Booty City!

iTunes (mehhh not tonight… sorry, I’m tired!)


I hope you all took some action today in being apart of the SOPA + PIPA protests online today.  I figured out how to blackout my site (thank you WordPress!) without completely and utterly ruining my life’s work here on this blog.

In more important news (so self-centered) I also, if you haven’t noticed yet, did a little theme change-up on this piece.  I would love any feedback you may have – I think it’s a little easier to read, and it feels more organized.  I tried not to stray too far from the theme that I previously had so it was still easy to maneuver around.  I like that each post is shortened on the homepage, so that you don’t have to scroll for days to find older posts.  Let me know what you think, and a huge, HUGE Cheers to my best friend Brandon who has been working on a logo for my blog.  He gave me a bunch of different types of logos (all belonging to the same family though) to use for different things, so expect some new things to pop up once I have them organized on my computer.  I have already uploaded the banner, which you should be able to see at the top of the page.  He is the greatest, isn’t he?

I only taught one real class this week – had something come up for another class, but, exciting news, I survived my first audition! I am now on the sub list for the Beacon Hill Athletic Clubs around Boston, which I am psyched about since two are super close to my apartment.  The audition was about a half hour long with just me and the group fitness director, and it felt super quick and painless.  One might even say I had fun.

Question for you: Is there a device that I can buy that will tell me my RPM’s for any bike I put it on? I’d also like something to give me total distance.  Does anyone have any suggestions? I haven’t done much research for this, but what I have found is that some of these devices need to be drilled into a bike.  Not going to happen. I am a wiz with tools since my full time job requires manual labor at times (it’s tough being an environmental scientist, okay?), but I do not own the instructor bikes, and I’m pretty sure the owners of the studios would not appreciate that.

Now, onto the tunes:

1. Ben Lee, Catch My Disease (4:14): Warmup. 

2. Black Joe Lewis and The Honeybears, Booty City (2:41): Fast flat.  This song is full of soul and makes you want to dance. Be prepared. 

3. Cascada, What Hurts the Most (3:42): Sprints during the chorus, there is about 3 sets of 30 seconds of sprints, methinks. 

4. Pheonix, 1901 (3:19): Just a few 20 second pickups with moderate resistance on during the chorus.  

5. The Rapture, How Deep Is Your Love (6:26): Thanks to Jimmy for this song – he sent it to me on Spotify, and I am embarrased at how addicted to it I became. It reminds me a lot of LCD Soundsystem, and I really liked it for it’s length, and the constant steady beat of the song for a climb. 

6. DJ Earworm, United States of Pop 2011 (4:41): This is quite an interesting mashup.  It’s sort of similar to the one I posted a few weeks ago, whereas it’s mostly the most-overplayed songs of 2011 all smashed up into one song.  We did a 15 second sprint at 45-1:00, a 45 second sprint at 1:30-2:15, a 30 second sprint at 2:30-3:00, and then one final 1 minute push from 3:24-4:26. 

7. Of Monsters and Men, Little Talks (4:27): This is a really cute song. It reminds me a little of The XX, where it’s a male and female duo.  We did little pace pickups during the chorus when it gets fast. 

8. Avicii, Levels (3:22): We did a Sprint in the FULL sense of the word “sprint” in spinning. We found our “10”, and did 30 seconds all out from 53-1:16, and then recovered the rest of the song. Spent!  

9. The Talking Heads, Psycho Killer (4:21): Heavy, steady to the beat, and switching the positions during “psycho killer – que’s que ce… fa fa fa fa” etc. (pardon my french), have fun with this one! 

10. Jane’s Addiction, Jane Says (4:46): I used this as a “this is YOUR song” song, suggesting that they go pretty heavy with resistance and just find a nice 4.5 minute climb in their own zone.  

11. Nelly Furtado, Say It Right (3:45): Keep up with a climb.  

12. Smashing Pumpkins, Tonight, Tonight (4:21): There are a few little fast parts in this song where we picked up the pace, but then at around 2:45 until 3:50 it gets pretty fast, so we picked up the pace with moderate-heavy resistance for 65 seconds.  

13. The Killers, Read My Mind (4:07): A few perfectly executed 30 second sprints during the chorus. Don’t you love when song chorus’ are always ending in a 0 or 5!? It totally helps you remember.  

14. Aimee Mann, The Scientist (Live) (4:20): Beautiful Aimee Mann cover of Coldplay’s “The Scientist” to end the class. Mr. Foley, I totally thought you sent this to my Spotify and I wanted to give you credit for it but now that I look at my inbox I don’t see it. This is what it’s like to get old, I suppose. 

Audition Playlist (about 34 minutes long total) (Not posting the songs since I’ve used them all before):

DJ Vitamin, No Love For The Hard Times (Gramatik Remix) (3:30): Warmup.

Outkast v. Deadmau5, Ghosts Over Baghdad (3:40): A few 15 second pickups to warm up, you can hit it right usually on the 00, 15, 30 and 45’s however you want to. Or make the pickups 30-45 seconds long, play around with it!

Pretty Lights, Jay Z Empire State of Mind Remix (4:37): Love this song – jumps on a serious hill during the chorus on a slow 8 count.

Big Gigantic, High and Rising (5:52): Another favorite. Stay on that hill for 2.5 minutes, until you hit 2:35 or so where the music starts to speed up. Take a little resistance off as the song gets faster until the end. By the end, you’ll be hauling ass on a flat road.

Matchbox 20, How Far We’ve Come (3:31): Great song for sprints during the chorus – a few 23 second sprints, and one 50 second sprint to end. You’ll hear it.

Rusko, Hold On (ft. Amber Coffman) (4:35): Rolling hills, I love the subtle wobbly bass lines in this song and Amber’s beautiful voice.

Adele, Cold Shoulder (Basement Jaxx Remix) (2:53): A few 15 second pickups and a 30 second pickup.

Michal Menert, Tomorrow May Never Come (5:38): Cool down!


4 thoughts on “Booty City!

  1. Rapture! I like the new layout as well – since you added all these soundclouds the page was taking a while to load it loads much smoother like this. Nice to see Spotify had almost all your songs this time on the playlist. There was only one missing, but your song order is different in one area at the end just to let ya know. Thanks for posting – now if only I could get my spin instructors to learn about Spotify.

    • Thank you! I heard from a friend that his browser was freezing everytime he opened the old page. I figured it was due to soundcloud, so I am glad that this new layout helps that. I know, I wish Spotify had all of my songs for you guys – they have a great library but if I have a weird remix it’s hard to find on there. Thanks for the heads up about song order! Sometimes I do those things so quickly that I don’t double check them. I listened to the song you sent by the Givers, and I love it!! Keep on sending me tunes, I love your style! Thanks for reading Jimmy, have a great weekend!

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