Grateful Dead Spin class was quite the… trip.  The owner of Spynergy, Bill, teaches this class a few times a year, and if you appreciate the Dead, then this is the best spin class you’ll ever take.  It’s about 75 minutes of endurance, to the best live Dead songs.  I will definitely be linking the playlist to the Spynergy blog once it is posted.  The Dead have such rhythmic melodies, that make their songs so spinable.  The class sells out every single time it’s offered – you’d be surprised how many riders at your class might be interested in a ride like this.

I think I pulled some muscles in my neck from dancing/head bobbing on my bike.  Musings heard around the class and by the man himself, Bill, included “Hey, I’ve got some brownies in this corner”; “I was at this show – the mushrooms were great”, “There’s only two songs left, but they’re both 41 minutes long,”; “If you feel the need to get off your bike and twirl around, you can head to this corner”; “This is the point in the show where I’d offer $500 to anyone in my section to grab me a water”; “We’ll be here for the next ten nights”, and other silly jokes that only Deadheads would truly appreciate.  I know I just ranted about Madonna’s drug talk at Ultra, but this is different. Just a bunch of smelly old hippies, on a stationary bike, not going anywhere, dancing on their bikes, re-living the good old days.

Here’s the deal with this profile: HILLS. Hills. Mother Effin Hills. After a long warmup on a flat, you hit either an EASY hill, MEDIUM hill, or a HEAVY HARD hill.  On the resistance scale, I equated “easy hill” with 70-80% resistance, “medium hill” with 80-85 or 90% resistance, and “heavy hill” with anything above that.  Everyone’s got their own scale, just make sure to remember we are not on “easy” resistance when we are on an easy hill. HILL! I was told this was the hardest class I’ve taught by my sister who comes to most of my Tuesday night classes, so I was pretty psyched to share this profile with you.  A lot of these songs, you can sort of find your resistance by listening to the beat of the song.  Slower the beat, the heavier the hill.

1. Deadmau5, Strobe (10:37):  Warmup on a flat for the entire song; we got a lot of hills coming! (This is easily my favorite electronic song of all time). 

2. Foster The People, Don’t Stop (The FatRat Remix) (3:44): Medium HILL, ride to the beat. 

3. Robyn, Indestructible (3:22): Heavy HILL with jumps on the 4 count during the chorus. Don’t worry about your speed too much, just keep it heavy with those jumps. I love the lyrics to this song. Robyn just gets me. 

4. Counting Crows, Mr. Jones (4:29): Medium HILL, ride to the beat.  Things get slow towards the end of the song, and then pick back up again – we slowed down our pace a little and then picked it right back up until the end for that part.

5. Nicki Minaj, Starships (3:22): Flat for recovery, and 3×20 second pushes on a heavy HILL during the wompy parts. 

6. George Harrison, Wah-Wah (5:36): Easy HILL, ride fast for the entire song. I am obsessed with George Harrison after watching Martin Scorsese’s “Living In A Material World”, which is a two part documentary about the man himself.  I learned so much about the Beatles and George.  He was a really spiritual guy, specifically interested in Eastern mysticism, which inspired a lot of his songs and lyrics.  A brand new appreciation for him.  The documentary is beautifully done, and it left me in tears at the end.  

7. Carly Rae Jepson, Call Me Maybe (3:13): Heavy HILL, jumps on the 4 count during the chorus. 

8. Rihanna and Coldplay, Princess of China (3:59): Heavy HILL, just straight climb for a few minutes. 

9. Bingo Players, L’Amour (Original Mix) (4:50): Flat for recovery, until 1:38 and 3:18 where we run with on a heavy HILL for 45 seconds each.  I absolutely love this song, it is a total banger, and it’s really hard for me to not fist pump when I listen to it. 

10. Justin Bieber, Boyfriend (2:52): Heavy HILL, jumps on our own.  Biebs has hit puberty, and I have a cougar crush on him now because he sounds like JT (Timberlake, duh) in this song.

11. Pretty Lights, All Of The Lights (Kanye West Remix) (6:05): Start out on an easy HILL, and gradually increase throughout the 6 minutes, and you should be trudging through resistance by the end. 

12. Weezer, If You’re Wondering If I Want You To (3:29): Flat for recovery, except when the chorus kicks in – add heavy resistance and sprint! 1×20, 1×30, 1×35 (off the top of my head). 

13. Incubus, Aqueos Transmission (7:47):  Cooldown. This song makes my heart rate drop immediately.


8 thoughts on “L’Amour

  1. Good morning A!

    Back in the day I considered myself a bit of a dead head/hippie (however I always showered and wore deodorant, but I did love me some patchouli). Even with such a great level of respect and love for their music, I just can’t fathom spinning to it. However I trust you, so maybe it’s just that I never listened to their music and thought about spinning. I’ll have to take a second look.

    Also loved your 80s theme. I did an 80s ride last Saturday and they LOVED it. I didn’t dress up though, next time. I love NEON! 🙂

    • Hey Jess!! Haha, that’s what I always say, too – hippie tendencies, but I shower, shave, like to smell nice, etc. Give a Dead song a whirl sometime on the bike! Even if it’s just by yourself. You may be surprised! 🙂 I would suggest dancing in the streets from cornell, may 1977… it’s on youtube, and around the 5 minute mark, there’s a really great 6 minute long jam. If you hate it, at least you tried it out. Hahah, I’m glad your class loved the 80’s!!!! Hey, glad you’re back to blogging, too! Good luck with the job search!

  2. Well, well, well—look who has delayed onset bieber fever. It’s ok, I won’t hold it against you that you’ve made fun of me all this time, it was truly inevitable this day would come. I knew deep down that the 12 year old teeny bopper in you was still alive and waiting to break through.

  3. You are SO right about Boyfriend sounding like JT. I had never heard the song, it came on the radio and I said, “new JT???”. Then I heard the chorus, thought of your post, and realized, nope, Bieber.

    Totally unrelated, can you tell me what dubstep is? 🙂

    • haha, too funny! I like him now. Before, I just felt like he was too.. little. Now he’s got some older edge to him.

      Dubstep! YES! So here’s the thing about dubstep: it’s either good, or it’s REALLY horrible. I’ll give you a prime example of a “dubstep” song by Skrillex: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WSeNSzJ2-Jw&ob=av2e

      Now, I don’t really like that song at all – but you get the gist of it. It’s basically a LOT of bass, the beat slows down to like 40 BMPs, and it’s kinda dark sounding.

      Some of the artists out there are really talented (Rusko, Bassnectar) – the others, (as my friend Lindsey puts it best) it’s “a pissing contest” to put out the heaviest bass, and then it sounds horrible.

      THIS is the kind of “dubstep” I like by Bassnectar: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5M-jOZRe0-8

      Let me know what you think! It’s totally cool if you hate it – it’s a very different type of genre. Thanks for coming by hope you had a great weekend!

  4. great eclectic playlist here, A. thanks as always for the ideas! I also learned about dubstep from you…easing into it a little bit, since I and my class are a little un-hip and older. I’ll have to check out the docu on George H, my favorite Beatle. Also, the Dead…who knew!?

    • Thanks, Denise, as always for your kind comments and for coming by! Please, you are totally hip, especially if you are listening to awesome spin music all the time. Yes, make sure to watch the documentary – I don’t own any movies but I am thinking of buying it, it was so beautiful!

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