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So, a few things. Firstly, as you may have noticed, I did not post the iTunes or Spotify playlist this week in this post.  I think I have officially decided to say F to iTunes, seeing as how frustrating it is when the past oh, 15 out of 10 (yes. i know) playlists have just … Continue reading

Bootcamp Beats Volume 2

Another special post for you guys today from Joel, who wrote a banger playlist a few weeks ago for us.  I dig his style so much, and I can not wait to take one of his classes! I’ll make sure he makes the class extra wompy for when I come visit.  Also, I had mentioned in … Continue reading

Nocturnal, Peaches, and Psycho Killer

iTunes (Nocturnal) (OMG IT WORKED!) Spotify (Nocturnal) iTunes (Peaches) (Yet 5 minutes later this playlist did not work…) Spotify (Peaches) iTunes (Psycho Killer)  (Same with this.) Spotify (Psycho Killer) ^iTunes Ping really, really annoys me. I am thinking of ONLY posting SPOTIFY playlists from now on. Is there ANY READER on here that would be … Continue reading

Booty City!

iTunes (mehhh not tonight… sorry, I’m tired!) Spotify I hope you all took some action today in being apart of the SOPA + PIPA protests online today.  I figured out how to blackout my site (thank you WordPress!) without completely and utterly ruining my life’s work here on this blog. In more important news (so … Continue reading


Readers, friends, spin enthusiasts and music lovers alike: SOPA AND PIPA WILL AFFECT YOU IF THESE TWO BILLS ARE PASSED THROUGH CONGRESS. If you have no idea what I am talking about, then you need to read this Wikipedia article. After you are done reading that Wikipedia article and have a brief, general, impartial understanding … Continue reading

Bootcamp Beats Volume 1

Today, I have a special post for you guys!  Through our mutual friend, Lindsay @, Joel and I have connected, and low and behold… He is my male-workout-music-match (Ali @ whipmeintoshape is my female match).  Joel will tell you a little bit about himself in his post below, but when I opened his e-mail … Continue reading

Derezzed & Roustabout

iTunes (Derezzed)  (So I’ve been blogging for like, an hour and a half, and I need to make a playlist for intro, so I’m going to put the links on hold until I have some time to deal with the annoyances of iTunes since it takes an extra 20 minutes). Bear with me Spotify (Derezzed) … Continue reading

Waters of Nazareth & Beauty Beats

iTunes (Waters of Nazareth) (Can’t post this link for some reason. iTunes, when will you step it up?) Spotify (Waters of Nazareth) iTunes (Beauty Beats) Spotify (Beauty Beats) I hope everyone had the best new years eve! I sure did! This whole weekend was such a blast. Cousin got married, drove into the mountains of … Continue reading