See Ya, 2011

I have been waiting for 2011 to end for the past, oh, 9 months.  2011 started off beautifully, and then BOOM! Among some of the worst stress I’ve had in years came and lasted for far too long.  To start, my heart was ripped out and stomped on, which in turn ended a friendship I had always thought would be life-long.  Sure, maybe a bit dramatic, but not for me at the time.  I’ve been much better lately at being able to put that behind me and move forward, but it was the cause of many tears and bed-ridden days where I couldn’t even fathom how I was going to move on to normal life again.  Breakups are hard. Losing a best friend is even harder, though.  (Biggest lesson of 2011: Do NOT date your best friend. Just. Don’t.)

I managed to purchase a brand new, 2011 Nissan Rogue! A NEW CAR! For those who have known me since the beginning days of driving, I drove some sketchy, “I hope we make it there” kind of vehicles.  Oh, and by “managed to purchase”, I of course mean that the bank purchased a new car for me and I will forever (forrrrever) be in debt.  Keep up those efforts, Occupy Wall Street! Debt forgiveness!

How exciting! Guess what the FIRST thing I did when I picked up this new car was? Immediately move out of my apartment. Not by choice, but because of a horrible, awful slumlord who essentially caused an infestation of red thugs in my apartment.  Countless hours, energy, gas, and money was spent moving out, throwing out ALL potentially infested furniture and belongings.  Thanks, Jim + Gerryl for taking your youngest back for a few months, even though you were paranoid (myself included!) that I was going to bring the infestation to your home.  So far, so good… This apartment situation then turned into an ugly lawsuit (because obviously, the apartment was completely habitable), which is where my Esquire older brother came in handy.  What a guy, he is.  We will never be able to thank him enough for all the work he put in for us to get some justice for our pathetic, infested, broke asses.

Since the lawsuit ended right before Halloween, things have been 100 times better.  My older sister got married and we had the most family fun we’ve had since I was born (duh), I am living in an AMAZING apartment with two amazing gals, and life has happened.

I have a point, I promise… I got certified to teach Spinning in February (back in the glory days), and started teaching once a week in May (post-traumatic breakup).  I started blogging in June.  I started teaching 2 times a week in October, and I have since started teaching 3 times a week since November.  I truly feel that having spinning to look forward to and prepare for during the tough times was amazing therapy and was the perfect escape to life’s craziness.

I look forward to writing my blog post every week, and even though there is usually not a lot of writing involved, it has still been so cathartic for me.  I have spent so much time on WordPress, and reading other spinning/music/running/fitness/healthy living blogs, and there is such a nice community of bloggers out there.  I thought blogging was for nerds (no offense, I just didn’t know how cool it really was!), and now I am one of those nerds.  I love finding new music and sharing it with you guys, and spinning/this blog has really been one of the main highlights of the few and far between GOOD things to happen in my life this year.

So, in turn, thank you for reading my blog and it has been so nice to join the friendly, welcoming and sharing community of bloggers, readers, and “spin enthusiasts” out there.  I hope to someday be able to cross REAL paths with each and every one of you! (Wouldn’t that be so cool? Spin-blog convention? I’m a nerd and I’m not afraid of it anymore).

To end on a good note, here are some highlights of 2011:

1. Becoming certified… Duh.  With that, getting teaching jobs around Boston. So grateful.

2. Boxing at “The Ring” in Boston for a month.  It’s incredibly expensive, but it’s the BEST workout with the BEST coaches, and the most fun you’ll ever have.  I still hit the bag when I’m at the gym (although it has been a while… boxing workout tonight?), and it feels so good to let the bag HAVE IT.  And now, when I run into ex-boyfriends, I know how to fight! Oops, I mean, when someone tries to mug me, I know how to fight. THAT’S what I went for. Right.

3. The few and far between weekends when a group of us from college who live in separate cities get together and rage like we’re still at a TDX Frat party.  I love you guys to death.  Meet you at Mink Hollow.

Pre-beerfest meal.

4. New car! New car! NEW CAR!

She's a beaut.

5. Phish Superball IX Festival. Best way to spend the 4th of July.  What a ridiculous time that was. More importantly, I got to spend that weekend with my most favorite girl in the world, Kaitlin. I would sew you to my hip if I could.


Phish throws such a party for us.

6. Royal Family Affair Festival in Vermont.  I surprised my friends from college by just showing up after telling them I couldn’t go, and we had quite the reunion weekend celebrating Adrienne’s 25th. Music was ridiculous all weekend.

Happy birthday Adrienne!

7. Retreat weekend in Florida which consisted of 8-9 hours on the beach for 3 days, sleeping, music, reading, relaxation, and forgetting about the male species.

8. I met a lot of celebrities this year. By “met” I mean talked to them for 0.2 seconds. Zdeno Charra (he’s like really, really tall), Michael Ryder, Jay Harrington (I also asked him to come to my birthday party. He respectfully declined after telling me how much he loves me, and how sorry he was for not being able to come), Chali 2na (and had a great discussion about where to find Chicken Parmigiana in Stratton, Vermont, at 1:30 AM), Michal Menert, and Lou Merloni.

9. Best new music of this year: ELLIE GOULDING, Big Gigantic, Gramatik, Michal Menert, SuperVision, Lykke Li, Fleet Foxes, The Pimps of Joytime, Rubblebucket, The Polish Ambassador, M Machine, Tipper (thanks Reshab!) … off the top of my head 🙂

10. MY SISTER GOT MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY NEPHEW TURNED 2! MY NIECE TURNED 4! My brother won us our lawsuit! My parents both retired! Faaaaaaaamily!!!!

"Ok, Now pretend to laugh!"

11. And of course, my besties from Natick, and Cummings Road, and all the laughs/goodtimes/tears/horriblyinfestedtimes we shared together.

The BB Bandits... This was after a wine tour in Boston over the summer (thanks again, ladies!)...and then we got asked to leave

Happy, Healthy Holidays to all, and here’s to a FRESH start (yay!)!


8 thoughts on “See Ya, 2011

  1. Hey Angela! So glad you joined the nerd club and I look forward to your blog posts and new music each week. Great post! I hope 2012 is a good one!! 🙂

    • Thanks, Chris! You are awesome, and I finally had some time to start stalking all of your Ping playlists last night for new stuff. So good. So many! Happy holidays, and thank you for reading 🙂 To 2012!

      • OMG! I seriously called you Angela instead of Amanda. (Too many days spent with 5 and 6 year olds can do that to a person!) I must have been thinking of Angela from CyclePsycho! Duh-I really AM a nerd! Sorry 🙂

      • hahahaha, I caught that, but I thought “well, it’s 645 in the morning, she’s probably about to be on vaca from school, and she probably just mixed me up with Angela @ cyclepsycho. I still love Chris, and I’ve seen her call me by the right name before. All is well” Hahaha, too funny. About to leave work finally! HOORAY! Happy vacation!

  2. Man, your post just reminded me of how much has happened this year. Couldn’t imagine surviving without you girl. So proud of all you’ve accomplished! Here’s to 2012 and 25 being the best year yet ❤

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