Posted in March 2012


Grateful Dead Spin class was quite the… trip.  The owner of Spynergy, Bill, teaches this class a few times a year, and if you appreciate the Dead, then this is the best spin class you’ll ever take.  It’s about 75 minutes of endurance, to the best live Dead songs.  I will definitely be linking the … Continue reading

Neon 80’s Bootcamp

Gotta keep things fresh for your class, right?  I’ve been looking for a reason to wear a side ponytail lately… Please don’t hate me, but I have an enormously intimidating amount of clean laundry that’s been drying (taking over) in various places across my apartment for 3 days now, since I ran out of quarters … Continue reading

Shame on you, MDNA.

Disclaimer: Nothing to do with spin, but everything to do with music and culture that surrounds it. This past weekend marked one of the largest electronic dance music festivals in the United States.  It’s called Ultra, and it’s in Miami every year for three days, with the biggest names in electronic and dubstep music, including … Continue reading

Snowboard Beats Volume 1

I was so happy to see the title of this post that Joel sent over this week! Not only is snowboarding one of my favorite past times, but remember when I met pro-snowboarder Kevin Pearce a few weeks ago? And he tried to ask me out and I was like, “nah.”  I giggled, per usual, … Continue reading

Walking On Memories ‘N Stuff

I made a Facebook page for spinmuse months ago, but never felt cool enough to publish it. Until last night. Can you like me? It will make me feel cool. Thanks! I’ll try to make it worth it, promise! Like the rest of the world, I went running in the gorgeous weather after work last … Continue reading

Proper Bike Setup, via MS Paint

One of my favorite people in the world, Jess, or as we like to call her, “Jazzy”, recently went big-league and joined Equinox. Jealous? Me too. She’s been taking spin classes for years – in fact, she was the one who dragged me to my first spin class back in high school at Longfellow Sports … Continue reading


Spotify Go figure that the first day in months I am able to finally sleep in, which is my favorite past time activity since I am a bit narcoleptic, but everyday life does not accept such tendencies, and me and my roomates were all woken up to the sound of jack-hammering at 7:30 am.  That … Continue reading


Spotify Have you ever been late for your own spin class? I was subbing tonight for a 6pm class, which on a normal day, I’d never be able to make in time, but I was all excited to leave work right at 5pm to fight that traffic out to my gym. Of course, with my … Continue reading

The Past 2 Weeks, In Review

Some of you who are strictly on here to look for new music and ride profiles might be out of luck with this post.  But, have you heard of SoulCycle in New York City? I have finally taken my first class there, and have absolutely fallen in love. But first! I’ve already started 2 out … Continue reading

The Art of the Perfect Playlist

After seeing this article from Cynthia at, I decided to write this about creating playlists. If you’re an instructor, you’ve probably been asked more times than you can count how you go about choosing music for a class, or where you get your awesome tunes from. It always makes me feel good when I … Continue reading