Derezzed & Roustabout

iTunes (Derezzed)  (So I’ve been blogging for like, an hour and a half, and I need to make a playlist for intro, so I’m going to put the links on hold until I have some time to deal with the annoyances of iTunes since it takes an extra 20 minutes). Bear with me

Spotify (Derezzed)

iTunes (Roustabout)

Spotify (Roustabout)

Firstly, there is no way in hell my grandparents will ever read this blog post, or even know what a blog is, or how to turn on a computer, or a cell phone, or a jitterbug (not to be confuse with bed bugs), but I have to give them a little “shoutout” because they just celebrated their 63rd wedding anniversay today. 63 years! That is like, storybook amazing. They are actually my two most favorite people to hang out with, other than my niece and nephew, and they are still so in love with eachother even at (and above) age 90.  I can only hope my first ex husband will love me for 3 years, let alone 63.  So, here’s to you, Nina and Grandpa!

I have to say, I am LOVING the New Year’s Resolutioner’s at the gym this year.  Normally, I am cursing and grumbling at them (don’t even get me started), but since the new year, the spin classes have been the most full I’ve taught so far for each class. And THAT.. Psyches.. me.. UP! There is such a different energy when the class is close to capacity.  I love being on the other end of this resolution shmesolution stuff for once.

However, the winter schedule is taking effect at the gym I teach 2x a week at, and I will only be teaching Tuesdays there now.  But, we are getting new bikes at BOTH places I teach at, and I can’t wait to see them. I am secretly (outwardly and loudly) praying for little RPM computers on them.  I think it would make such a difference for classes to be able to gauge real time RPM’s consistently.


1. Michael Jackson, Wanna Be Startin’ Something (Immortal Megamix) (3:08): Just warming up on this one.  

2. Tom Petty, American Girl (3:33):  Keeping the resistance light for a flat road, but keeping just faster than natural pace.  

3. Justin Timberlake, Like I Love You (4:44): Throwing up that resistance!

4. Mumford and Sons, The Cave (3:38): Sprints during the chorus and super fast parts!

5. LCD Soundsystem, All My Friends (7:42):  Love this one for a climb – try to keep up with that pace while the resistance gets tighter.

6. Paul Simon, Me and Julio Down By the School Yard (2:43):  Oooh I love this one.  It’s fun, and he whistles! Whistling! In a SONG! Riding out that last hill, fast flat, keeping just above the natural pace.  

7. Black Eyed Peas, Dirty Bit (The Time) (5:08):  I just realized this song is PERFECT for intervals. Right at the 1:00 mark, you can do a 20 second sprint – 10 second recover, repeat, and then take another 35 or so seconds off until the next drop.  Then, you do 4 more of these 20 second sprints with 10 second recovery.  It literally works almost perfectly for the song.  So, in all, you get 6×20 second sprints with 6×10 recovery (not including the longer recovery after the first 2).  Here is a little explanation of the Tabata Protocol, which I tried to follow, but obviously since we had an hour on the spin bike, I said to specifically NOT burn themselves out.  Keep the resistance moderate for each 20 second sprint.  I made a joke at the end of class about intervals and how you can “increase your VO2Max, as if anyone really knows what that means, but it’s good for you”, and of course, a guy who tests people’s VO2Max for a living came up and told me what it meant. I mean, I know what it means, I just felt like making a joke since your average non-athlete might not know what it mean. I bet he left thinking I was a total dummy, I guess I’ll stop trying to be funny in class. And in life.  

8. Beats Antique, Beauty Beats (3:44): Back to a climb here. Love this tune.  

9. Beck, E-Pro (3:22):  Another PERFECT song for sprints – how did I miss that all this time! Song begins, rest for 40 seconds, sprint for 20, rest for 20, sprint for 20, rest for 20, sprint for 40, rest for 20, sprint for 20 and the songs over. So, that’s… 3×20 sprints, 3×20 rest, and 1×40 sprint with 1×20 rest.

10. Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In) (3:02):  Have you heard of this group? I have had the absolute pleasure of seeing this group live a few times, and man, this is a FUN concert.  Sharon Jones is in her mid 50’s, and she can WAIL on those pipes.  She used to be a prison guard in NYC, and then her voice was finally heard and she joined up with the Dap Kings, who might be the coolest people of all time.  The Dap Kings have been backup bands for other artists such as Amy Winehouse, and have been gaining a lot of momentum since teaming up with SJ.  They put on a concert that makes you want to dance, sing, and do the chicken, all at once.  The Dap Kings come out in full suits with their instruments (mostly brass horns and such), and then they introduce SJ and she’s in a fabulous sparkly outfit.  It truly feels like soultrain.  Here’s a clip of them at the Newport Folk Festival in 2010 (I was there!) (can you tell I LOVE them so much!?) 

11. The Rolling Stones, Sympathy for the Devil (6:28):  Heavy climb.  

12. Daft Punk, Derezzed (1:44): Quick, fast flat. I think this is from Tron: the Legacy. Or something. I don’t like movies.  

13. Matchbox 20, Look How Far We’ve Come (3:31):  Last interval set here.  Rest for 45 seconds, sprint 23, rest 23, sprint 23, rest 23, sprint 50, and ya DONE! This ones really fun.  

14. Adele, Set Fire to the Rain (4:02):  Gorgeous song by Adele. As if any of her songs aren’t gorgeous though. Cool down!


1. Gramatik, Night Hawk (4:32): Mmm, my man. Warmup!

2. David Guetta, Nothing Really Matters (ft. Will.I.Am) (3:40):  Long sprints to warmup here, light to moderate resistance just getting the heart rate up – I believe the sprints were when the beat kicks in, somewhere around 30-40 seconds long.

3. Beck, E-Pro (3:22): Same drill as above!

4. Lotus, Spiritualize (9:15):  I have a feeling everyone hated me for this 9 minute climb. But OH was it fantastic.  I love these guys, Lotus.  They’re an electronic but jammy kind of group, who I have an absolute BLAST with late-night at AllGood 2010 (don’t get me wrong: we didn’t hang out, I had a blast at their set).  I like this one because the beat stays the same for 9 minutes.  I think that helps stay focused on pace even for a heavy climb.

5. Gym Class Heroes, 1st Period: The Queen and I (3:15): Jumps, and when the chorus hits, freeze the jumps and throw in some sprints at about 70% resistance. 

6. Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In) (3:02): Same drill as above, and the link is above as well.

7. Rihanna, Drunk On Love (3:32):  This one is awesome. Great for a heavy climb.  It’s Rihanna’s gorgeous vocals over The XX’s “Islands” (this is off the top of my head, the name of the song might be incorrect, but it’s totally recognizable from the radio), and we climb.  

8. Beats Antique, Roustabout (Bassnectar Remix) (3:06):  This ones awesome too – keep the resistance heavy, and let’s hit jumps on a hill.  On our own.  This one’s a bit of a fusion of heavy bass lines, mixed with carnival music.  Awesome.  

9. Blind Melon, No Rain (3:37): Fast flat! Quick pace. Such a shame the lead singer of this group died. Have you heard “Change” by them? I’ll probably use it for cooldown soon. 

10. Swedish House Mafia, Save The World (3:28):  Ok, I got some sketchy remix, but can’t find it on soundcloud so I posted a different version of it. Sorry.  The version we had though, we did 1 minute sprints from 1-2 minutes and then a short recovery and again at 2:15-3 sprint.  

11. Pretty Lights, Finally Moving Remix (7:52):  Mmmm, love.  Climb. Again, they probably hated me for this one.  

12. Lykke Li, Get Some (3:23):  I love Lykke Li.  Girl crush. Jumps on our own.This song is about a prostitute. Appropriate? I think so.

13. Matchbox 20, How Far We’ve Come (3:31):  Same drill as above.

14. Michal Menert, Waveshift (4:48):  Mmm, cooldown. Love Michal so much.

I am about to make my last Intro to Spin playlist tonight  (it’s turning into a normal class next week), and I promise it won’t be anything too revolutionary so I am not going to post it. Thanks for reading, come back soon!


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