Posted in February 2012

I Lift Things Up & Put Them Down

Another Joel post! This one made me “l-o-l-z” a lot. A few of you guys were asking about the explicit lyrics in some of the songs in Bootcamp Beats.  Check out Joel’s response about how he deals with dat shit here in the comments section.  Enjoy!   Hey everyone! So obviously, judging from the title … Continue reading


Spotify iTunes (look who decided to work this week!) Remember last week when I said I’d have more playlists to post for you this week? I lied. Sorry. Hugs! Here’s a picture of some puppies to make up for it. (source: We cool? Okay. Thanks.  Now that that’s off my chest, before we get to … Continue reading

Hit That Jive

Spotify Are you ready? I have a lot to talk about tonight, which is why I’m going to write in list form from here on out. 1. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (x 1.5), Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday.  These are the days I have taught/are teaching this week.  Hence why the blog post is coming out … Continue reading

Bootcamp Beats Volume 3

JOEL! Is back! Make sure to listen to the new Rusko song below – loving it. Enjoy, you guys! – ALB Hey everybody, it’s been a while since I last posted, but I’m back this week for another banging bootcamp playlist. What a crazy couple of weeks it has been! Finally finished my move to … Continue reading

Dance Yrself Clean

Spotify Thank you guys so much already for your input on the Charity Ride.  I still have over a week until that race, so keep the comments flowing! Also.. Valentine’s Day? Ain’t got nothin‘ on me this year. It was fabulous. Have you guys heard of Shakti Active Wear? My super awesome Aunt Louise sells … Continue reading

Charity Spin Ride

Happy almost Tuesday!  I finally came out of my winter hibernation for an Umphrey’s McGee concert, snowboarding on REAL SNOW in New Hampshire, followed by a Soja concert for my friend Mark’s birthday Saturday evening.  Super fun weekend, but I was a little tired until getting on the bike Sunday morning to teach.  It’s amazing … Continue reading

Up Up Up

Spotify I’m a little in love with this playlist here. I’m short on time so I’m only going to link new tunes I haven’t posted before. 1. Daft Punk, One More Time (3:56): If you start off a class with Daft Punk, you just can’t go wrong. 2. The Blues Brothers, Gimme Some Lovin’ (3:08): … Continue reading