Is THIS What I’ve Been Subjecting My Readers To?

You guys… I may have come to a realization today.  I am using a different computer, and using internet explorer, and just perused my blog (not egotistical at all, hmm) and whoa.


When I post a blog using Safari on my MacBook (because I have some class), it looks GOOD – linear, straight, happy, hungry, tired… wait, that’s actually describing how I feel right now.

When I just opened some old posts using Internet Explorer, I was appauled. (I think you will have to click these pics to actually see what I’m referring to).

Example 1: Crap!

Not. Okay.

Example 2: Worse Crap!


Now, for an example of what I usually see after I post.

Example 3: Beauty. Order. Perfection. Linear. Happiness. Hunger… wait..

Ahh. Order.

Would you mind letting me know if you see any of this chaos everytime you are on my site? I’m hoping it’s just my computer, but if this is a universal problem, something’s gotta change. If I were you and this is how it looked (Example of crap #1 and #2), I’d likely never come back. BUT YOU’RE STILL HERE! And thus, I love you.

Initial thoughts are maybe I will try to post one playlist in a giant soundcloud “playlist” player, but I am not smart enough to know how to do that yet. But for you guys, I WILL LEARN! Happy days!


5 thoughts on “Is THIS What I’ve Been Subjecting My Readers To?

  1. Unfortunately I think I fall in to the “worse crap” category. But of course that doesn’t reflect what I think of your blog, I just figured that it was my issue and that my computer probably didn’t like all the fancy soundcloud stuff.

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