Hit That Jive


Are you ready? I have a lot to talk about tonight, which is why I’m going to write in list form from here on out.

1. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (x 1.5), Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday.  These are the days I have taught/are teaching this week.  Hence why the blog post is coming out later this week.  I’ve taught every weeknight, including an intro class and then a full class Wednesday night, Friday is a rest, and then the charity ride is Saturday, and I have my normal Sunday AM class coming up.  I don’t hate it – at all, in fact. It’s been great – the week has flown by.

2. Even after getting home after 8:30 Wednesday evening, I was like “Okay, Amanda, it’s blog time.”  Well, then I came home to this:

Don't you want to live with us? It's hard to say who won the dance-off.. Dayna (right) is clearly the winner judging by this photograph, but remember, a photograph is just a glimpse of a moment. Beth (right - yes, her shirt says "I like turtles") actually pulled her back during the dance party, so she might actually be the unofficial winner.

So, turns out, National Margarita Day was yesterday, so my roomates made fajitas, frozen margs, which apparently spurred an impromptu mexican dance party.  Dayna and Beth have really great moves.  So, needless to say, blogging was put on the back burner last night. Sorry. I was busy trying to keep up with their Napoleon Dynamite talent show dance moves, and eating a giant burrito/fajita something or other.

3. My room in my apartment.. well, it’s awesome. I felt I was missing something over my bed though.  I asked my bestie (omgz!), Ira, if she wouldn’t mind making me a cool-something-or-other to hang above my bed if I bought her the canvas.  LOOK what she made me!

No, you can't have it. It's mine.

How talented is this little microbiologist?  Did I mention she’s got an unbelievably beautiful jewlery line? Oh, what’s that, you want to hear more about the time when we met Zdeno Charra of the Boston Bruins at a bar and she talked to him in Russian? (Granted the only words the rest of us could understand was her saying “science” in English… couldn’t have been too thrilling a conversation).  She’s probably going to yell at me because they aren’t completely straight yet, but I think I did a pretty damn good job so far, until the landlord tells me otherwise when he charges me for the 35 holes in my wall. So, THANK YOU, Ira. You. Rock.

4. Did you notice something in that picture? Now, normally I wouldn’t post a photo of my bedroom, where all the magic happens. You know, blog writing and playlist making.  That’s a little private. Especially for all of you creeps who have found my blog via searching “green underwear” or “nevernude” or “naked girl plays guitar” or some other thing that I’ve never talked about before. Except the nevernude. So, getting back to that yellow thing in the photograph. Yes.. Those are handlebars. I bought a spin bike! Haha! I’m a freak.

This is "Rev Master Funk" and I love him.

I am psyched. Don’t you think for a second I haven’t already considered getting glow in the dark stars for my ceiling now, so I can have planetarium spin classes by myself in my room.  Definitely a good thing for my social life.

5. Remember on Valentine’s Day, and every other day for that matter, when I was all “psch, boys are for squares”?  Try getting a spin bike from the 3rd floor studio, down and outside and into your car.  Then from your car, up a bunch of stairs into your apartment. Holy. Crap. Try hanging three beautifully painted canvases across your 6 feet long bed frame.  To that, I want to say thank you to my girlfriend, Bethany, who helped me do both. And my sister.  And happy birthday, big stis.  I love you both. Maybe Beth, you can teach us Bucci gals your dance moves sometime.

Sorry, I just - well, how could I not?

6. spinmuse has hit over 25,000 views in 8 months.  I’m literally baffled. I’ll get emotional if I start, so I’m not even going to. Please let me just say thank you, and I love every one of you, and all of your little views.  Even the search-term creeps.  Keep up the good work.

So, I have one playlist to share tonight.  This one is based on longer interval pushes, but not all songs are intervals.  Some, we just climb. I’m going to have 3 more playlists for you from this week as soon as I have more time to put them down in writing for you.  Also check out my friend Joel’s Bootcamp Beats Volume III.  Don’t you love him?!

Hit That Jive:

1. Whitney Houston, I’m Every Woman (4:47): Warmup. Oh Whitney, you poor thing. 

2. Benny Benassi, Cinema (Radio Edit) (3:03): Some intervals here – 0:44 – 1:14, 1:58 – 2:13, 2:28 – 2:58.  1×30, 1×18, 1×30.  Stick to a lighter (65%) resistance since we’re still warming up, and switch up the positions. 

3. Nina Simone, Sinnerman (Felix Da Housecat Remix) (4:36): Okay, I have to thank my new friend Diane for this one via Spotify.  She sent me it, and it’s awesome.  Constant beat that stays the same the whole song, and I borderline want to call it house music, but it’s way less aggressive than your typical “house” track.  Nina Simone’s got a very distinctive and unique voice, too.  We used it as a little bit of a endurance ride with medium resistance, switching up the positions.  Add on resistance every so often (maybe every minute) once it feels like your legs are getting used to that resistance). Diane has great taste. 

4. Rob Thomas and Santana, Smooth (4:56): We stick with a medium resistance, and then add some on for a few interval pushes.  Intervals are from 0:51 – 1:29, 2:10 – 2:50, 3:27 – 3:45, 4:00 – 4:40.  That’s 2×40, 1×18, 1×40. 

5. Adele, Rumor Has It (Joe Maz Remix) (6:56): Again, sticking light but increasing resistance to medium – medium heavy for interval pushes.  Intervals are 2:18 – 3:30, and 4:56 – 5:56.  That’s 1×75 seconds, 1×60.  Woof. OH! And, jumps during recovery at our own pace. 

6. All My Friends, LCD Soundsystem (7:57): Originally, I was going to use The Allman Brother’s “Jessica” song here.  The crowd was younger though, and I just didn’t see them loving a 7 minute long instrumental jam the way that I would love it.  Last minute, I filled this song into the mix as a replacement, straight climbing keeping up with the beat of the song the whole 8 minutes.  Increase every minute. 

7. Bag Raiders, Shooting Stars (3:57): Thanks to @katieklish for this one.  I tweeted that if Katie were to get a twitter, that would likely be her twitter handle.  We peer pressured the bejesus out of her this weekend while she was in town visiting to sign up for twitter.  At last! That’s not her handle, so don’t even bother. She’s too cool for you guys anyway. Oh, again, here, we want to stick to a medium=heavy resistance and straight endure the 4 minutes at that resistance.  Keep a quick pace.  This songs awesome – it’s like, 20% electronic, 20% pop, 20% indie, and 40% sexy.  I ran out of genres… if I made music though, I’d hope that someone would consider it sexy. 

8. Coldplay, Paradise (4:20): Okay, I’ll admit it. I like this song. Stop it! Stop being judgey. Climb super heavy. Heaviest we will go all day. 

9. Gramatik, Hit That Jive (3:23): Gramatik! How I’ve missed you! If I’m going to play someone like Coldplay, I’d like to have the following song be extra bad-ass so I don’t lose my “cool” reputation.  My mom really does tell me I’m “cool” a lot, so that’s where I get my confidence.  This song is like straight from the 50’s, but Gramatik throws in those heavy beats and it’s an awesome mix of old and new.  We go heavy (listen to the beat – go THAT heavy), and start jumps at 0:38 seconds when the bass bumps in.  We did 4 count jumps from position 1, to 2, to 3, to 2, to 1.  Consider it a “loop”, or something.  Straight til the end. Legs shall burn! 

10. Gyptian, Hold Yuh (3:53): Love this tune.  It’s like a love lullaby, except I can’t understand a single word they say in this song.  Either way, I gave them some time to themselves to find a resistance and pace they’d want to zone out in for a few minutes. 

11. Deadmau5, Faxing Berlin (Instrumental) (2:36): Absolutely nothing special about this song, sorry mau5.  Did you guys see him at the Grammys? So cool, right? No? Just me?  I was more so looking for a “filler” song, and this one came in 1st place.  Pickups every 15 seconds, recovery 15, then repeat until the end. 

12. Gotye, Somebody That I Used To Know (Jakob Liedholm Remix) (6:33): I like this song by Gotye, but I don’t see the huge deal over it.  Either way, I thought this remix was okay, and decided to use it for the last intervals of the night.  2:00 – 2:30, 3:59 – 5:00.  1×30, 1×60. PUSH HARD on those last intervals! Heavy resistance. 

13. Lana Del Ray, Video Games (4:47): Loving her voice. 


8 thoughts on “Hit That Jive

  1. Hey Amanda

    Loving this playlist, 3 of my favorite songs (shooting star, paradise and somebody I used to know) and all on heavy climbs, definitely gonna try them out 😀 can’t believe you bought spinning bike for your room haha 🙂
    Keep up the awesome work 😀


    • Hi Jason!!! Thank you for your kind words as always.. Currently obsessed with Shooting Stars too!!! I know, I’m ridiculous. It was only 200 US big ones, so I figured why not.. Get rid of my monthly 65/month gym membership and work out at home now. Oh boy.

      Thank YOU! YOU keep up the awesome work. Badass.

  2. Wow Amanda-I think I may have tied you for teaching classes this week. SInce I’m off all week, other instructors have snagged me to sub for them, so I taught Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and TWO classes on Sunday! Craziness! I also did some trainining rides on an indoor trainer 2x this week! Most people would think you and I are nuts, but like you, I can’t get enough!
    I also own a spin bike-and I would probably keep it at the foot of my bed as well, but I don’t think my husband would appreciate it very much! 🙂 I can see getting up in the middle of the night to try out my spin moves-haha!
    Great blog post and tunes as usual!

    • haha, I love that on your week off, you are still teaching everyday – if not twice a day! Just goes to show you LOVE what you do. I checked out that training ride video on your site – so cool… am I right that it looks like they take your outdoor bike and put it up on one of those things that makes it not go anywhere (wicked sophisticated this morning). Thanks Chris, I always appreciate and love reading your comments/blog posts!! Have a great weekend!!

      • You are correct. They call them ‘trainers’. The front wheel stays put and the back wheel moves, so you can change gears as you go. It’s really a good time (and it REALLY hurts your hieny until you get used to it!) They have this little kid that goes around with a gallon of water and fills up your bottle and hands out towels. I totally need one of those kids for my spin classes!

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