The Last Waltz

Spotify (Tomorrow May Never Come…)

Spotify (Rill Rill)

Thanks for the music, Levon.


Last week, we lost a music legend.  Levon Helm of The Band passed away after a long battle with throat cancer.  I won’t lie when I say that I cried a little when I saw on his website the note from his family about him being in his final stages of life a few days before he actually died, and to send prayers.  The Band has been known as one of the greatest influential acts in music of all time.  That’s like, kind of a big deal.

Levon was still touring and playing up until a month before his death at age 71.  This man meant business.  Whenever he was feeling well enough, he would play an intimate “Midnight Ramble” show at his barn in Woodstock, New York, to help cover medical bills.  This began in the 90’s, and continued up until his death.  I had the pleasure of seeing him perform live in 2008 at the Mountain Jam festival at Hunter Mountain, and he blew me away.  He’s got one of those contagious smiles, and you could just tell how much he was enjoying himself up there.  I almost saw him at the Newport Folk Festival in 2009, but we left before he came on to make a train home (shame on us!).

There aren’t many musicians like him left in our world.  Someone who is so dedicated and passionate, has been in the business for over 45 years, who has seen the decades of music unfold, and still stay true to himself and his roots.  I don’t know of many artists who have continuous tour dates for most of the year, all the while playing shows in your barn every Saturday night for a small group – in their 70’s.  He will go down in the music world as one of the most influential and well-respected artists, and deservedly so.

My co-worker lent me “The Last Waltz”, which I am embarrassed to say I never saw until this past weekend.  I have always heard how amazing it is, and oh were they all right. It’s directed by Martin Skorzeeezzziiiii (if you can’t spell it, spell it funetikally!), and it’s a beautiful tale of The Band’s journey into and out of the music scene.  Lots of great interviews with the band members, including Rick Danko who I have a crush on, but I think has been dead for 30 years.  I’ll see you in heaven, baby. I really recommend renting it if you haven’t checked it out.

So, since Spynergy has video capacity at the studio, I figured I would bring in my laptop and hook it up for a few videos during bike set up and for cooldown.  For some reason, my computer nor my iPhone will connect properly to the videos, so it was a bust.  Here’s an idea of what I WOULD have played had it worked… their last concert was incredible, so many collaborations with other great artists of their time – Van Morrison, Muddy Waters, Paul Butterfield, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, etc.

Pretty bummed my computer wouldn’t hook up to the video for this class.

So I have completed my last two classes in Boston as a spin instructor.  I was so sad saying bye to the riders who have been coming since day 1 of my first, probably horrible spin class.  I tried to put together a great playlist for each studio I teach at, I hope you enjoy them!

According to my “spin mixes” folder on iTunes, I have provided 588 individual songs to spin to, or 4.97 Gigs of music, or 1.7 days of music on this blog. Dats a lotta music.

Stay tuned for more music soon. Maybe I’ll blog about what I listen to while I pack for NYC? packmuse? uhaulmuse? what-spinmuse-listens-to-as-she-goes-broke-and-lost-in-a-new-city? Lots of EXCITING possibilities, so stay tuned.

I’m only going to post the soundcloud links for new songs… Some of these I’ve used once or twice, if not a few times already (lazymuse?).

Tomorrow May Never Come: 

1. Bob Sinclair, Love Generation (4:51): Warmup.

2. The Paul Butterfield Blues Band, I Got My Mojo Working (3:35): I used this for the Woodstock spin, and it’s just amazing. There’s a light resistance pace pickup in there, once or twice, somewhere. I don’t have my notes next to me.  You can listen for it though.

3. Them, Gloria (2:38): Turn it up a little bit, medium resistance, and pick up your pace during the chorus.

4. Boro Beats, Bassnectar v. Kid Cudi (Michael Hayes Remix) (4:53): Super heavy, bass-ey climb here.  Focus on form, breathing, and really feeling the resistance in your muscles rather than speed.

5. Levon Helm, Ophelia (live from Ramble at the Ryman) (3:58):  This was another video I was going to show, which would have been a great contrast to The Last Waltz.  This was a PBS live concert special that Levon did, and this version of Ophelia is incredible.  He’s also probably 70 here, and again, you can see how happy he is performing in this video.  Also, he won a grammy for this special this year, which makes me so happy (but Billy Bob Thorton, why are you introducing him????) 

6. Kanye West and Bon Iver, Lost in the World (4:17): A few runs here, one for 80 seconds, one for 50 seconds, one for 30 seconds.  So vague.

7. LCD Soundsystem, Home (7:53): One of my favorites for a climb, and it was actually hard to chose which LCD Soundsystem song to play.  Steady climb.

8. Jimi Hendrix, All Along the Watchtower (4:01): Some sprints in here for the chorus.  More teaching info at the Woodstock playlist.

9. Pretty Lights, Jay Z Empire State of Mind (4:37): Still one of my favorite mashups of all time.  Heavy climb, switch positions.

10. Michal Menert, Tomorrow May Never Come (5:38): Currently listening to Michal’s new album which just dropped today – get it here for free.  I let the class chose their own resistance for this song, suggested a heavy resistance, and shutup for a few minutes so they could have some time to themselves.

11. Big Gigantic, High and Rising (5:52): As we all know, another one of my favorites to spin to.  Keep it on the heaviest hill of your life for 2.5 minutes, and then when the music picks up, drop a little resistance, and pick up your speed. Repeat when the beat gets faster again.

12. Van Morrison, Into the Mystic (3:30): Mmmmm, beauty.

Rill Rill: 

1. Girl Talk, Friday Night (3:12): Warmup.

2. Outkast, Bombs over Baghdad (5:04): At the 1 minute mark, we begin 40 second pace pickups with 20 seconds rest… Repeat until the end.  Recover on flats, add a tiny bit (70%) resistance for those 40 second pickups – wasting no time here getting our heart rate up.

3. House of Pain, Jump Around (3:38): Jumps! Turn up the resistance to about 75%, or enough that you can stick just to the beat.  We did “4 corner” jumps here – 2 counts forward, 2 counts back.  Once the resistance becomes comfortable, add a tiny bit.

4. Deadmau5, Raise Your Weapon (8:23): One of my favorite climbs.  I love this song so much.  Start out on an easy hill (70 – 75%) for the first few minutes, and then I think around the 4 minute mark, we add it to heavy… 85% when the dubstep begins and the music slows.

5. Flo Rida, Wild Ones (feat. Sia) (Aylen Remix) (5:17): I love this remix, I think I have been using it a lot lately… but it’s fun!  One 15 second sprint at 0:45 – 1:00, and then 30 second sprints at 1:45, 2:30, 3:30, and 4:30.  Recover light in between, and add 75% for the 30 second surges.

6. Sleigh Bells, Comeback Kid (3:01): Been meaning to use Sleigh Bells for a while!  I love their sound – a duo from Brooklyn, who I had the pleasure of seeing live when they opened for LCD Soundsystem before they broke up in 2009 or 2010.  The vocalist has a beautiful, soothing voice, but they use a lot of heavy sounds and basslines and it is really enjoyable.  Jumps on a hill. 

7. Royksopp, Happy Up Here (2:44): Short heavy climb for 2.5 minutes.  My favorite Royksopp song.

8. Skrillex and the Doors, Breakn’ A Sweat (Zedd Remix) (5:32): Been using this remix a lot lately, too.  A few sprints when the beat drops.  No notes in front of me.

9. Alanis Morrisette, All I Really Want (4:45): Record Store Day was this past Saturday, and I walked into Newbury Comics for free stuff, and they gave me an Alanis Morrisette “Jagged Little Pill” CD for free! I got a bunch of other free CD’s, but this was by far the score of the day.  The entire album is sooooooo angsty and good.  Heavy climb here switching positions with the different phases of the song. 

10. David Guetta, Glasgow (5:13): I thought about doing an entire Guetta playlist for my last class, but there were so many other songs I wanted to use.  There would have been too many sprint songs I think.  Would be fun though! Thank you, Aaron, my favorite music sharing partner for this one.  It’s got some great beat drops and electric lines in it… Housey, but not too housey.   Recover light, and there’s a few sprints in here, and when we sprint we add on 75% resistance.. again, no notes in front of me for timing.

11. Gramatik, Funk It Down (2:35): Did I mention how amazing he was live again? So amazing that a few days after the Boston show, I went to NYC for 15 hours to see him live?  Jumps on a heavy hill on our own. 

12. Sleigh Bells, Rill Rill (3:50): Another sleigh bells song, last chance for a heavy climb. 

13. Carly Jae Repsen, Call Me Maybe (Milkman Remix) (4:24): I enjoy this remix. Stop the judgements right there. You like it, too. I think there are two 30 second pickups and one for 60 seconds.  Give it all you got for these last interval pushes. 

14. Van Morrison, Into The Mystic (3:30): Again with the Van Morrison.  Can’t help it, it’s so good.


2 thoughts on “The Last Waltz

  1. That was a beautiful blog post. I want to say something about you being wise or mature but i can’t figure out wtf to say. I think you get my point? Lol!

    Wait. So are you going to be teaching in NY too or strictly managing? I think all the sentimental stuff had me worried you weren’t going to teach. But you are RIGHT?


  2. hahah I get your point! Hhahah, you’re too kind.

    Strictly managing…. for now… going to figure out if I can find a gym to teach at once a week once I get there. DON’T WORRY THOUGH! 🙂

    Xoxoxox! Have a great weekend!

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