Have you ever been late for your own spin class? I was subbing tonight for a 6pm class, which on a normal day, I’d never be able to make in time, but I was all excited to leave work right at 5pm to fight that traffic out to my gym. Of course, with my luck, 4:15pm rolls around and I’m sent on a 40 minute drive to a few towns away to do an errand for work.  This backtracked me about 20 miles extra from my normal 17 miles.  Traffic at rush hour on one of the busiest roads.  I was literally having a panic attack from the second I stepped into my car.

My panic attack lasted until 5:59pm when I RAN into my class, saying “I’M HERE! I JUST HAVE TO PUT ON SOME PANTS!” Luckily for someone driving next to me, I changed into my sports bra in the car, in traffic, in daylight. Definitely some nip-slip, I would think. Panic. Attack. I HATE being late for things. I thought I was going to get fired. UGH! Stress. I was in touch with the front desk at 4:45pm smack in the beginning of my attack, saying I was going to be late. I like to give a heads up. But seriously, what happens if you are late to teach your own class at your gym/studio? I didn’t know if they’d have someone start the warmup for me, but luckily I didn’t have to find out. What’s the policy at your gym?

Maybe it was all of the live indie-dance music or funky jazz from the weekend, but something sparked in me to have an urge to create an all hip-hop playlist for tonight’s class.  The riders loved it!  A couple throw backs to Rap’s Golden Age, some from my middle-school, Puff Daddy (or one of his few hundred interchangable-names) days, and some from the Kanye’s of hip-hop today.

Since most of the tunes on this playlist are slower, hip-hop beats, this was a strength profile, focusing on higher resistance and endurance climbing.  Make sure to buy the clean versions of these songs, or else someone might try to pop a cap in yo’ ass for all the explicit lyrics in these songs.

I also had House of Pain’s Jump Around for the last song to jump to, but I would have gone over with timing, so I had to cut it short. Everyone was really disappointed (not! I actually pulled a Stephanie Tanner and said “how rude!” when they were incredibly relieved when I said I had lied, and we didn’t have 1 song left.  I guess it’s a good sign that they were pooped and felt tortured enough though?)

Sometimes it’s really difficult finding a non-remixed version of things on soundcloud. Seeing as how these are all classic hip hop songs, I am linking the youtube video to save myself some time since I’ve already looked for the top 3 and had no luck finding the radio version. Also, this will make you click the youtube link, which means you get to watch some seriously awesome rap videos.

Last thing – I posted a second playlist below this one, mix of old favorites, no teaching notes or links since I’m lazy and I’ve used them all before. 🙂

1. Big Punisher, Still Not A Player (ft. Joe) (3:56): Warmup.  I’m shocked a rapper named himself “Joe”.  Just Joe? Cool wit me.

2. Notorious B.I.G., Hypnotize (3:58): Janet at SoulCycle played this over the weekend, and I decided I must throw this into my next playlist.  Kinda keep it flat (60-70%) and fast, find a good groove to the beat, change up the positions, get warmed up.

3. Salt-N-Pepa, Shoop (4:07): I bet you forgot about how awesome this song is. I let everyone know they should feel free to dance or sing along, since it’s just way too impossible not to for this song.  Runs in position 2 during the “shoops” part, with some heavier resistance, getting closer to the 80% range by the end of the song.

4. Naughty by Nature, Hip Hop Hooray (4:25): This song is great for jumps on a hill.  Keep that resistance up nice and high from the last song, and everytime they start the “heys” and “hoes” (hehe, I’ll never grow up), go from position 3 back to the saddle.  That makes for a quick 2 count jump on a heavy hill.

5. 2Pac, California Love (4:44): Another forgotten about song on my end at least, and we go back to a flat (65%) and find a quick pace, and when they get to the “city” part of the song that they say over and over again that gets dragged out, switch positions.  Makes for a very slow jump, and then when he gets to the “shake it shake it baby” we double up our speed for about 20 seconds or so until he starts the rap again.

6. Eminem, Lose Yourself (5:20): I’m sure we’ve all spun.. or spinned.. or span.. hey, has anyone figured out the past tense of “spinning?” I always feel like an idiot when I ask someone if they’ve “spun” before.  If you ask that kind of a question at a Phish show, they’d think you were asking them about acid, and they would all answer yes.  Anyway, just a heavy climb for this one. Super heavy. Find the 85-90%.

7. Mase, Feel So Good (3:24): Another fast flat, with a few pickups in speed during the chorus.

8. Jay-Z and Pretty Lights, Empire State of Mine (4:35): This is the only hip-hop song I usually use.  Heavy, heavy, and jumps on a hill during the chorus on the 4 count.

9. Jay-Z/Linkin Park, Izzo/In The End (2:45): You know, I think I prefer this song with just the Jay-Z version. This one has a great beat for some jumps with light-medium resistance.  I suggested to them to find a 2 count they could go from position 3 and then do a little squat for 2 count and back to position 3 for 2 count, etc.  Does this make sense? Great. I’m very eloquent at 10:20 pm after a glass of red.

10. Kanye West and Bon Iver, Lost In The World (4:17): Kind of an odd collaboration, but wow, it totally works.  Seated runs starting at 1:00 on the dot.  This first run goes for about 80 seconds, then a short break, and another for about 60 seconds, a short break, and another for about 30 seconds.  Credit for this tune will go to Aaron, even though I beat him to the punch by putting it on my playlist 12 hours before he sent it to me on Spotify. Great minds think alike?

11. Eminem and Nate, Shake That (4:34): This song is just dirty. It’s got a really great beat though. Jumps on our own as long as the resistance is perfect enough for a pace that goes witht the beat. I suggested a 70-75% resistance, and then we increased towards the end.

12. DJ Tripp, Paper Rump (Wrex’n’Effects) (3:47): Okay, this is the second hip-hop song I ever use.  We did some single-leg isolations here in the saddle.  Shift the weight to one leg.

13. Kanye West, Power (Paper Diamond Remix) (4:27): I would hate to leave a dubstep song out of a playlist, and this one is perfect – it’s got a few of the Kanye vocals, but not many lyrics.  The bass is wompy but it’s not too-dub-step-y (read: enjoyable).  Paper Diamond is on the Pretty Lights Music label, so I obviously am obsessed in love.  Last chance to go super duper heavy.  Don’t worry about speed, just kick up that resistance as high as you can go for the last song.

14. Lauryn Hill, Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You (3:41): Such a great feel good song, and will forever make me think of my one true love, Heath Ledger with his sexy hair flow from Ten Things I Hate About You (number one, you’re not on this earth anymore. Please come back)

Find your inner gangsta.  Love!

Here’s one from tonight, minus the teaching notes and links (I’ve used them all before):

1. Blues Brothers, Gimme Some Lovin’

2. Daft Punk, One More Time

3. The Heavy, How You Like Me Now

4. Nicki Minaj, Starships

5. Bob Sinclair, Love Generation

6. The Black Keys, Lonely Boy

7. Kanye and Bon Iver, Lost In The World

8. Delerium, Silence

9. Calvin Harris, Feel So Close

10. The Givers, Up Up Up

11. B.I.G., Hypnotize

12. Boston, Peace of Mind

13. Fitz and the Tantrums, Moneygrabber

14. Martin Solveig, Hello

15. David Bowie, Life on Mars


6 thoughts on “Shoop

  1. Been there for sure!

    For one class I actually started the class in my jeans and button down (took off the heels and put on my spin shoes) and on a recovery song hauled a$$ to the bathroom and changed. The members got a HUGE kick out of it.

    Although I guess I should say that I was subbing and literally found out I’d be subbing when I walked in to the gym to work out. It was about 5:35 and the class was at 5:30.

    I’ve also had traffic screw me over numerous times. I used to teach a 6:30p class in New Rochelle NY (right off 95). There were many times where I had anxiety attacks in the stop and go traffic. Not fun at all! Although I don’t think I ever put a sports bra on in traffic. Love that!

    All you could do was call to give them a heads up, which you did. I’m sure they understood!

    • Hahaha, I love the thought of you in work clothes with spin shoes on, instructing. That woulda been me, in a tank top with dark green cordorouys and spin shoes. UGH! TRAFFIC! why must it exist? can’t everyone just drive at a normal speed. no accidents, no construction, no detours. i always feel like everyone in the world is trying to get to the same place i am at the exact same time as me. boston traffic is the worst.

  2. Amanda!
    Love your music suggestions and always end up finding a song or two to use in my own classes. Totally bummed that I can’t access Spotify yet (maybe one day) but wanted to share some of my current faves with you so I will just do it here:
    Champion sound (alternative mix) – Crystal Fighters (great climbing song)
    1979 – RAC (ft. Liz Anjos) – downloaded via soundcloud.
    Love you more (RAC remix) – Sunday girl
    (*RAC has a bunch of great remixes up for free downloading on soundcloud)
    I want you to want me – Letters to Cleo
    I wanna go Crazy – David Guetta (ft. – good for sprints
    Into the Black – Chromatics (Remake of Neil Young song)- cooldown, beautiful voice
    The calendar girl – stars (cooldown/stretch)
    Mediate (Empulsive Naked Radio Remix) – Soundcloud (3:37 version) – I believe
    that Tricky is on lyrics and it is a spin off of “mediate” by Inxs. Stumbled upon
    it by accident one day. Heavy beat and awesome for climbing!

    Thanks for providing such inspiration! Have an awesome weekend.


    • Lynette! You are so kind thank you for the nice words – I am so happy you find my ramblings useful sometimes!! One of these days, you will be blessed with Spotify, and it will change your life 🙂 Fingers crossed that day is soon for you. Thank you so much for posting these songs – I can’t wait to take a listen!! Have an awesome weekend.

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