Waters of Nazareth & Beauty Beats

iTunes (Waters of Nazareth) (Can’t post this link for some reason. iTunes, when will you step it up?)

Spotify (Waters of Nazareth)

iTunes (Beauty Beats)

Spotify (Beauty Beats)

I hope everyone had the best new years eve! I sure did! This whole weekend was such a blast. Cousin got married, drove into the mountains of NY state and was cooped up with 20 friends from college that I haven’t seen in a while.  I’m literally obsessedwith all of them and I wish we all lived in the same stupid dorm again.  Not exactly the best riding conditions, but hey, apparently you can’t even ski in Utah right now.

When we weren't skiing on fake snow or playing apples to apples, we were attempting to take group pictures with the auto timer. Success! A hilarious success. What a motley, beautiful crew. I really could have sworn someone said to "blow a kiss" for this 10 picture series. I blame the deer head.

Anyone have a new years resolution they’d like to share? I’m always interested in what other people want to resolute, because I usually have trouble picking one, so I just say “I don’t believe in new years resolutions”.  Since I workout year round, I never really do the fitness thing. Sure, I’d love to lose 10 pounds, but aren’t we all trying to lose ten pounds every single minute of our lives?! Read more books? Spend more time with family? Stop falling for the wrong guys? Woof.

I have to say, I taught my intro to spin class tonight and was PSYCHED for the first time ever about all the new years resolutioner’s at the gym.  They are in my world now.  The class was full, and there is nothing more that I love than a full class. Here are two brand new playlists (well, some of the songs repeat for the intro and regular class, but they are different crowds!).

Waters of Nazareth:

1. Deadmau5, Edit Your Friends (3:40)This one is instrumental for a while, and then some lyrics come in. They are kind of weird, but I missed Deadmau5, and I wanted to use him.

2. Jet, Are You Gonna Be My Girl? (3:50): This song has clear pickups and clear pauses in the music, so do some quick pickups with the pace! Keep resistance low and just get that heart rate up for the first song. 

3. Michael Jackson, Wanna Be Startin’ Something (Immortal Megamix) (3:08): Throw some resistance on here, and switch the positions.

4. Justin Timberlake, Like I Love You (4:44): Mmmm, my man. Jumps on our own here with light resistance.

5. Drop Goblin, Make Yur Head Bounce (4:05): Starting a climb here.  This one is really fun – remember that song that goes “if ya’ll wanna party like we do, if ya’ll wanna party like us let me here you say…” Of course you do. You probably were in a cheerleading competition to this song. This is a moombhaton remix to the song, and it’s my new favorite. Find your rhythm (whoa – it just took me a few tries to spell that right) and enjoy the tune! 

6. Future Rock, Ode to a Droid (6:52): Everytime I read this, I see Ode to a Doid, which you would get if you went to Union College. Doid lyfe 4 lyfe.  I first heard of Future Rock in my friend Craig’s car (check out his awesome band!).  I asked immediately who it was, and they are a really cool drum and bass band.  Ok, so come the :54 second mark, we start a 1 minute cadence increase, staying uncomfortably ahead of the beat. Then we break until the 2:18 mark, where we begin the cadence increase again.  Then we break (I think around the 3 minute mark? I can’t remember off the top of my head, and I’m watching the Biggest Loser, so back off!) and then around the 4 minute mark, it gets a little dubby, and we go back to natural pace, and increase resistance for that slow bass part.  Then after… 5:15? we go back for our last cadence increase.  This one is fun! 

7. MSTRKRFT, Bounse (ft. N.O.R.E) (2:52): I have mixed feelings about this one.  I like the beat, but I don’t think I like the lyrics. In fact, it’s kind of stupid. We did jumps on a hill. 

8. MGMT, Time to Pretend (4:21): Straight climb here. Get heavy! 

9. Daft Punk v. Garbage, Paranoid Funk (3:04): During the chorus, we do sprints with resistance and recover in between. 

10. Mashup-Germany, Top of the Pops (2011): Little sprints during the Britney parts where she starts singing “Whoa-o-o-o-o-o-oo”.  This song if you missed it a few weeks ago is a pretty sweet mashup of all of the hits from 2011. I was a fan. Watch out for the F work in this tune. 

11. Beats Antique, Beauty Beats (3:44): Huge fan of this group, check them out – I have trouble putting their sound into words, so I’ll tell you what our old friends at Wikipedia say: “experimental world fusion and electronic music mix.”  They are a little tribal, a little middle eastern, with a hint of heavy bass lines.  Very, very cool if you are looking for “world music” for your classes. Climb. 

12. Jay-Z and Kanye West, N*ggas in Paris (3:39): I was against this one for the song, but I do really like this song.  I had the clean version, duh.  There are somewhere between 3 and 4 thousand swears in it, so make sure you have the clean version.  The beat is a fast, and then it slows down and picks up again throughout the song.  I tried to encourage the riders to pick their own resistance, dependent on the beat of the song, and use the resistance to stay with the beat. 

13. Justice, Waters of Nazareth (4:11): Thanks to Aaron for this one, I’m a little obsessed with this song.  We did jumps with moderate resistance here, and I have to warn you there is a weird talking segment of the song come like 2 minutes into the tune. 

14. Dev, Fabulous, Kiss My Lips (DJ Kue Remix) (4:42): This song is PERFECT for intervals, because the music gets fast at 1:00 for exactly 30 seconds, then exactly 30 seconds of rest, and repeat, until the 3:04 mark, then you do 1 full minute of sprint, and then recover.  I used this in both the intro and regular class and they were both pooped at the end.  Put enough resistance on so that you become exhausted by the end of the first 30 second effort.  After all, it is the new year! 

15. Beats Antique, Slapdash Era (3:56): Another great tune from these guys, doing a little cool down.

Here is the Intro playlist I used (I am only going to post soundclouds for new tunes – some of these I have used in the above playlist, or in a previous playlist posted somewhere on this blog of mine).

Beauty Beats:

1. The Dead Weather, I Cut Like a Buffalo (Gramatik Remix):  Warmup and talking basics with the noobies!

2. The Postal Service, Such Great Heights (4:26): Again, still warming up.

3. Jet, Are You Gonna Be My Girl? (3:50): Checking out the different positions, talking about form.

4. Girl Talk, Friday Night (3:12): Adding some resistance and seeing what that feels like in each position. Or maybe we did some jumps? I forget already and it was less than two hours ago. I’m getting old.

5. Beats Antique, Beauty Beats (3:46):  Climb.

6. Future Rock, Ode to a Droid (6:52): Same speed drill as discussed above.

7. MGMT, Time to Pretend (4:21): I think we did some jumps with resistance here on our own.

8. Daft Punk v. Garbage, Paranoid Funk (3:04): Same speed drill as discussed above.

9. Drop Goblin, Make Yur Head Bounce (4:05): Many repeats I guess.. 🙂 Same kind of thing here, just finding our groove with some resistance.

10. STS9, Scheme (5:11): Endurance climb here, showing them how we have to be able to zone out in spinning sometimes to get us through a song. But I LOVE this song, and it pumps me up. Fast paced jam for a climb song.  Also, amazing live in concert. 

11. Jay-Z and Kanye West, N*ggas in Paris (3:39): Same drill as discussed above.

12. Royksopp, Happy Up Here (2:44): Jumps on our own here! I love this one, thanks to my music shark, Lindsey.

13. Dev, Fabulous, Kiss My Lips (DJ Kue Remix) (4:42):  Same drill as discussed above.

14. Kid Cudi, Pursuit of Happiness (4:37): Kewldown.


2 thoughts on “Waters of Nazareth & Beauty Beats

  1. Hey Amanda! 3 things:
    1. iTunes: uggggg! Drives me INSANE!
    2. New Year Resolutions: Hate them. I always say, if you’re going to change something, start now. Why do you need to wait until Jan. 1??? I don’t get it. (10 pounds gone wouldn’t hurt though!)
    3. Jet-Are You Gonna Be My Girl: Love! I think I found this song on my kids Guitar Hero or Rock Band game.

    Glad you enjoyed your weekend! Still waiting for more snow myself 😦 . Have a good one!

  2. Mornin Chris! Honestly, how have they not fixed the iTunes bug? I either can’t publish the playlist, or I’ll publish and then it won’t let me have the option to grab the link or anything. It’s so weird. I don’t really like Ping at all anymore, but c’est la vie! I totally agree with you about the resolution thing. Don’t “wait” until Jan 1 (totally arbitrary date) to “start” working out. Get off your butt and be pro-active about it.

    Hahaha, that’s really funny you found that song from Wii – I haven’t used mine in a while, but that’s such a good idea for looking for new songs! haha! Thank you, I hope your sons 13th was great!!!

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