Another One Bites the Dust – Love Stinks (Valentine’s Playlist)


That's a heart, and those are stink lines. Yes, I made that on a MS Paint-Mac-equivalent. I know, it's good.

Like last week, I am posting this playlist before actually teaching it for timing’s sake, so the teaching notes might not be exact just yet because I just put it together today and haven’t had much time to listen to it a few times.

If you have been following this blog since it’s inception, you may have picked up that I have a severely bitter taste in my mouth from some past fellas.  Relationships all seem to end so perfectly and friendly, don’t they? I am teaching this Valentine’s Day – in fact, this is the first day that my class will go CO-ED at the all women’s gym.  Dream come true would be to have a David Beckham look alike, preferably in the underwear that Beckham was reppin’ in the superbowl commercial, in my spin class, who tells me how much I just kicked his ass and how much he loved my love stinks playlist.  A single gal can dream, can’t she?

If you look like this or know someone who does, please send them to spin class. Thanks in advance.

So, since I get to teach around and on Valentine’s Day, here is a LOVE STINKS playlist, for all you grudge holding fine independent citizens out there.  (Even if you’re happy in love right now, the media gets so damn lovey-dovey around V-day; I think we could all use a little anti-V-Day music in our lives). However, see if you can notice a little progression in the songs as we get deeper in the class. I’ll explain at the bottom (no cheating!).

1. Bon Jovi, You Give Love A Bad Name (3:43): Cheeeeeze. Warmup. For the record, I would never play this song if it wasn’t for the theme of the ride. (Sort of like the Hank Williams Jr. song from the Superbowl Ride – country? Yuck). 

2. Cee Lo Green, Forget You (3:43): Quick pacing! I so wish I could play the unedited version of this song. 

3. Taio Cruz, Ludacris, Break Your Heart (3:06): I think we’d do some sprints during the choruses with moderate resistance. 

4. Queen, Another One Bites The Dust (3:35): Finding the beat, heavy resistance. 

5. Janis Joplin, Piece of My Heart (4:26): Wicked heavy, dood. Take it, Janis. 

6. No Doubt, Just A Girl (3:26): Sprints with medium resistance during the chorus.

7. The Magic Time Travel, These Boots Are Made For Walking (2:39): God, were they ever.  I haven’t listened to this song in a long long time, but I have a feeling we’d do jumps or intervals with heavy resistance. 

8. LMFAO, Sexy and I Know It (3:19): Heavy resistance sprints during the chorus, light for recovery. 

9. La Roux, Bulletproof (3:26): More intervals here. 

10. Talking Heads, I’m Not In Love (4:58): Endurance hill here, no intervals – just find a healthy pace and heavy resistance.

11. Crystal Castles, Not In Love ft. Robert Smith (3:47): Sprints during the chorus. Thanks K-Squared for this favorite song!

12. Rick Springfield, Jesse’s Girl (3:13): Again, cheese, but it’s all apart of the story for this ride. Not sure what we are doing here yet.

13. Jet, Are You Gonna Be My Girl (3:50): Spppaaaarints during the fast parts! Lots of intervals in this ride. 

14. Fun., Janelle Monae, We Are Young (4:10): Haven’t listened to this one enough in my car to figure out what we are doing yet – but a huge thanks to Michael for sending this (and many other AWESOME tunes) my way on Spotify! 

15. Rihanna, We Found Love (3:36): Have we figured out the story yet? Sprints after the beat drops.

16. Lana Del Ray, Video Games (4:42): Have you heeeeeeard her voice yet? She is the hotness. Thanks to my brother for this one – I would have given you the shout out even if you didn’t ask me to, big bruder. 

As you may have noticed, we start out in the breakup phase. Heartbreak hill. (OOoo, heartbreak hotel would be a good song to throw in too!). Then, we’re in the “F this guy, I am going to the gym every day and going to look so hot all the time” phase and we are giving it our all in sprints. Then we start to fall into a trap again… and we find love with Rihanna.  Love isn’t always so horrible.  But, most of the time it is, and to prove it, here’s a quote from one of my favorite movies… “Worse than the total agony of being in love?” – Little boy from Love Actually


21 thoughts on “Another One Bites the Dust – Love Stinks (Valentine’s Playlist)

  1. Man, you’ve got some awesome ones in that one I didn’t even think about! That’s awesome, I love it, I can’t wait to see what you tweak! It sounds like you had a lovely valentine’s day last year, you lucky gal 🙂 to 15+ more years of happiness to you and yours! but, happy anti-valentine’s day right back atcha.

  2. Amanda & Chris: I’m also teaching next Tues. 6:30 pm…I love the idea of anti-V-Day. Thanks for the great suggestions! went thru my playlist and I might try a few of these along with some of yours:
    Bad Romance–Gaga
    Dedication to my Ex–Lloyd
    Figure It Out–Dave Aude
    Before He Cheats–Carrie Underwood (yeah, I know…country 😦 )
    Criminal–Fiona Apple
    Not a Love Song–Uh Huh Her
    Pain that I’m Used To–Depeche Mode
    I’m Done–King Brain
    I Don’t Wanna Go On With You–Shep Pettibone remix (great old Elton John song)

    A, enjoy your single life while you can. You’re young and beautiful, and it sounds like you’re having a blast…

  3. Great suggestions. I always include “I Need a Lover” by John Mellencamp. Such an anti-romantic song. And “Grounds for Divorce” by Elbow. Oh, and Mika’s “Happy Endings.” And Kate Nash’s “Foundations.” I could go on…. There’s no shortage of anti-Valentines songs out there!

    • Sue! Great suggestions, thank you for throwing these on here! I just checked out your website – totally awesome. You. Rock. I love the concept of “signupaholic”. You are FAR more adventurous than I. Thanks for coming by, I’m going to subscribe to your page!

  4. Denise, you are so sweet. Thank you for putting a smile on my face this morning!!! 🙂 I Love Uh Huh Her – I think you told me about them a while back. And Fiona Apple, good call there. Happy V-day, or anti-V-day to you, D! Thanks for coming by

  5. Here is one you have to check out, “Not in Love” by Crystal Castles. Make sure you find the version with Robert Smith (as in The Cure) on vocals *the other version is much softer. Awesome climbing song with accelerations at the chorus.

  6. I’m teaching on Monday before and Wednesday after so I thought I’d do one for the lovebirds before and one for the broken hearts after. Personally I could take the day or leave it. I’ve been married for 18yrs (2 dif husbands but it’s still married!) 12 of them very happily. Denise, nothing wrong with a little country as long as it’s used judiciously. Amanda, my sweet muse, I can’t stop listening to the Booty City playlist and I NEVER listen to a ride outside of the studio like that! Thank you everyone for all the ideas. Personally I think we can’t share TOO much. Well, maybe about some things but not spin…can I get a YEEHAW?!

  7. Hey Amanda! I am also teaching on Tuesday night at 7 pm. Here’s my rough playlist (in no particular order). Will be tweaked later today as I decide what to eliminate as it is too long.

    Love Will Tear Us Apart Joy Division
    Third Eye Blind – How It’s Gonna Be
    Pictures of You – The Cure
    Poison – Alice Cooper
    Let It Die Foo Fighters
    Hot ‘N Cold – Katy Perry
    Smile – Lily Allen
    What It Takes – Aerosmith
    Not In Love (feat. Robert Smith) – Crystal Castles
    Changed The Way You Kiss Me – Example
    Santeria – Sublime
    Jar of Hearts – Christina Perri
    I’m Gonna Find Another You John Mayer
    Somebody That I Used To Know (Starfuckers Remix) – Gotye
    Somebody That I Used To Know (Compuphonic Remix) Long Wav Master – Gotye Dancing With Myself – Billy Idol

    Had no idea that Santeria is about a ruined relationship – one of my faves, as is Poison (Alice Cooper) a guilty, guilty pleasure.

    • Hi Lynette! I love this playlist – forgot about Hot and Cold, and good call with the Sublime song… I loveeee Sublime, and haven’t used them once in spin class! Who knew that’s what the song was about!? Have fun with it, great playlist, obviously love the Crystal Castles tune too!!

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