Go figure that the first day in months I am able to finally sleep in, which is my favorite past time activity since I am a bit narcoleptic, but everyday life does not accept such tendencies, and me and my roomates were all woken up to the sound of jack-hammering at 7:30 am.  That did not cease until 4pm.  I know this because I have not moved from bed all day, except to eat a grilled cheese sandwich thanks to the good delivery department at Eagle’s Deli.

Thanks to my girlfriend, Beth, we had floor seats at the Celtics game last night. So cool! Smack in the center of the court, too.  At halftime, a bunch of 9 year old boys were coming to the guy near us to take pictures with him. Seeing as un-cool and old that we are, Beth grabbed one of the Beiber’s taking a photo to ask who it was. The Beiber-boy replied “Kevin Pearce – a pro snowboarder” and I got excited. I love snowboarding! Beth forced me to take a picture and go talk to him.  I pretended to know him, and here’s what went down:

Amanda: “Hey, I’m Amanda, I think you’re awesome. Do you mind if I grab a picture with you?”

Kevin: “Hey Amanda, nice to meet you.  Of course I don’t mind!”

That flow! Look at that flow. The Celtics tried to pass us the ball, but we were like "We've got beers to drink. Next time"

Amanda: “Thank you so much!”

This is where it got awkward:

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Kevin: “So like, I’ve heard how awesome you are at snowboarding and how cool you are, and I like your faux-leather jacket, and I am looking for a wife to shower  my pro-snowboarding money and trophies with.”

That’s when I had to turn him down.

Amanda: “Listen, Kevin, you’ve got really cute glasses, and I want to braid your hair, but I’m not looking for a boyfriend or husband right now. I’ve got a blog to focus on, and with your busy round-the-world schedule competing against the best half-pipers in the world just doing flips and twists all day, I just don’t think it’d work out.”

And that’s the story of how I met Kevin Pearce and declined to be his wife.  (Not related to Paul Pierce).

So thanks, Beth, for the incredible seats, and my hangover that I’ve been milking all day.  And congratulations, Dayna, for getting into graduate school.  And the happiest of birthdays to my bffs, Julie, Karin, and Beth; spinmuse loves you.

I thought since the most productive thing I’ve all day has been order a grilled cheese, I should work on my blog. Favorites page has been updated.  Here’s a new post for tomorrow’s class!

1. Eric Prydz, Call On Me (2:57): Warmup. 

2. Notorious B.I.G., Hypnotize (3:58): Fast flat! Rest In Peace, Mr. Biggie. Friday marked the 15th anniversary of his death. Not going to soundcloud this one, we all know how fresh this tune is.

3. Fun., Some Nights (4:37): This group truly is fun. Find the beat to the song, find a resistance that works with it – maybe about 70%, and at 2:35 – 2:53 and 3:28 – end of song, we sprint. 1×18, 1×40-ish. 

4. Fiona Apple, Criminal (5:44):  She’s coming out with a new album, and I am thrilled. Climb it heavy.

5. Crystal Method, Busy Child (4:06): I could have sworn they were saying “get mystified” all these years – but no, it’s “get busy child”. The more you know. 32 – 1:18, 2:04 – 2:50, and 3:13 – 3:59, we sprint with medium resistance.  3×45. 

6. Stevie Wonder, Uptight (2:55): Find a heavy with the beat, and sprint 1:19 – 1:33 and 2:16 until the end. Such a feel good song.

7. David Starfire, Sitarfire (4:25): Think bollywood meats Bassnectar. Awesome song. Sprints with medium – heavy resistance at 33 – 49, 56 – 1:53, 2:08 – 2:40, and 3:36 – 4:16. 1×15, 1×60, 1×30, 1×40. 

8. Keane, Somewhere Only We Know (3:57): This song makes me want to cry for some reason. I just so badly want them to work it out. Heavy hill, and pick up your intensity around 1:52 – 2:15, and 2:48 – 3:33.  1×25, 1×45. 

9. United Nations, Do It Yourself (2:31): Thanks to Michael for this one.  It’s so catchy, and is great for “downhill” peddling.  Recovery until 32 – 54, 1:25 – 1:45, 1:57 – 2:28.  1×22, 1×20, 1×30. Use medium resistance for the sprints.

10. Foster The People, Don’t Stop (Color On The Walls) (2:56): More interval pushes during the chorus. 43 – 1:05, 1:33 – 2:17, 2:32 – 2:46.  Medium – heavy for the whole song. 1×20, 1×45, 1×15. 

11. MC Solaar, La Belle et Le Bad Boy (3:12): Huge thanks to Elise at eatsweatbalance for reminding me of this amazing tune.  This is the one from the Sex and the City finale that is French rap.  You’ll recognize it off the bat if you’re a SATC fanatic like I am. Check out her awesome new blog for spin playlists, class reviews, and restaurant reviews! Another Boston blogger… I’m going to check out one of her classes soon I hope!

12. Nine Inch Nails, Hurt (5:01): This songggggg! It always gives me the heebie jeebies, it’s so dark and eerie and emotional.  The Johnny Cash version is probably my favorite cover of all time, but it’s hard to spin to that.  Heavy climb, and try to pick up your intensity around 3:33 – 4:20.  Challenge! 

13. Green Day, Basketcase (3:03): Fast song means sprints.  The whole song is kind of fast, but I tried to break it down for sprints.  37 – 48, 1:10 – 1:40, 2:08 – 2:50 with the heaviest resistance you can handle since it’s the last song.  Push those legs!  1×11, 1×30, 1×32.

14. The Rolling Stones, Angie (4:33): One of my favorite Stone’s songs. Cooldown. 


7 thoughts on “Criminal

  1. Amanda bucci, this post explains exactly why I love you. Love @klishnew. Ps-move to NYC and I’ll make you grilled cheese everyday. Pps-love the new blog format

  2. SO GLAD you played La Belle et le Bad Boy–ah-mazing. And I’m stealing Fiona Apple’s criminal from you–genius! We need to figure out when we can squeeze each other into one of our classes!!

    • One girl was like “HEY Is this MC Soolar!?” I wanted to be like how on earth did you know who this was, but either way, I thought that was super cool she recognized it. Thanks for posting about that song, forgot how much I loved it! Yes – definitely, I’m going to check your schedule and see when I might be able to drop in over the next two weeks!

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