So, a few things.

Firstly, as you may have noticed, I did not post the iTunes or Spotify playlist this week in this post.  I think I have officially decided to say F to iTunes, seeing as how frustrating it is when the past oh, 15 out of 10 (yes. i know) playlists have just not published. It’s a waste of my precious time, where I could be catching up on an episode of Weeds or eating a cookie instead.

Secondly, I hear my local sports team is in the Superbowl. That is neat! While I will be indulging in “game food” and pretending to care and watch said game, I will also be rooting for my favorite starting lineup in the Puppy Bowl.  I like this guy because he’s got a really good taste in music. Also, this gal, because I have a feeling that if she could peddle, she’d come to my spin class.

That being said, I have created a Superbowl Playlist.  Qualifications to make this playlist included songs that you’d hear at a football game, or hear while watching a football game, songs that have been performed at previous halftime performances (but not the actual performances because they all sound like crap – except for one that I use below), or Boston-related tunes.  I haven’t taught this playlist yet, so the teaching notes are kind of poor this week.  But, I wanted to post it with ample time in case anyone wants some Puppybowl (I think they play a similar playlist) songs. Also, I will be using this playlist for an hour long class, a 50 minute long class, a class that does jumps, and a class that doesn’t do jumps. So don’t pay much attention to my notes. I just re-read what I’ve written already and I’ve already confused myself.

Thirdly, the reason I am so spaced out right now is because I just got back from our nation’s capital (Washington, D.C., for those who may be in a similar state as me right now) where we celebrated Meggie’s 25th birthday at a brunch place called “La Boum.”  Any D.C. readers out there? Have you heard of/been to La Boum?

I will leave you with a few hints about La Boum.  It’s a party brunch from 2-5:30.  They give you free shots.  There is a disco ball and DJ.  There is a go-go dancing block.  There is a burlesque dancer, although I’d rather call her a stripper, named Candi (or maybe it’s Kandi – strippers love doing that stuff to their names).  They bring out bottles of champagne with sparklers inside the bottles.  They make you take off clothing when you dance on the go-go block.  They make you dance on your chair.  It is the MOST fun you will ever have, at brunch, and in life.  Here is proof:

Here is the owner, standing on the bar with a champage-flame bottle. No alcoholics were hurt during this brunch. The shirtless DJ is in the left hand-most corner of this photo. He definitely reads this blog.

So, friends, I am exhausted, which is another reason I have not posted the Spotify playlist yet. Will get on it sometime this week when I’m alive.

1. NFL On Fox Theme Song (1:22):  Stretching, warming up.  

2. Hank Williams Jr., Are You Ready for Some Football (2:18): Moat likely still stretching and warming up until close to the end of this tune.

3. Guns ‘N Roses, Welcome to the Jungle (4:34):  There’s a ton of parts in this song where you can count for 10 seconds and do little increases in speed… I haven’t gotten them down pat, but if you listen to it a few times, you can kind of decide for yourself on where you can do the 10 count increases.  This song just screams sports games. And Natick High School wrestling match warmups.

4. Superbowl Shuffle, Chicago Bears (6:04): This song cracks me up.  I haven’t heard of it until recently when I was looking for a superbowl list of tunes.  Apparently da Bears decided to record their own song back in like, ’85? Before I was born? Sports teams were obviously way cooler back then. Sorry for the crappy song quality, but iTunes has a good version you can download for a the cost of just 1 thing off the dollar menu at McDonalds.  Climb.

5. Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell, Ain’t No Mountain High Enough (2:27):  30 second sprints during the choruses.  This song was performed by Diana Ross way back when during halftime in the 90’s.  

6. Janet Jackson, Rhythm Nation (5:31):  Can’t have a superbowl playlist without some Janet “the wardrobe malfunction” Jackson.  After a minute or so, the chorus kicks in, and you can do a 30-40 second increase in speed. There is a few of them throughout the song.  I am going to use it for a fast flat with increases during the chorus.

7. Paul McCartney, Live and Let Die (3:13): Climb, and back to increases during the fast parts.

8. The Blues Brothers, Gimme Some Lovin’ (3:08):  How cool are the Blues Brothers? They performed back in the 1990’s during half time. This is also my new favorite song.  

9. Black Eyed Peas, Pump It (3:37):  Definitely high resistance and sprints during the chorus.  Classic tune.

10. Bruce Springstein, Glory Days (4:08):  Not the biggest Bruce fans, but here you go. Climb.

11. Michael Jackson, Bille Jean (4:55): Still climbing.

12. Aerosmith, JT, Britney, Nelly, Walk This Way (3:06): Still climbing.  This is the only song where I am using audio from the actual performance, because the quality is such doodie.  This one is fun though. Jumps on a hill perhaps?

13. U2, Where The Streets Have No Name (4:38):  I think we are going to get flatter, and then build up to a hill again for this one.

14. Dropkick Murphys, Shipping Up To Boston (2:34):  I can’t have a Superbowl playlist for a Boston sports team without having this song in it.  Definitely sprints.

15. Captain Q.B. and the Big Boys, San Diego Super Chargers (4:22): This song is silly. It’s like a disco song about a football team. This song for my 50 minute spin class will be the cooldown, but for my hour long class, this will likely be the last song and I haven’t quite decided what to do for it yet.. Jumps on a hill maybe. I’m tired.

16. The Rolling Stones, I Can’t Get No Satisfaction (3:46): Cooldown (even though it’s fast, this playlist needs to be 100% on the pump-up scale).

Go Patriots. Beat other team.


11 thoughts on “SUPERBOWL SHUFFLE!

  1. I have been “spying” on your spin blog now for awhile…I LOVE it! I get so many great ideas from it for my own classes and your music is awesome. I live in Mississippi (husband is military)– we just moved from the DC area so your music keeps me “in touch” with what’s current. We get alot of country and gospel music down in “these here parts”. Thanks so much!

    • Tracy! You are SO sweet!!! I am so so so glad that you find it helpful for your classes. Mmmm, gospel music! I feel like that might sound pretty cool with the right remix.. 🙂 Thanks for your kind words, and thank you for reading!

  2. Loved your Superbowl ride ideas. Thanks for sharing them. I borrowed a neighbor kids Giants uniform, blacked under my eyes, added my ideas to yours and…BOOM! Super awesome Super Bowl ride 2012! Great teamwork Sister. Hit me up if you want to check it out in your spare time.

    • JENNIFER! Of course I want to see it. Throw it in the comments section on this page and other readers will see it too! I love that you did the jersey + black paint. I thought about it, but I feel like I’m not there yet with this crowd, although we did have a ton of fun. I’m glad you found it helpful for your ride – I can’t wait to see what else you threw in there! Devestating loss. Wait, I actually don’t care, except that everyone around me in Boston is miserable. womp womp.

  3. 2012 SUPERBOWL SPEEDPLAY 1 hour-ish

    *For these I used a mixing software to speed up, slow down, and cut the music in and out appropriately.

    Pregame The Great Adventure- Steven Curtis Chapman

    Warmup Fox Football Sports Theme

    Are You Ready for Some Football- Hank Jr. Add a little gear for this one, finish the warmup.

    Qualify AT Welcome to the Jungle G&R *Gradually speed up cadence 3x using resistance to get to AT.

    Game Time Ghost Riders in the Sky- Johnny Cash SB 1987 Spin out and get back to Z2. Performed by Up With People but I like the Man in Black’s version best. My ride, my way.

    Gimme Some Lovin’- Blues Bros SB 1997 *Cadence fast to Z3, slower to Z2, fast Z3. Obviously short a Belushi (RIP John) by 1997 so James Belushi was added along with John Goodman to round out the lineup for this performance.

    Heartache Tonight- Eagles *Slow Z2, fast Z3, slow Z2.

    Live and Let Die- Paul McCartney Add some gear and follow the music speed up and slow when appropriate. Z3 and Z4.

    Billie Jean (Daft Punk Remix)- MJ SB 1993 *Trimmed it down to 5:30. Go fast all the way. Z3 to Z4 repeat using gear to control HR, BREATHE PEOPLE!

    Ain’t No Mountain High Enough- Diana Ross SB 1996 *Used only the last minute or so of this song to recover to Z2. Aaaaahhh…

    Walk This Way ft Aerosmith, Britney, Nelly… SB 2001 Such a fun performance! Nobody rocks a football uniform like Britney, except maybe me 😉 Keep the beat with your cadence. Every time they tell ya to, “Walk this way…” Get up and attack, hold onto those handlebars here, sit in between. I think there are 3. Z3, AT, Z4

    Rhythm Nation- Janet Jackson SB 2004 Same as above except go on the, “People of the world unite…”. Z3, AT, Z4 Stay down if you need, it’s about to get ugly.

    Bawitdaba- Kid Rock SB 2004 This is about the time America sent their kids out of the room. Good thinking. 4ish minutes of supa speed, cadence matches the beat. Go as long as you can until you have to take a short break, then pick up the pack and go again. It’s FAST! Z3, AT, Z4.

    Rock Your Body- Justin Timberlake SB 2004 , *and HERE is when everyone let their kids back in to see J.T. Should have kept them out for another 4 and a half minutes. MY EYES! Ruined the half time show for years. Thanks Justin and Janet. Spin it out. Speed up a little in the middle for a change then back to regular bpm until the end. Z2 and Z3. Please, no wardrobe malfunctions-NO EXCEPTIONS!

    Give Me All Your Love- Madonna She’s supposed to be performing this at SB 2012. It’s also not supposed to be out yet. Good luck finding it or just sub another peppy Material Girl jam. Same as above. Don’t go over Z3. Maybe touch AT but get back in time to recover for the next one. Do it 3X.

    Pump It- Black Eyed Peas Impossible not to be pumped for this one. Going home song, what are you waiting for?! All out Z4 as much as you can.

    Superbowl Shuffle- Da Bears SB 1985 They put this together right before they won said Super Bowl. You are all winners after this ride. Cool it down, stretch for a few minutes and hit the showers.

    Good game, guys.

    • THIS ROCKS! Thank you Jennifer!!!!!! What program do you use to mix? I’ve always wanted to figure that out.. you’re too funny, you would be a successful blogger by the looks of it if you ask me! 🙂

  4. I use Mixmeister Fusion because it is supa easy to use. I save the ride in MM and plug in my net book to the stereo. I can also watch the music go up or down with this program so I’m not jocking the seconds for every move. Saves me a ton of time writing. If it’s a high stakes ride I may save it to the Droid as a backup just in case. I like to live on the edge (or I’m just lazy) so I usually don’t tho. I would love to have a blog someday but I think you have it on lockdown represent-in’ us high class fun and fine spin stars. Keep up the good work.

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