I Have Big News.

Disclaimer: this post is a short novel, and no music – just the most important story ever. 

Almost to the day, one year ago, I was puffy-eyed, broken-hearted, wanted to crawl in a hole, die, turn into a zombie, and zombie-attack everyone.

Then I GOT BED BUGS. (I know, how many times can I possibly bring this up???)

Thank you, international traveling boys on the 4th floor. Also, thanks for dealing with the infestation by living in a tent in your living room after months of having them, so they wouldn’t bite you, because you didn’t take care of them or know what they were.

No, really, thank you. From all of us at 56 Cummings Road, Apartment 3. We loved it. (photo source)

On this day, one year later, I am happy to report that I am far from puffy-eyed, broken-hearted, or zombie-like. I don’t want to attack anyone anymore! Well, maybe a few ex boyfriends, the stupid boys from apartment 4 and anyone who tries to talk to me in the morning or says “it’s time to get up”, but those are grudges that will never go away.


I’m moving to New York City! AND, I’m going to be working as an Assistant Studio Manager for an indoor cycling company. Double whammy.

I would have honestly never expected myself to say those two things this time last year.  I could not understand why anyone would want to live in such a big, smelly, scary city where things happen at all hours of the night. I grew up 20 minutes outside of Boston, have lived here since college graduation, and the concept of 2am Last Calls is pure genius.

“Nothing good ever happens after midnight,” as my dad would say. He’s right, actually – just a lot more beers are consumed that you forget you can’t fit in your already super-saturated tummy, and you become best friends with the street-meat guys outside the bars.  As a former vegetarian, I am either really ashamed, or really proud to say, those fine vendors have become my best friends.

Look, here is proof: street-meat over my left shoulder (your left?). Ira's not even in the picture, because she was eating street-meat with Bethany's boyfriend.

Just to clarify, those are my girlfriends – not street-meat vendors.

I have always had dreams of living out west – Colorado, San Fran, Seattle, San Diego, Portland. Somewhere cool and outdoorsy, where open-minded and musically-minded people flock to.  In reality though, it’s not going to happen.. yet.  I am a little too attached to my family who lives in Boston.  My amazing grandparents are 90, my niece and nephew are 5 and 2 years old, and my sister and her husband just moved down the road from my apartment.  Not to mention, some of my best friends since childhood are here. I’ve also made some pretty amazing friends along the way, but it’s time.

I think I’ve done a good job at keeping it a secret from you all, but I have been miserable at my job as an Environmental Scientist since … November of 2010.  I had plans to be at a new job by August of 2011, but bed bugs have this weird way of setting you back and ruining your life, believe it or not. My entire summer was consumed with moving, inspecting every single piece of anything I owned (I’m talking like, looking at hair brush bristles to make sure there are no eggs – THAT level of detail – go ahead, I’ll give you a minute to puke.  Back?), washing things, and dealing with a tenacious slumlord who assured us there was no health hazard to living in an infested apartment. Right. Totally cool, and normal.

Once I started teaching, I found what makes me feel happy and rewarded everyday, and realized that I wanted to find a way to immerse myself into it.  In my free time, I constantly geek out and read articles about spinning or cycling or other spin blogs. I mean honestly, I do this for fun. The more I thought about it, I realized that really, there are only one or two boutique spin studios in the country I could really have a chance at working at full-time.  One of them happens to be headquartered in NYC.

After the new year, I sort of had an introspective look at my options.  I could find a new job in Boston doing God-knows-what in the environmental field, and stay here for a little longer, and probably never have the balls to actually leave the deep roots I’ve been so fortunate to have here. Or, I could take a huge, giant, scary-but-exciting chance and apply to work for one of the hottest studios in the country (world?) in a city I never thought I’d want to live in.

It’s all happening. Fast. Here’s a brief look into the checklist of things to take care of:

  • Give notice to my job.
  • Find a subletter for my apartment in Boston (half finished already).
  • Find an apartment in NYC that can fit a queen size bed for “cheap” (go ahead, laugh in my face, I know it won’t happen, either)
  • Say goodbye to my two weekly spin classes. I am devestated about this.
  • Sell the sexy little thing I drive around in and was so proud of to have bought all by myself using big girl money
  • Physically move from one city to the next (literally HOW does one do this.)
  • Say goodbye to my Boston friends
  • Say goodbye to my family.

I’d like to be moved in to NYC in a month or so from today, where I will start a new career that I have amazingly positive vibes about.  If anyone has any connections to any 2 bedroom apartments in Manhattan where I can easily find street-meat vendor friends, please contact me.

See, here we are eating more street-meat. Actually, we're eating Paul's street-meat. Thanks, Paul! I bet it was salty.

With all this being sad (I warned you, it was of novel proportions), I don’t know what exactly is to come of spinmuse from here on out. I am not, by any means, giving up blogging, but I need to somehow adapt it to this massive change.  I definitely still plan on posting new, fun workout music, I just don’t think it will necessarily be in the form of spin profiles, since I will not be teaching classes, at least right away (and not for the company – maybe for a NYCSC or Crunch, full-service gym at some point in time).  I’ll also have a few final spinning profiles with music to come, since I will be teaching the next couple of weeks.

So, thank you for all of the support over these past 11 months.  I legitimately love every one of you.  Please keep on reading, although the posts might be a little less frequent during the chaos that’s to come, but once I get in the swing of things after a little while in NYC, by then I might have found the perfect direction to take spinmuse. Stay tuned!


22 thoughts on “I Have Big News.

  1. Hi Amanda! CONGRATS! This is super exciting news and I’m really happy for you…I can tell how happy you are about this change and that’s the most important thing ever.

    I’ve read a few blogs and known of a few people who have transitioned to the fitness world because their “real job” just wasn’t doing it for them. If you go with your heart it really does make a huge difference.

    Do you know what area of the city you’re looking? I can help you out a bit as my sister lives there and I am originally from NY. What I learned from her last apartment hunt is that places go FAST and often times they also require some ridiculous amount of income to act as a guarantor (or something like that). I know at least the first time that my parents had to be that person for my sister.

    If you want any other info, just email me (jessieboo24@gmail.com).

    Again, congrats!!! 😀

    • thank you SO MUCH Jess!!!! You are so sweet. If I have any roadblocks along the way and need some advice on apartment hunting, I might just end up e-mailing you! I’m looking for Manhattan, no part in particular – just an affordable and semi-safe area (me and like 8 million other people). I really, really appreciate the support, and you have to come take a class with me sometime if you are ever in the city!!

  2. Congrats! I am so happy for you! I have to be honest though…I was hoping you were going to say you were moving to LA or somewhere in CA! Lol!

    Wishing you the best on your move and job! So glad I get to follow along with your blog!


  3. So happy for you! I think we were pretty much just talking about you doing exactly this after the Union game. You will do amazing in NYC and absolutely love it. I have a TON of friends there so I will definitely come up to visit 🙂

    • THANK YOU Meg!!! Hey, your website is AWESOME – when did you start this?!?!? I had no idea. I love it, there is so much on there! Definitely come visit and we’ll take a class together sometime – and when I come home to visit I will make it to one of your yoga classes!

  4. Soooo excited for you, Amanda! Please keep us posted via twitter & this blog on all your city adventures. Check out this song I downloaded last night: Rock This City (club mix), Aaron Perez & Matt Nice. Good luck with the apt. hunting.

  5. Wow!!!!!! This is so cool Amanda! I am thrilled for you! I feel like I am equal to you on the spin-geek level, and had I found spinning at your age, I might have followed the same path. I do love my career ,(and of course my hubby and kids) so I’m not planning on quitting to make a career out of fitness at this point. My two/three classes at the local Y will have to do until I’m too old to hop on the bike anymore. Enough about me though, CONGRATS again, and don’t forget us little people when you become a famous spin instructor!!!!

    • THANK YOU Chris!!! I feel that you are lucky in that both of your jobs – spin and teaching – must feel so rewarding everyday. You’re truly lucky! Thank you so very much and if you are ever visiting NYC, Come to a class with me!

  6. Oh, Amanda. This is wonderful news. I am so excited for you and, truth be told, a little green with envy. What an adventure you have in front of you! Thank you for being a mentor (which you have been, even if you don’t realize) and I look forward to hearing about all of your shenanigans in NYC. So, spread those wings and don’t look back! Look out, Manhatten!

    • You are so sweet!!! I am so happy I could share things that actually benefited others, so thank you so much for reading – please come visit NYC and we will take a class together!!!

  7. What a year, girlfriend. In the course of reading this I just got teary, giggled, thought about street meat, almost cried again at the thought of bb’s, and let out a collective sigh of relief because I know this move is totally the right thing for you. I feel like a proud mama reading all these words of encouragment! You’re doing it girl, chasing that dream of yours and, even though I can’t help you open your Boston studio with my megamillion winnings, I’m still so so proud of you…. S-A-D.

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  9. Good luck Amanda! I enjoyed the spin class you taught … and I know … at some unknown point in the future I will be in another of your spin classes … only next time it will be like 1000 x 10^6 times better because you will have all sorts of Soul Cycle mojo …. and this will enjoyably drive my winter cycle training to new now unimaginable heights. When you obtain spinning enlightment … and I know you will … and return triumphantly to Boston to teach classes …. please ping me. Until then …. keep finding and sharing good motivational music!

  10. It’s been awhile since I’ve checked SpinMuse (I know, it’s a sin on my part), but I am very happy, and proud, of what you have been able to accomplish. It’s funny how things work out sometime, right? You being an environmental scientist, finding out how much you love spinning, and now you’re moving to work with a huge spin studio. I, on the other hand, have always loved law…but now music has taken over, and now I’m looking at seeing about working for a music company/firm/promotional place.

    Best of luck to you Bucci. And we shall keep doing what we both love (whatever it may be), all while posting some kick-ass music.


    • HI Gutz! So happy to hear from you. Thank you so much for your kind words – I totally agree, so funny how things work out. Guess you really find something you love and gotta pursue it somehow – that’s so awesome that you are looking for a job in music. You are already killing it on major music websites, so I have a good feeling for you about that. You’re awesome, please come visit NYC and we’ll go to a show AND take a spin class together!!!

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