iTunes (look who decided to work this week!)

Remember last week when I said I’d have more playlists to post for you this week?

I lied.

Sorry. Hugs!

Here’s a picture of some puppies to make up for it. (source:

We cool?

Okay. Thanks.  Now that that’s off my chest, before we get to a playlist I’m really excited about, we have to talk about the charity ride I taught on Saturday.

If I could describe the charity ride in one word, it would be chaos.   I am so happy I was apart of the day, but oh. my. god. Essentially, it was a race for mileage for three hours, with the option to switch which team member is on the bike every ten minutes.  The bikes had little mini computer smart Dorito chip things that are smarter and more sophisticated than me, so it was ONLY recording revolutions per minute… not power.

These teams were AMPED up.  I loved the energy.  However… the chaos. Ohh, the chaos.  Some people had headphones in during their ten minute heat, and everyone on their team was cheering them on. Cool, right? It was. The lights in the studio were all on (oh, the brightness), the doors to the lobby were wide open, people were walking and dancing around the studio to the tunes (I can deal with that!), and I could have been ass-naked doing splits while holding baby otters holding hands on the instructor block, and not a single soul would have noticed.  I literally was speaking and caught myself asking if anyone was listening to me.  Not even in a bad, angry way or anything – in fact, I sort of felt like this: 

These people were absolutely FLYING on their bikes.  It was bad. Like, probably a cadence upwards of like 150 RPM’s.  I had to point to certain people and say “PUT RESISTANCE ON YOUR BIKE” or “YOU ARE GOING TO BLOW OUT YOUR KNEE” or “YOU ARE GOING TO KILL YOURSELF” or “I’M GOING TO KILL YOU IF YOU DON’T PUT RESISTANCE ON YOUR BIKE”.  The last two things I didn’t say, since it was a family event and all, but if those kids weren’t around…

After explaining the three positions in spin (waste of time), the first time I tried to get everyone out of the saddle, I was completely ignored.  “What does a horse shoe do? Are there any horse socks?”

Chaos. I’d do it again in a heartbeat since I know what to expect this time around.  I don’t mind being ignored, it takes the pressure off a little; but, the fact that most people were doing their own thing and were only concerned with their leg speed made me a little nervous. I did only teach the first of three hours though, so I’ll have to find out how the last hour or so was in terms of their energy level.

So, thanks for all the advice/help that I got from you guys over the past three weeks about how to go about teaching this “race”, but, looks like I didn’t even need it.

On a final sidenote before I list some songs, I am adoring my new bike in my apartment.  This morning, I was all “I’m going to wake up at 6:45 and spin for a half hour before work!”, and then my alarm went off and then I snoozed until the normal 7:36 a.m. and got ready for work.  Previous and current roomates, boyfriends, family members and Dunkin Donuts baristas can attest that I am a circus in the morning, so I’m fairly certain I’ll only ever use this bike after work… But, when you’re commuting in your beautiful, new car for 1.5-2 hours each day, and the gym is a ten minute drive from your beautiful, un-bed-bug’d apartment, it totally makes a difference having everything at home.  My routine has been spinning, weights and resistance band on the bike, abs on a mat, and foam rolling with a wine bottle afterwards.  I know… I should open up my at-home gym to the public for a very hefty fee!


1. Jay-Z and Kanye West, No Church in the Wild (4:33): Not the best warmup song, but I threw it on my playlist and then couldn’t decide on a warmup song because I wanted to rock out to them all.  This one got the boot to warmup though. 

2. Sam Adams, No Speak Americano (2:24): Watch the lyrics a little bit in this one. We continued warming up, throwing on a little resistance (60%), switching positions and catching up to the beat. 

3. Flo Rida ft. Sia, Wild Ones (3:54): This one’s perfect for just about 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off throughout the whole song. Basically picking up the speed each time we hear Florida’s voice. It’s hard for me to get on board with Flow Ryda, but I love Sia’s voice.  After each 30 second interval, pick up resistance by about 3-5%. Starting the climb. 

4. Skrillex ft. The Doors, Breakn’ A Sweat (Zedd Remix) (5:32): I have mixed feelings about Skrillex, most of them being that I don’t entirely like him, with the exception of some of his stuff.  I don’t even really enjoy the regular version of this song, but I do love this remix by Zedd.  It took some time to grow on me, so just give it a shot.  I really like the concept behind this collaboartion of Skrillex and The Doors, though.  Have you heard of the Project Re:Generation? It was basically Skrillex, Pretty Lights, Mark Ronson, and some other producers teaming up with older acts, such as the Dap Kings, and the Doors, to try to recreate some of the classic styles of music with a little modern edge to them.  Check some of them out – they are pretty rad, and it’s very cool in my eyes that older artists agreed to collaborate with electronic/dubstep/dance/house/glitch-hop producers.  Between this project, and Skrillex winning like 300 Grammy’s this year, it just goes to show that this type of music is here to stay on a large scale.  I’m OK with that! Okay, back to spinning – there are about 3 longer interval pushes – keep that resistance on from the previous song, and just keep adding 3-5% after each interval. 

5. Mac Miller, Moves Like Jagger (3:44): Used this one before, great for jumps – stay on that hill! Watch the lyrics on the Mac Miller rapping part. 

6. Foo Fighters, These Days (4:58): Foo Fighters are awesome for interval pushes.  When the chorus comes, there’s about 3 or 4 interval pushes throughout the song you can do, anywhere from 30-60 seconds.  Sorry I’m not more exact with timing tonight, I am slacking.  We kept resistance high for the intervals, and light for recovery. 

7. Phish, Maze (8:14): One of the first Phish songs I really fell in love with back in middle school off of the Rift album.  We stayed flat the entire song, and did a couple 5 second pushes after the first minute or so when the music picks up, and then we went for about 45 seconds on a long push when the music speeds up again.  About 4:00 minutes into the song, we start an almost 3 minute “race” on a flat.  Find some gear on your bike, and let those legs fly for 3 minutes straight while Phish jams out, hard. This is hard work if you’re got just the right amount of gear, and you are really pushing higher cadence.  We were pooped after, I had a lot of moans and groans out of the riders tonight. Can’t get much better than that! (Also, if you are interested, I linked an awesome music video on youtube someone set the movie The Labrinyth with David Bowie to with this song playing in the background. It’s… incredible. I might have to figure out how to use the video at Spynergy for a class and use it).

8.Pretty Lights, Summertime (5:23): Thanks to my girl Ali over at whipmeintoshape, I got back on the Pretty Lights train this week.  We went on a long steady hill climb for this one.  PL mixes Sublime’s Summertime with Will Smith’s Summertime, and I had one woman ask me mid-song who it was because she loved it. 

9. Phantogram, When I’m Small (4:09): Thanks to Sammi for this one.  She used it on a yoga playlist that she posted, but it’s really great for a heavy climb, too.  Steady beat with pretty vocals for the whole song.  Keep climbing, heavy. 

10. Outasight, Tonight is the Night (3:10): Jumps on our own here.  Medium resistance. Special request from my big sister who I’ve turned into a spinner. Luv yaz, OmG! 

11. Rusko, Somebody to Love (3:02): Joel posted this in his Bootcamp playlist last week, and I couldn’t help myself. Love it for rolling hills.  Heavy when the bass drops, back to light when the vocals pop back in. 

12. N.A.S.A., Gifted (2:44): Thanks to Lisa at SpinAsana for this one – I’m in love with it because Lykke Li and Santigold are in it.  Such a great artists.  Keep the resistance high (80%) and jumps on the 4 count during the chorus.

13. Nicki Minaj, Starships (3:31): Normally, I would hate this song. Then, the beat drops and I instantly fell in love.  Thanks to Ali, again, for showing me this one! Standing running super heavy for about 20 seconds, 3x throughout the song when the beat drops.  Great last song to bang out some work to on the bike.

14. Rihanna, Farewell (4:17): Cool down.

So much love for you all. If you’re still reading (god bless your silly souls), can you do me a favor? Think of me this weekend and send good vibes my way, please. Maybe one day I’ll tell you why… 🙂 Stay fresh.


6 thoughts on “Maze

  1. Sounds like you tons of fun at the charity spin… it is a little sad though to hear how they acted, all that hard work put in and they didn’t even listen, their loss 🙂 If it was me I might have thrown things at them…haha
    I used to workout in the evening, then I converted to morning training and there was no going back, first month is the hardest though..

    • Hey Jay! I was so tempted to throw things at them. Water bottles, my sweaty head band – all sorts of things. I really, really wish I could say I was a morning workout person. I literally feel sick to my stomach and nauseaus when I have to wake up super early, and there’s been plenty of times I’ve had to pull over on my way to work to throw up for no apparent reason (swear I’m not pregnant). Maybe I am not drinking enough water at night, and I get dehydrated? I’m just so much more ready to work out after work even though it’s a time-killer sometimes, but that’s when I function best. If I had those beautiful views of South Africa like you though, maybe I would turn into a morning person. Have me some breakfast with the lions! Thanks for coming by – great job with all your races the past few weeks!!

  2. I love that you had the confidence to do Maze. Sometimes I feel like the riders won’t “get” Phish and boo me off the platform. I’m doing Tweeprise tomorrow though and I can’t wait!!

    • Trust me, I feel that same way… However, I feel like as long as you make the profile for the song interesting and hard, they will forget about what song is even playing… and also, I think for that ride I tried to make that the only real unrecognizable song, especially since it was so long. TWEEPRISE! What should we call our spin studio one day? Hippies on Hot Wheels?

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