Up Up Up


I’m a little in love with this playlist here. I’m short on time so I’m only going to link new tunes I haven’t posted before.

1. Daft Punk, One More Time (3:56): If you start off a class with Daft Punk, you just can’t go wrong.

2. The Blues Brothers, Gimme Some Lovin’ (3:08): Used this for the Superbowl playlist since they performed some years ago for halftime, and I’m hooked. It’s got a quick pace for the whole song, and some sexy saxophones and horns.

3. The Heavy ft. the Dap Kings, How You Like Me Now? (3:38): Still obsessed with this one, too.  Throw on medium resistance and there’s a few fast sprints (12 – 18 seconds or so) and then go cray (I hate this but I think it makes me more hip to say it) for the last 50 seconds of the song.

4. Bob Sinclair, Love Generation (4:51): Sometimes I find myself judging a song by it’s title or artist.  Sorry, but it’s true. Personally, I love Bob Sinclair’s “Everybody Dance Now” from way back when, but it’s the cheesiest of the cheese. I try to stray from cheese.  So, when I kept seeing the name of this song, I was like eh.  Cheese.  Then, at La Boum, they played this and I was like I LOVE THIS SONG! Wouldn’t you know, it’s Mr. Sinclair. We did a few 15 second sprints with moderate to heavy resistance, and a few 30 second sprints.  It’s got a constant pace the whole song, so really you could do any sort of repeats for any length of time. Lesson learned, stop judging. 

5. The Black Keys, Lonely Boy (3:13): Still a favorite.

6. The Grateful Dead, Brown Eyed Women (5:51): Been looking for a Dead song I wanted to use for a while, and this one struck me as “the one” during an Occupy-Spotify-At-Work sesh (that I participate in daily).  It’s got a great rhythm to spin to, and we did some endurance with heavy resistance.  Face melting guitar solos and riffs, too. Let the Dead out – try it in your class, just once! 

7. Delerium ft. Sarah McGlaughlin, Silence (6:34): Remember the tune from that awesome movie Brokedown Palace where Claire Danes gets thrown in the slammer in Thaliand for drugs, even though they were planted on her? If you have no idea what I’m talking about, netflix it – and if you don’t recognize the song, take a listen.  It’s truly beautiful, it’s got a killer rhythm, and even though Sarah likes to depress us with her animal activism commercials, she really belts it out for us in this tune, but not as good as I do in my car.  It’s kind of one of those close your eyes and get lost tunes. We went our heaviest all night here for 6.5 minutes, switching positions to stay engaged. 

8. Martin Solveig, Hello (3:11): Fun song.  Don’t overplay it or you’ll get sick of it pretty quick.  Sprint when the beat drops. 

9. Boston, Peace of Mind (5:05): This was called in on my special request hotline for my friend LEON who has been a HUGE supporter of spinmuse, and my dreams of owning the greatest spin studio in the world (one day! He thinks I should call it “I got the Spins”).  He’s a diehard soccer player, but I have turned him into a spinner in just a few classes.  We did 1 minute intervals here.  One minute on with moderate to heavy resistance, and cool down 1 minute. Repeat until Boston has thoroughly melted your face. 

10. Fitz and the Tantrums, Moneygrabber (3:10): I still love this tune, too.  Great for heavy resistance and sprints during the chorus, and switching positions throughout.

11. The Givers, Up Up Up (4:34): My Spotify friend (and loyal spinmuse reader) Jimmy sent me a song by this group, The Givers.  I immediately fell in love with them.  They have such a fun, feel good vibe to them.  I liked the song he sent so much that I listened to the whole album, and this song really stuck out for me.  You’ll see why within 30 seconds of listening to it. Last heavy climb! 

12. Calvin Harris, Feel So Close (3:28): I need to personally thank Calvin for producing this song.  I think he had spinning instructors in mind.  0-45 rest, 45-1:15 sprint, 1:15-1:45 rest, 1:45-2:15 sprint, 2:15-2:45-rest, 2:45-3:15 sprint.  If you’re like me and don’t feel like reading those numbers, the short of it is that you can do 30 second sprints, 30 second recovery the whole song after the 45 second point.  Spinning made easy! Thanks, Calvin.

13. David Bowie, Life on Mars (3:51): One of my favorite songs that reminds me of one of my favorite movies,The Life Aquatic.  For the record, I literally never watch movies.  Except I mentioned 2 in this post?


7 thoughts on “Up Up Up

  1. I can see why you’re a little in love with this playlist! Some great tunes for sure! BTW, I finally got iTunes to publish my playlists again. It’s hit or miss, but I feel like the majority of people use it over Spotify. Do you find that too? I definitely have not checked out Spotify completely yet, I’m really just using it as another option to post playlists. Maybe when I get some time I can check into it further and see how I can make better use of it. 🙂 Have a great Super bowl class and enjoy the game. I honestly know NOTHING about football… 😦 I just check out the commercials on youtube the next day.

    • Hey Chris! I will have to agree with you on more people using iTunes over Spotify for sure. I just get so frustrated after spending an hour and a half making a post, and then spending 10 more minutes on iTunes, and then having it crap out on me. I think when I have the time and patience, I’ll add iTunes back into the post during the week IF it works. I wonder why it’s so buggy? How long have you been posting on iTunes – I just started since maybe August or so, but it seems like Ping has been around for a while. Has it always been like this? Urrrrgh! Spotify is really great, I am a huge fan of it. Thanks for the well wishes–the playlist was a hit this morning! I am TOTALLY with you on not following football at all. I’m in it for the social and food aspect of it =) I’ve been known to fall asleep on the couch during screaming and yelling around me while watching football games. Maybe thats a narcolepsy issue, actually… 🙂 Have a great weekend, thanks for coming by as always!!!

  2. I’ve been using iTunes to post my playlists since I started teaching/blogging which was the fall of 2009. I think Ping was introduced in fall of 2010 or so, but I didn’t start using it right away. I really liked the regular iTunes for posting playlists because it would post the entire playlist with album art right on the blog. I do like the social aspect of Ping. It saves me from endless hours of searching for new music! It just started getting buggy for me a few months ago and it’s very on again/off again. It seems from the posts on Ping that several others have had issues as well.

    Oh, I had a genius idea! I’m about to go grocery shopping. I figure the place will be empty since everyone is already at their Super Bowl parties right? Enjoy your week!

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