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Happy almost Tuesday!  I finally came out of my winter hibernation for an Umphrey’s McGee concert, snowboarding on REAL SNOW in New Hampshire, followed by a Soja concert for my friend Mark’s birthday Saturday evening.  Super fun weekend, but I was a little tired until getting on the bike Sunday morning to teach.  It’s amazing what endorphins can do to your body when you think you’re exhausted.

I ended up teaching the anti-valentine’s day playlist Sunday, where we did set intervals throughout the entire class.  I received great feedback about the class, and I was completely drenched by the end.  Obviously threw in some Whitney Houston for warmup and cooldown… how terribly sad. If you want more info about each interval set for each song, just let me know and I’ll put it on here.  You guys had some seriously awesome song suggestions for this anti-valentine’s day theme.  This is how I feel about all of you:

I love you guys. Be my Valentine? (source:

I had a reader make a comment asking for more detail about each profile I post, which I was actually really excited to see.  Sometimes I get so caught up in talking about how much I love the artist or the song, or the background of it, or a crazy hippie festival I got to see them play at – and omit, or leave a vague description about the actual spin profile.  That is what we are here for, right? Oops! I got excited about the comment because it made me feel like people are listening to what I’m saying, and well, I think that’s pretty cool. So thank you, reader! I will make a concerted effort to post more info about the ride from here on out.

I have some of my best friends from college coming to visit for the long weekend, and I am super excited because I am forcing them to take my spin class on Sunday morning.  I bet they are super excited, too…. ? They all have really great taste in music, so I am currently putting together a kick-ass playlist for this weekend that I am really excited to share with you guys at some point this week when it’s tweaked to perfection.

If I know my friends like I think I do, they will look something like this after my class. (source:

Actually, if I know my friends like I KNOW I do, they will be doing that at the end because they know brunch time is finally in sight.

So, enough ramblings – I am so happy to be able to say that I am going to be coaching the first hour of the Race to Anyplace Benefit Spin Race on the 25th at Spynergy.  I need some help/advice on this though, which is why I’m reaching out to you amazing readers and instructors out there who have some valuable experience to share.

The deal is,  teams of 3-6 people compete in 10 minute “heats” (basically just meaning every 10 minutes, they can switch which team member is on the bike), and this is a RACE for MILEAGE over 3 hours.  They are installing a little odometer on the bikes, and the team who has the most miles… wins? I think? Anyway, I will be teaching for the first hour.  Each bike will be set to a MINIMUM resistance, and they do not have to increase resistance at all but they just can’t fall below that minimum resistance (don’t ask me how they are institutionalizing that rule).

My question for you guys, which I have already received some feedback on via twitter, is… if I want to help these people get the most miles during my hour, do I recommend they stay at a minimum resistance with high cadence, or should I suggest a medium resistance they can keep up with a medium cadence… Or, just switch it up like I would a normal spin class (some songs light, medium, or heavy)?  What would get them further?

Thoughts, advice, or even song suggestions would be a great help.  I am thinking fast music for the whole hour to keep them going since we aren’t focusing a ton on hills, and maybe some inspirational, not-cheesey songs to use since it is a benefit for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Expect a new playlist + profile soon!


16 thoughts on “Charity Spin Ride

  1. I’m not an expert on spin bike mechanics at all, but I would assume minimum resistance at a high cadence would get them to their goal of the most miles. HOWEVER, this is cause for concern because it encourages just that-minumum resistance at high cadence-which I spend countless spin classes trying to get my participants NOT to do. I would switch it up and hope for the best for the safety of your riders. Just my opinion. 🙂 Happy Valentine’s (or anti)Day!

  2. Thank you Chris! I know, I generally feel the same way about super high cadence, but I couldn’t figure out which would get them further. The general consensus so far has been resistance, less cadence. Good to know. Thanks girl, as always!!!

  3. That’s a tough one. To get the most distance you obviously have to pedal the most unless somehow tougher resistance “counts” for more distance since there’s more effort.

    No clue really.

    As for music, I’d probably do very upbeat stuff and maybe even stuff with a faster beat on the chorus which would allow them to speed up a bit.

    I’ll think on this one some more, but it’s definitely challenging.

    Happy v-day! 😀

  4. Well, since you asked…I think you should do YOUR regular style of coaching. It totally works/rocks. One of my clubs has a format called “Speedplay” that emphasizes high cadence in a safe way. No different than MAD DOGG’s race day I suppose. You could really go wild (over AT) here though since they are only going 10 minutes at a time. Often the people that show up for these are people that already love to spin and kind of know the ropes. You still have your hour to lecture, er talk about how important resistance is for the newbs out to support the cause. (Good for them! You may end up with some converts). At the end of the day this has to be about the charity even though it does pain me to say. So cool that you get to go first before things get too tired and stinky. How are you guys handling bike setup if they are going to be switching back and forth?

    • I think you’re right – just teach a pretty normal type of ride, and maybe steer clear from super steep, long, heavy hills, but focus on a lot of pace pickups and all that fun stuff. “fun” stuff. You know, I actually have no idea how bike setup switch is going to be working. Especially for the noobs. I am hoping that there are a few floaters who are off the bike or extra instructors who may be able to help between switches. It could get a little chaotic… which is kinda exciting, I suppose! Probably make for a quick hour of spin. And, you’re right – get ’em while they’re energized and CLEAN 🙂 Thanks Jennifer!

      • I forgot to tell you how much I do appreciate it when instructors post the notes too. It’s especially great for when life gets in the way and I’m behind. I can grab and go. I think it’s cool when someone uses one of my rides. I know there are so many great instructors out there spending hours writing rides just like we do. No reason to reinvent the wheel. I can borrow as long as I credit you right? Wait, just don’t answer that! =D

  5. Hey Amanda

    Awesome news on being able to coach the first hour and happy vday 🙂

    Assuming they not going to change every 10 mins, I would say do 10 min intervals of minimum / light resistance at a high cadence and change the levels up every min or two. I say after 10 mins do a standing med resistance for recovery for a 1 / 2 mins, then hit the high cadence low resistance again. Don’t forget to work in some sprints 🙂
    Had a class like that this morning, worked at 110 rpm on low resistance, was a killer workout!!
    Hope it goes well 😀

  6. I am beyond excited for your spin class bucci! i will be throwing my arms up in the air and not just because of brunch but because i love you! i expect sick beats and not too intense intervals. go easy on us!!!!

  7. Hi Amanda,

    What type of bikes will you be using? I use Keiser M3 with power meters and you can actually measure your power which will translate in better milage. 10 minutes is not a super long time in the saddle. The max power/milage would be in saddle pushing a rpm of about 100 with the max resistance the rider can handle. When you are riding on a flat road outside you would go no where if your cadence was 115 rpm in the “granny gear” so you need resistance to get better milage, at least on road bikes and indoor bikes with power. Not sure how they are measuring milage with odometer? just rpm? Sounds a fun charity ride, I like the team effort makes for a great interval ride.

  8. Hi Hally! How do you like those M3 Bikes? Did you have to be specifically certificated w/ Kaiser to ride that kind of bike? Okay, that’s what I figured about the high resistance and high cadence – I was thinking of what I learned about sprints… sprints are made for FULL POWER which means heavy resistance and high cadence if you can get it, because otherwise if you keep resistance low, and high cadence, it’s like taking REALLY small, super fast steps while running, whereas high resistance would be a longer stride, making the run more powerful.

    Thanks for your input on this! We have Spinner bikes at the studio, and I don’t know exactly how they are measuring the mileage… I asked and they just said they are putting something on the bike. I haven’t even thought about if it would have rpm’s actually… that would make it interesting! I hope it does.

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