Bootcamp Beats Volume 2

Another special post for you guys today from Joel, who wrote a banger playlist a few weeks ago for us.  I dig his style so much, and I can not wait to take one of his classes! I’ll make sure he makes the class extra wompy for when I come visit.  Also, I had mentioned in his first post that I would try to put the soundcloud links in to his songs when I had a minute – they are in now, so make sure to check back and take a listen.  Joel – you are the coolest. Thank You. Love, everyone.

Hey everybody, since Amanda approved and enjoyed my first playlist again, I have returned with yet another batch of songs to get you through your workout! This one has a theme behind it, and I’ll explain why.

So I had to go into work this past Saturday, and for those in the Boston area, know that we got our first real significant snowfall of the year. It started coming down around 7 am, and I was a bit pessimistic about the turnout at the gym that day. I began to get a little bummed out because I had a kickboxing class and a bootcamp class to teach that afternoon. However, much to my surprise, the gym was PACKED! Both the diehards and the resolutioners filled up the gym all day, and I couldn’t have been happier.

Anyways, after my bootcamp class, this adorable, tiny girl came up to me and thanked me for the awesome workout, and told me she needed a change of pace because she is training for a marathon. Naturally, I asked her about the music selection in the class (which was very heavy on house and dubstep), and she told me that it was fine, but that she usually listens to gangsta rap! That was FOR SURE the last thing I expected this petite little girl to say. So to get her hyped for next class, I made a hip-hop heavy playlist for this week’s blog. I wouldn’t recommend this playlist for a class full of middle-aged or older women, this one if definitely for those who don’t mind foul language.


  1. Frank Ocean – Swim Good (4:17): I absolutely LOVE Frank Ocean, his EP Nostalgia Ultra was one of my favorite top to bottom albums this year. Downtempo song for intro’s and warmup/stretch.
  2. Lupe Fiasco – Double Burger With Cheese (4:52): From another one of my favorite albums from 2011, Friend of the People. Go check it out if you like a fusion of rap and house music. 


  1. Eminem feat. Pink – Won’t Back Down (4:27): Definitely not too crazy about either Eminem or Pink, but there’s something about this song that just gets me absolutely pumped. I always know I’ve found a great workout song if I find myself pumping out a few extra reps every time I listen to it. This is one of those songs. 
  2. Jay-Z & Kanye West feat. Frank Ocean – No Church In The Wild (4:32): Somebody should really start a YouTube channel or a Tumblr of Denzel Washington movie trailers set to songs from Watch The Throne. I can’t wait to watch his new movie in a Cardio Theatre. 
  3. Flo Rida feat. Sia – Wild Ones (3:53): Kind of cheating here, this song is a little more dance-y than hip-hop, but I can’t help myself. Really good for dumbbell jump ropes, mountain climbers, and jumping split squats. 
  4. Mac Miller – Knock Knock (3:23): Wrapping up the cardio portion of the bootcamp. Did I mention that I love burpees? 

Weight Training

  1. Childish Gambino – Freaks and Geeks (3:37): Childish Gambino, aka Donald Glover, is probably my favorite current rapper. His wordplay and rhymes are so stylish, cool and smart. This is the first song I heard from him, and I haven’t stopped listening to him since. 
  2. Tinie Tempah – Simply Unstoppable (3:33): The beat on this song is perfect for exercises that require a few steps. For example, one of my favorites for a bootcamp is, with light dumbbells, doing a squat, clean, and press. Tiring, but a great full body exercise.
  3. B.O.B. feat. Lil’ Wayne – Strange Clouds (3:56): Another one of those songs that gets me to bust out a couple more reps when I’m working out. Love the heavy bass on this one. 
  4. Akon feat. Rick Ross – Give It To ‘Em (5:06): I love that this song goes fast, then quiet, which is perfect for when I switch exercises and explain what we are doing next. 

Cardio + Weights

  1. Chiddy Bang – Truth (2:54): Very light weights/body bars, and some steps and risers, are a great recipe to get your heart rate into that fat burning zone. 
  2. Kid Cudi feat. MGMT and Ratatat – Pursuit of Happiness (Steve Aoki Remix)(6:14): Again, cheating a little bit with this house remix, but this version is far superior to the original. Perfect for compound movement exercises. 
  3. Jay-Z – U Don’t Know (3:19): This song is a CLASSIC gym banger. Just listen to that beat! 
  4. Kanye West – Hell of a Life (5:28): Like I said, this playlist is definitely for mature audiences. Not sure what the old ladies’ reactions would be to this song. 

Cool Down

  1. Kid Cudi – Soundtrack 2 My Life (3:55): Another one of my favorite current rappers. Definitely the king of downtempo rap right now. 
  2. DJ Fergie Ferg – Nightfire (5:03): This is a mashup of Childish Gambino’s Firefly and the 80’s sounding theme song to the movie Drive, Nightcall by Kavinsky. Both of these songs are straight fire flames, and the mashup is even better. Perfect for a cool down/post workout stretch. 

Thanks for reading!

(okay, how awesome is he?) 


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