art exhibit.  One song drifting into the next, with the whole album telling a story, rather than creating singles.  Here’s a good one called “The Golden Rule” (I’d spin face to this): 

I read a few interviews he did recently, and I respect him even more after reading them.  He is in this grey area in his industry where people like Deadmau5 or Rusko are creating heavy dubstep that draws huge crowds, which he could easily slip into… but he knows that that’s not where he wants to take his music, and he would rather create things that HE was happy with, rather than becoming a “sell-out” (which is not to say I think Rusko or Deadmau5 are sell-out’s at all, but you catch my drift. He could make a FAST buck on that track).

I’m sure there are some banger spin tunes out there on his new album, and I’ll be sure to point them out when I’m done listening to it.  And now, for some fresh spin tunes:

1. Wolfgang Gartner, Bounce (6:47): This song was discovered during a long drive to a Costco yesterday, only to get there and realize you have to be a member to shop there.  WHAT THE HELL? Why is this not known information? ALL I WANTED WAS SOME BULK WHOLESALE TOILET PAPER AND PAPER TOWELS and other stuff I’m going to run out of one day! It popped up in a Spotify playlist that we created for the Sasquatch festival, and I am SO MAD I am not teaching anymore because this is my new favorite song to work out to.  It’s a little long, but you never get bored of it! It’s constantly switching gears (pun intended) and I feel like this would be a good song to switch between surges and jumps of some sort.  Everytime you think you might start to get sick of it, he throws in a new bass line or some vocals, and it’s just perfect.  After I was pissed about the Costco situation, I threw this song on again, danced in my car, and everything was right in the world again. 

2. Alex Clare, Too Close (4:20): My cycle-friend Michael threw this tune over to me in Spotify recently, and I never had a chance to use it in class.  I hadn’t heard of Alex Clare before this, but I feel like he’s up and coming? Or maybe I’m just late to the game. After all, Michael is in his 40’s I think, and he told me about it, so I am obviously uncool.  This songs got catchy male vocals, and then an unsuspecting dupstep drop rolls in for the chorus.  I envision rolling hills for this tune.. 

3. Bassnectar, Cozza Frenzy (DAM Remix) (3:34): Came across this when I fell into a youtube hole last weekend.  I love the original of this song, and this remix is super fun.  If you think you don’t like dubstep, check this tune out and then tell me what you think.  Perfect for heavy hills. 

4. Bob Marley, Sun Is Shining (Smokeout Remix): One of my favorite music blogs, Fighting Musical Ignorance, posted this song and video yesterday.  Who doesn’t love Bob? This remix is really good, it’s a dubstep remix, and totally enjoyable.  Maybe tooooooo slow for spin? Heavy hills? I don’t know.  Either way, it’s awesome, and so is this badass video. I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS FOR THESE WING SUIT PEOPLE. How do you stop? How do you start? How do you not die? What is your health insurance plan like? 

5. Crazytown, Butterfly (3:46): Go ahead, I know what you’re thinking.  Is she for realz with this ish? I am. I went to a spin class this morning and it came on, and I got so excited.  It’s crazytown that I remembered every single lyric to this song, too.  Spin your little hearts. 

6. M.I.A., Bad Girls (4:11): I know, this one’s been out for a while. I have been listening to it non-stop though while packing, and it’s a badass music video, too, so it deserves some love.  Heavy jumps on a hill? 

I’m gonna leave you with that so I can finally shower (I took a spin class …. 4 hours ago? I’VE BEEN BUSY DOING ERRANDS, OKAY?).  I hope this suffices as a good post this week.  Next you hear from me will likely be from my new digs in NYC!


10 thoughts on “Music Roundup, Inspired by Unemployment

  1. Amanda, I am so stealing some of these songs! Thanks for posting them! Please keep us up to date on your move to NY!!! I’ll be thinking of you!!!!

      • Bwahaahahaaaa! I was just reading through this post again because I wanted to check out the songs and I realized that the Cozza Frenzy song is one that my kids sing constantly -they totally have the lyrics wrong though! I think it’s on their NBA 2k12 game. Too funny. Those video games really are great resources when you’re searching for new tunes!

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