Dance Yrself Clean


Thank you guys so much already for your input on the Charity Ride.  I still have over a week until that race, so keep the comments flowing! Also.. Valentine’s Day? Ain’t got nothin‘ on me this year. It was fabulous.

Have you guys heard of Shakti Active Wear? My super awesome Aunt Louise sells their clothing at her yoga studios (I know – and, not only is she a yoga instructor who has opened her own studios, but she’s also a deadhead. Now I know where I get it from), and she made my entire month by sending me some workout gear to use for spinning. She melted my cold, black heart with that package. Move over lululemon – this stuff is amazing.  I am wearing a pair of the printed capris as we speak, and it’s unreal how comfortable they are. I might have to wear them under my work clothes every single day, because they are so rad and comfortable. I’ve already made Beth and her boyfriend feel my legs up a few times just to feel how soft and comfy they are. Thanks Aunt Louise, you are seriously the best.  I hope someday we can see Further together. And thanks, Beth and Justin, for always feeling my new workout pants when I force you to, and for letting me have some of your delicious, homemade chicken pot pie tonight. And for letting me in on your Valentine’s Day chocolate covered strawberries on Monday evening. Now that I re-evaluate this…. am I in a relationship?

If your name is Lindsey, Charlie, Katie, or Kathryn, then you better stop reading.  I expect you all at this class, and I want it to be a surprise. So get out of here. If your name falls under one of those categories, but you won’t be at my class on Sunday, then please, proceed.

Since I was asked to provide more details about my ride profiles, I have included all of my intervals planned out for this ride.  I hope they make sense – I give the time slots for pickups, and then at the end of the song description, I give how many intervals BY how many seconds (i.e. 1×20 = 1 interval for 20 seconds), and I put them in the order they come in.  When I know we are in it for intervals, I like to say from the start of the song, “Ok – intervals here, we have 3×15, 1×30, and 2×25, with 45 seconds recovery between each, on medium resistance” so they know exactly what to expect.  I know that I enjoy taking classes with instructors where they tell you that stuff ahead of time, so that you don’t burn out by doing TOO much or the opposite, not get a good enough work out in, because you don’t know what’s coming.  So, hopefully all of my rambles make sense.  Talk to me if you have questions. Enjoy!

1. LCD Soundsystem, Dance Yrself Clean (8:58): Spynergy just became video compatible, which I have not integrated into class as of yet, but I think I have figured out how to do it.  So, I am only going to stick to 1 video for warmup as I feel that some might feel that it takes away from the dark, zoned out setting of the studio.  This is like, my all time favorite music video ever, other than this one.   

So, I plan on 50% warmup/stretching until 3:10, where we’ll take it up to 60%, out of the saddle and add some resistance, march right out to the beat of the song, and at 4:06-4:26 we do a 20 second pickup.  4:27-5:05 we are hanging out at 65%, 5:05-6:00 we do a 55 second pickup with our pace, and we rest at 65% until 6:38, where we do another 20 second pickup until 6:58.  6:58 – 7:36 is 70% resistance, marching to the beat, until our last 20 second pickup from 7:36 – 7:57.  We have another minute until the end of the song, where we will stick to that 70% resistance.  This song is super fun, and has so many phases to it that it does not feel like 9 minutes.  I also like to switch up the positions a lot, especially during the first few songs to get warm in each position, so feel free to do the recoveries and sprints in any position you feel. That makes this song 1×20, 1×55, 2×20. (I just listened to this song on my way in to work, and realized all of my times are off by about 7 seconds for every interval.. must have been using a different version while writing this – so just be aware!)  

2. Florence and the Machine, Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up) (3:52): Keeping that resistance in the medium range, hanging out until the choruses of the song, where we will again pick up our pace, and add resistance after each chorus until by the end of the song, you are pretty heavy.  First hill is finally done after 12 minutes!

3. MGMT v. Daft Punk, One More Time to Pretend (Immunization Remix) (4:48): Find that light road (60 – 65%) and we are doing intervals for this one.  0:41 – 0:56, 1:14 – 1:29, 1:47 – 1:57, 2:28 – 2:45, 3:01 – 3:25, 3:58 – 4:31 = time to rock out. I always instruct during intervals with “lighter” resistance that if it starts feeling too easy, add just a tiny bit. That makes this song 2×15, 1×10, 1×18, 1×24, 1×33. 

4. Michael Jackson + Janet Jackson, Scream (4:39): We get back to medium – heavy here (find the beat), out of the saddle, climbing.  Up to position 2 for 1:23 – 1:40, and at 1:40 we go back out to position 3 and pick up our pace until 1:58.  Same thing happens around 2:20 again – position 2, until we pick up the pace at 2:38 during the chorus.  Slow and recovery for 2:57 – 3:10.  3:10 – 3:18 we pick up our pace.  Recover in position 2 until our last pickup at 3:51 in position 3.  That’s essentially 2×18, 1×8, 1×40 sprints for this song. 

5. Ellie Goulding, Lights (Bassnectar Remix) (4:41): It really bothers me that Skrillex won 3 grammys, when Bassnectar was not even nominated for a single thing. Or Pretty Lights, or Rusko, who I think are far more talented with dubstep than Skrillex.  Anywho, for this song we just straight climb with HEAVY resistance.  Switch up positions when you wish, but just close your eyes and get HEAVY with this one.  Push and breathe. 

6. Foo Fighters, Everlong (4:08):  How much do you adore this song? Everyone I know seems to say it’s their favorite.  Acoustic version is beautiful.  I’d like this to be my wedding song actually.  Write that down, future ex-husband. Okay, so we are going to go LIGHT with resistance for recovery after that badass hill, and then we are going to add some on for some pickups for the crazy parts of this song.  Particularly, those intervals with resistance (I’m talking 70 – 75% since some of these intervals are long pushes) being from 0:53 – 1:03, 1:24 – 2:09, 2:30 – 3:03, 3:25 – 3:58.  So that makes it 1×10, 1×45, 2×33 sprints.

7. Big Gigantic, High and Rising (5:52): This song is made for high intensity.  It starts off slow until 2:30, where the pace picks up little by little until the end of the song.  I like to go super heavy for 2.5 minutes, and then once that ends, we take a little bit off with each change in pace of the music.  By the end, you will find yourself killing it going down the hill, fast and fierce. 

8. Talking Heads, Cities (4:18): One of my favorite bands, Phish, covers this song and I adore it.  Phish’s version is too slow though – this one is awesome.  I’m kind of thinking for this one a 4.5 minute endurance with different positions.  I like to throw in an endurance song where we leave the resistance to start around a flat road, and then slowly increase resistance a tad, but only enough to notice the change, and to try to maintain that fast pace you had at the start with the flat.  Good aerobic workout there. 

9.  Pretty Lights, Jay Z Empire State of Mind Remix (4:37): Still one of my favorites.  Hill climb here, we go super heavy and slow just like the Ellie Goulding song above.  No intervals, just heavy (80 – 90%) resistance the whole song switching up those positions. 

10. The Beatles, Happy Birthday (2:43): Well, my sister claims she’s coming to my class on her birthday on Sunday morning, so I have thrown in this song.  I want to find that medium – heavy resistance for these few minutes, and pick up the pace in between each guitar riff and drum hitting in the song.  I am talking like 3 second pickups with 3 second recovery, until 43 seconds where we just stick to tempo, until 1:10 we pick it up for 18 seconds, where we get back to those 3 second pickups with 3 second recovery.  1:55 rolls around and we pick it up until 2:12, and then get back to those 3 second pickups, 3 second recoveries until the end.  I haven’t taught this yet, and am not sure how easy the 3 second pickup/recovery will work, but we’ll see! Could be fun. 

11. Green Day, Brain Stew (3:13): Light resistance for active recovery, and then get super heavy for 0:38 – 0:51, 1:16 – 1:29, 1:54 – 2:07, 2:31 – 3:10.  That’s 3×13, 1×40.  Phew! Last song, so make those intervals HARD and worth it. 

12. Florence and the Machine, You’ve Got The Love (2:49): Sing it, girl. Cool down.  


7 thoughts on “Dance Yrself Clean

  1. You know that you don’t really ever have to give either of us a reason to feel your legs up. I’m so glad you liked the “chicken” pot pie!! 😉 I choo choo choose you all day long xo

  2. Shakti active wear is awesome and very figure flattering. Have two pairs of their capris. Love, love, love! Thanks for the detailed spin profile. You are awesome! Bummed out that I can’t subscribe to Spotify because I am a Canadian. Hopefully it will become available for us soon.

    • I might have to get another pair of their capris! I feel so freeeeeeeeee in them. Thanks for your kind words, YOU are awesome! That’s a total bummer about spotify, they need to show the canadians some love… i attempted to publish the playlist on itunes and it just froze, so hopefully that will go through soon (its been a few days since it froze on me) but once it does i will post on itunes – do you use ping, just out of curiosity?

  3. How did you get the copy of “Cities?” Sounds like it’s a live performance, can’t find it anywhere but soundcloud and there’s no download. LOVING this version! The old version won’d do now that I’ve heard this much more fun one!

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