Nocturnal, Peaches, and Psycho Killer

iTunes (Nocturnal) (OMG IT WORKED!)

Spotify (Nocturnal)

iTunes (Peaches) (Yet 5 minutes later this playlist did not work…)

Spotify (Peaches)

iTunes (Psycho Killer)  (Same with this.)

Spotify (Psycho Killer)

^iTunes Ping really, really annoys me. I am thinking of ONLY posting SPOTIFY playlists from now on. Is there ANY READER on here that would be offended by this? PLEASE tell me, because I have no idea otherwise. I would hate to take it away if you guys love it, but half of the time I publish and they don’t work.  LET ME KNOW! Thanks.

I guess there was a football game today, but I napped through it, and make cookies instead. Since I teach on Sundays though, I’m looking forward to teaching on Super Bowl Sunday! I will have to think of a fun playlist for that theme.

So, I have 3 playlists for you today.  One is from this past Saturday where I did my first sub class at Beacon Hill Athletic Clubs.  The club was in Newton, MA, which is right outside Boston but there are still quite a few apartments and young folk in the area.  I made a kick-ass playlist filled with Rihanna, Skrillex, Swedish House Mafia, and tons of other fun pump up songs.  I got to the gym, asked the cute guy at the front desk what the Saturday morning 9 a.m. crowd was like, and he explained that it’s middle aged folk who are VERY particular about their music.  They are strictly classic rock.  I am so happy I talked to him beforehand because I had the complete opposite from classic rock lined up.  Talk about adapataion – I made a new playlist on the spot with all of my classic rock songs on my iPhone.  I was a hit, is all I will say.  Have you ever had to adapt like that RIGHT before class? I told them what the boy at the front desk said and they got a kick out of it, and appreciated that I changed my playlist around for them.

The first one is from the class I’ll teach this week, the second one is from Spynergy’s class today, and the third one is from the sub class – classic rock galore.  I’m not going to post soundcloud jams to the classic rock playlist. One note for the second playlist listed – we started with 1 song warmup, and then we climbed to two songs and then had a flat – repeat 3 more times, then a cool down. Seriously fun times.


1. Carolina Liar, I’m Not Over (3:24): Warmup! Thanks to Jules for this suggestion! 

2. The Hood Internet, Chromeo v. Rihanna, Don’t Stop The Fancy Footwork (2:14):  I love this mashup by the Hood Internet. It’s got Chromeo, Rihanna, and some Michael Jackson mixed in. Secondary warmup with resistance. 

3. The Rapture, How Deep Is Your Love? (6:26): As I mentioned last week, obsessed with this song, had to use it at the other gym for this week! Climb. 

4. Robyn, Call Your Girlfriend (3:47): Jumps with resistance. 

5. The M Machine, Promise Me a Rose Garden (5:32): I still love this one so much, especially for rolling hills. 

6. Lady Gaga, Hair (5:08): Hey Gaga. Jumps. 

7. Dougie Dubstep, (Bassnectar v. CSD) (4:05):  I posted this remix a long time ago, but I edited out the 10000 swears myself. It sounded annoying with how many times it went silent because of the swears.  I happened to come across this version which is CLEAN! on youtube. Check it out, it’s super fun. Even BETH likes it – the queen of Beiber. Heavy resistance. 

8. Chromeo, Night by Night (Robots with Rayguns Remix) (4:38):  I’ve used the regular version of this song before but I love this remix.  Resistance and some sprints. 

9. Big Gigantic, Nocturnal (5:01):  This is off Big G’s new album called “Nocturnal”, and I love it.  Their new album is fabulous, and it does sound a lot like their older stuff but I am still super into it.  They are coming to Boston soon and I can not WAIT for that show.  It’s slow for the first 3 minutes or so and then speeds up like crazy. 

10. Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears, Booty City (2:41): Fast flat. 

11. Jennifer Lopez, Papi (3:40): Jumps. 

12. Jane’s Addiction, Jane Says (4:46): Slow, heavy resistance. 

13. Journey & Guetta, Journey Without You (3LAU and Acetronik Mashup) (4:44): This mashups interesting. I’m okay with it but I don’t love it.  Sprints to end the class when the beat drops. 

14. Blind Melon, Change (3:42): Their most underrated song.  Check it out, great for a cooldown. 


1. Shakira, She Wolf (3:10): Warmup! 

2. Spoon, The Way We Get By (2:40): Heard this one while watching Shameless on Showtime recently and had to download it.  First song to climb to, small pace pickups during the fast parts – only 10 or 12 seconds, and one longer one to end the song.  

3. The Heavy ft. the Dap Kings Horns, How You Like Me Now (3:38): Obsessed with this song. Saw them open for Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings.  Same thing as the song above, some quick pace pickups, and one 40 second pickup to end the song. End of hill #1. 

4. Pitbull, Bon Bon (3:36): Fast flat.  I don’t speak Spanish. I have no idea what this song is about. 

5. Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, Paris (Ooo La La) (3:16): Beginning of hill #2. Get comfortable with resistance, we’ll be here for a little while. 

6. R.E.M., Shiny Happy People (3:46): Towards the last minute or so of the song there is a long pickup that we sped up for. End of climb #2. 

7. The Infamous Stringdusters, Black Rock (3:32): I saw these guys back in October and loved that concert so much.  I used this song for a cool down.  Straight bluegrass instrumental, doing a fast flat, with a few pickups (you can kind of pick and chose since they come and go so often in the song) but there is one 30 second fast part to end it.  They are also coming back to Boston soon. I will be there for sure.

8. LCD Soundsystem, Someone Great (6:26): Climb #3. 

9. The Naked and Famous, Young Blood (3:32): Love this song. Endurance climb in this 3rd loop.  No real pickups or intervals, just steady climbing for 10 minutes (total). 

10. Dev ft. Fabulous, Kiss My Lips (DJ Kue Remix) (4:42): Flat! 1:00 – 1:30, 2:00 – 2:30, 3:00 – 4:00 sprints with light – moderate resistance. 

11. Muse, Starlight (4:00): Start of last climb. 

12. The Black Keys, Gold On the Ceiling (3:44): Great new tune off their new album, El Camino.  End of last climb. 

13. Presidents of the United States of America, Peaches (2:53): Love this tune – brings me back to middle school. Sprints to end with moderate resistance when the beat picks up! 

14. Sia, Breathe Me (4:35): Favorite cooldown song of all time. Yes. 

Psycho Killer:

1. Annie Lenox, Walking on Broken Glass – warmup.

2. Van Morrison, Wild Night – warmed up, quick pace.

3. Rob Thomas and Carlos Santa, Smooth – pickups during the chorus.

4. Bob Segar, Hollywood Nights – heavy resistance, try to stay ahead of the beat during the chorus.

5. R.E.M., Shiny Happy People – heavy.

6. David Bowie and Queen, Under Pressure – jumps on your own with heavy resistance.

7.Grateful Dead, Shakedown Street – moderate resistance, feel the beat for this song.

8. Jane’s Addiction, Jane Says – on your own, suggest heavy resistance.

9. The Rolling Stones, Gimme Shelter – starting the climb.

10. Led Zeppelin, When the Levee Breaks – super heavy climb.

11. The Talking Heads, Pyscho Killer – jumps with resistance.

12. The Who, Who Are You – fast flat.

13. Hall and Oates, Rich Girl – cooldown.


2 thoughts on “Nocturnal, Peaches, and Psycho Killer

  1. Using Black Keys’ song next week too!
    Love your rock mix. Might use it sometimes.
    I change my playlist every time I sub! Always ends up with a different crowd than told or than previously saw (especially early mornings or late evenings!).
    Last one: planned a sooooo-girly mix and ended up woth mostly guys (cycling dudes) in the class. Switch to Muse, Audioslave, Rolling Stones and Foo Fighters among others! 🙂

    • Loving the new black keys album! Glad you like the last minute rock list – that’s really funny about the wicked girly playlist and having to change for the bro’s in the class. If only they knew, oh the things we do for men. 🙂

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