The Past 2 Weeks, In Review

Some of you who are strictly on here to look for new music and ride profiles might be out of luck with this post.  But, have you heard of SoulCycle in New York City? I have finally taken my first class there, and have absolutely fallen in love.

But first! I’ve already started 2 out of 4 sentences in this post with a conjunction. And (3!), I just had to use google to make sure I knew what a conjunction was. But seriously (omg, stop), I wanted to talk about a few of the awesome shows I have attended over the past two weeks or so.  My blog is about music AND spinning, so, if you prefer to skip one topic or the other, I won’t be offended. But don’t do that.

1. Big Gigantic – Obsessed. Two dudes, some expensive looking DJ equipment, and some sexy saxophone soul.  Not to forget, two sexy dudes playing with the expensive DJ equipment and saxaphones.  If you like a little bit of electronic music, a little bit of jam, a lot of bass, and some horns, then this band is for you.  I think I just love anything with horns lately, but they just add so much to modern music, and in a world of Katy Perry’s and Lil Wayne’s (who I still can’t tell if he is a real person or not), you have to hand it to these two who are doing something totally unique, and in a very excellent way.  I had the joy of learning about them at the Royal Family Affair festival last summer, and they blew me away – and even more so this time around, at a small, indoor venue, with their new lights setup. Very cool, thanks for coming to Boston, Big G! ImageNew lights!



2. Railroad Earth – Badass-bluegrass-band.  They rock so hard, and they sounded so good in Boston.  The crowd was very eccentric in terms of demographic.  You had the me’s of the world (24 year old, silly blonde girls), the dreadlocked, homeless-esque hippies (which I’m totally into), and then the white-haired, bluegrass lovin’ older folk.  I hope I’m still going to awesome shows when I’m grey.  I think the best part about this show was the 32 year old, unemployed, hippie from Vermont who gave me his number.  Did I mention he had a pony-tail? No? How about the fact that he was there with his mother? I know, he gets better with every next sentence!

3. So now that we’ve all been acquainted with my future husband, third show I’ve had the joy of going to was Blondes and Matthew Dear at the Bowery in New York City.  Always wanted to check out the music venues in NYC, and I was lucky enough to go to two of them this weekend! Alright, spin instructors and workout music lovers, if you are into trance music, check out Blondes.  Not “The” Blondes, just Blondes. They have an album on Spotify that I’ve been listening to ever since I left.  Very trance-y, dance-y music.   The group is two dudes (read: not hot babes) who look like frat/lax bro’s, and were in collard, button-up shirts.  Quite the unsuspecting duo to be such hot producers.  Their sound is very cool, and I am going to try to incorporate them into a spin class.  It’s the kind of music you would want to do endurance riding to, and where an eleven minute song feels like it just whisped away.  Wordpress tells me whisped is not a word, but I refuse to fall for the red-squiggly trick.

4. After Blondes came Matthew Dear.  They had a very strange presence on stage, but it was sort of something that you were like, “Whoa, I feel weird watching this, but it’s an awesome weird.”  Their sound is a little like Miike Snow, but the vocals are not as on par as Miike Snow’s.  They did have a very talented trumpet player on stage with them which made their sound a little more unique than Miike Snow.  I would recommend checking them out for some fun, indie-dance music made with real instruments.  Also, the lead singer was like seven feet tall, and wore black leather pants, so you know I’m not lying when I say they are pretty darn cool.  My only issue with this show was the 10,000 hipsters who were all trying to out-do one another in how hipster-y they were. Can’t you all just find a new thing already? That’s not like, knitting or wearing skin tight jeans or just looking annoying?

5. SOULIVE! Ever since three years ago, Soulive has acquired a residency at the Brooklyn Bowl where they play for ten nights (I just made up that number, it might be less) with all sorts of amazing different artists every night.  Adam Deitch of Break Science and Lettuce, Karl Denson, Nigel Hall, and many many more other collaborations occur each night with Soulive on stage.  I absolutely adore Soulive for a funky, jazz fix.  The Brookyln Bowl is also a super cool venue, mixed with a bar, a restaurant, a bowling alley, and a stage for the music. Image

Great night, thanks Soulive, and thank you to the nice person on stubhub who allowed me to purchase their ticket for 4x face value to go to this show.

So… I finally checked out a SoulCycle class in New York City.  I am so excited to give you all the scoop!

I made my way to the Upper West Side location.  Look at how cute it is from across the street! Image

Balloons! A bike! Giggles! Baby registry!

I took a soulSURVIVOR class, which is an hour long version of their normal 45 minute entire body workout.  I took it with Janet Fitzgerald, who I have had a girl crush on since she posted the Luniz “I Got 5 On It” dubstep remix a few months ago on twitter. Even just in the lobby, everything was so white, fresh, and clean.  The smell of the grapefruit candles was relaxing.  The staff, friendly.  They had clothes I was browsing through which were all adorably cute, and mostly made by Lululemon which I thought was pretty rad.

Everyone who came in for that class was wearing some sort of SoulCycle tank, shirt, sweatshirt, sweatpants, leggings, socks, bandanas, or bags.  I mean, no one was wearing bags, but you catch my drift.  While waiting in the lobby, I noticed how friendly of an environment it was.  Everyone knew one another, or so it seemed, and were giving hugs and kisses, and catching up.  What a little community!

Once the earlier class was finished, I walked into the studio.  It’s a sweet setup.  Stadium seating.  Don’t be worried, though, it only goes up in topography about a foot.  I was in the very back of the class on the highest point, so I never had trouble seeing the instructor with someone blocking my view.  That was a nice feeling.  Bikes were standard.  Music was awesome – Janet has a keen ear for spinning songs, both inspirational/motivational songs, and just sick, filthy beats.  She played some dubstep, so obviously, I adored this class.

The ride started, and all I could hear was “woo!” and “yeah!” and other signs of “I’m having a super awesome time at this class!” from the start, all the way to the finish.  I definitely woo’d many-a-times.  It was catchy.  The ride was awesome.  I never felt like we went super heavy on the resistance, which was probably for the best, since there is so much upper body movement on the bike.  Essentially, squats, tricep pushups, regular pushups, tricep kickbacks, tricep over-head moves that I don’t know the correct name for, crunches, oblique crunches, and probably others that I blacked out during since I was so sweaty were all performed on the bike, out in position 3.  What. A. Workout.  Janet killed it (in the best way possible), and I was a gross, drippy, smelly person afterwards.

I have read many claims that say the upper body moves on the bike are dangerous and unsafe.  I had no problem with these moves, but I could see my sweaty hand slipping while doing a pushup and knowing my luck, dying.  That’s just my luck though. Whoever has claimed that SoulCycle is an ineffective workout has clearly not taken a class.  My little weights felt like two heavy pieces of metal by the end of it.  I actually feel way more comfortable taking a class there knowing that the instructors undergo an intense 9-week training session to become an instructor.  I took a 9 hour certification course. Know what I mean?

I have drank the SoulCycle kool-aid, and if I could be the kool-aid mascot guy for their company, I would. Make sure to check out a class sometime, I can absolutely not wait to go back for more.


10 thoughts on “The Past 2 Weeks, In Review

  1. Soul Cycle is very addictive and Janet Fitzgerald is one of the BEST instructors they have.
    The Soul Community is very tight and welcomes all. 🙂

  2. No comment…..seriously, I won’t hold it against you. You’re still one of my favorite spin bloggers. 🙂

  3. I loooove your blog because you are very inspiring and your music & attitude rock – it’s off the beaten fitness studio path and you take chances. I’ll read your post and realize that I have 90% of the music in my library and think “Oh yeah! This kicks a$$!” and the other 10% that is new to me, thanks for opening my ears. It’s awesome to have a like-minded individual out there.

    • You are so awesome! That is one of the nicest things I’ve heard in a while. I really, really appreciate that. I love that you have a similar taste in music, and are OPEN to learning about new stuff – that is the most important thing when you do the same thing day after day (well, week after week depending on how many classes you are teaching) but you gotta keep things FRESH right!? Thanks so much for making my day!

  4. I’m with Chris..but still love ya!

    We have a local studio who does strength training on the bike with light body bars. I have zero issues/injuries but after taking a couple of classes, my back was hurting.

    I feel like studios like this make it harder to teach a true spin class since now people think bells and whistles are OK.

    Sorry, I’ll shut up. 🙂

    • hahah girlfriend i totally feel you – it’s funny you mentioned the back thing actually, because now that i think about it, my back was hurting a LITTLE bit by the end of the class. i know what you mean though – spinning is so great by itself, no need to “re-invent the wheel”

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