Neon 80’s Bootcamp

Gotta keep things fresh for your class, right?  I’ve been looking for a reason to wear a side ponytail lately… Please don’t hate me, but I have an enormously intimidating amount of clean laundry that’s been drying (taking over) in various places across my apartment for 3 days now, since I ran out of quarters to run the dryer twice,  and I am fearful of my roomates. They are scary. So I’m not going to link/soundcloud these songs because laundry comes first tonight. I’m a jerk. Enjoy! – ALB

As anyone in the fitness industry can attest (especially in New England), the slowest times of the year are when it’s nice out. So imagine my boredom when last week, Mother Nature decided to bless us with the most incredible stretch of summer-like weather in March that I can ever remember. I felt as though I was back in college again (Arizona Wildcats represent!) As a nutritionist, I do a good amount of work on my laptop during the day (mapping out meal plans, doing research, etc.), and last week, I found myself sitting in front of my laptop with not a whole lot of work to do. Since I love music, I decided it would be an excellent time to make some new playlists and organize my iTunes a little bit (coming up on 7,000 songs!) As I was doing this, I noticed a lot of classic rock and 80s jams in my library that hadn’t been properly included in any of my playlists. Then, it dawned on me.


A one-time bootcamp class for everyone to put on their legwarmers, wear those side ponies, and throw on as much neon clothing as possible, while jamming out to some of the biggest and goofiest hits on the 1980’s.

Note: Here is a picture of me, circa 1988/1989 or so. Note the foreshadowing t-shirt.


I thought it would be cool to do this just for the staff, and then, depending on the turnout and enthusiasm, hold another one for the members. So I whipped together a gnarly playlist, threw on my short-shorts, neon green shoes and headband, and we had an awesome workout. The trainers and the rest of the staff had a blast.

If I have another one, I’ll let all of you Boston-area readers know exactly when and where it will happen, in case anyone wants to drop by. Note: some of these songs may be early 90’s jams, but it’s all pretty much the same era, so I just said close enough. Enjoy!


  1. Red Rider – Lunatic Fringe (4:23): The theme song for the best wrestling movie of all time, Vision Quest. Just an absolute brooding and menacing jam.
  2. Phil Collins – In The Air Tonight (5:37): One of my favorite things in the whole entire world is the Phil Collins Pandora channel. Just song after song of moody 80’s songs.
  3. Corey Hart – Sunglasses at Night (3:55): Here come the stereotypical 80’s songs. Heavy synth, singing about wearing your sunglasses indoors. #80sProblems
  4. Rick Springfield – Jessie’s Girl (3:15): One of my favorite songs from this era. It was a simpler time, when solely being an attractive soap opera star landed you a recording contract.


  1. Blondie – Hanging on the Telephone (2:21): This is one of those super up-tempo songs that I can picture my mom doing aerobics to. Burpee time.
  2. Le Tigre – Deceptacon (3:05): And this is one of those songs that I can’t believe people actually listened to back in the day. Fast toe touches and box jumps here.
  3. Paul Engemann – Push It To The Limit (3:03): People who have seen Scarface definitely know this as the song that plays over the montage showing Tony Montana building his drug dealing empire. Perfect song for weighted jump ropes and jumping jacks.
  4. Loverboy – Working For The Weekend (3:43): Any song that conjures up memories of Patrick Swayze and Chris Farley trying out for Chippendales is clearly a great song to work out to.


  1. Eddie Murphy – Party All The Time (4:15): Yup, THE Eddie Murphy, the comedian/actor, came out with a record in the mid-80’s, and it’s spectacular. This is his most famous “hit.” Who DOESN’T want to party all the time?
  2. Joe Esposito – You’re The Best Around (3:00): Here’s another song from a famous 80’s movie, this one coming from the original Karate Kid. No joke, I listen to this probably every other time that I work out by myself. Sometimes I just need someone telling me that yes, I am the best around, and that nothing’s gonna ever keep me down.
  3. Michael Jackson – Beat It (4:19): The King of Pop! I remember where I was when I found out he died. I was in the financial aid office of my school, and one of the women behind the desk was crying her eyes out from the news. I thought that was a tad ridiculous.
  4. Outfield – I Don’t Want To Lose Your Love (3:37): Does everybody know the lyrics to this song, or just my odd circle of friends?

Cardio + Weights

  1. Billy Idol – Rebel Yell (4:49): Alright, let’s get into a little bit of 80’s rock now. Using steps and risers for this song. Think step ups into high knees.
  2. Van Halen – Jump (4:01): This is such an 80’s hair metal song I can’t even stand it. Now that I think about it, a David Lee Roth costume would have been perfect for this class. Tight spandex, ridiculous giant hair. I think it would have been a big hit.
  3. Whitesnake – Here I Go Again (4:37): Very slow, compound movements during the intro, then fast movements once the chorus kicks in.
  4. Survivor – Eye Of The Tiger (4:04): I can’t have an 80’s bootcamp without the theme song from Rocky, right? Or any bootcamp for that matter.

Cool Down

  1. Don Henley – Boys of Summer (4:43): I’ve been playing this song at the end of every summer for who knows how long, but it’s just the perfect song to make me sad and nostalgic for all the fun I just had.
  2. Rockwell – Somebody’s Watching Me (3:59): And I end the bootcamp on another stereotypically 80’s song.

Thanks for reading everyone!



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