Lucid Dreams & Afternoon Soul

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I missed you guys last week! More than that, I missed teaching! I still taught my intro to spin class which I truly love teaching. A lot of the people who have tried it keep coming back for more, which pumps me up.

Sunday River raised $2,200 in donations for the Bethel Rotary Club during Santa Sunday.  It was nice to get away for the weekend with friends, and celebrate our friend Justin who’s getting married with some skiing, kegging, eating, bon firing, and shooting.  We didn’t shoot Justin, just skeets.  It was fun.

Me (Ghetto Santa) and Lindsey (Velour, luxurious Santa) with 250 other Santas.

Justin, before taking the plunge into the deep end. No animals were harmed during shooting, just clay skeets, and my arm.

I taught yesterday at Spynergy, and I am so grateful to have been given a class there.  It’s such a great studio, everyone is so friendly and nice, and I will be learning a lot about a stand alone, boutique studio from working here (this is for when someone decides to front me money to open my own studio one day… in Australia…).

Recently, I had a few woman who were talking in the corner during class, which was bothering me a bit but I could also tell it was bothering other riders. How do you deal with this as an instructor? A fellow instructor at who took my class told me not to be afraid to lay down the law and get off the bike to talk to them.  Tell me about your experiences with these kinds of situations.

I’m posting the Monday night playlist, and then the Sunday Spynergy playlist below, without links to music (besides one Rusko song you need to listen to), and the intro playlist is a repeat which you can check out here. Most from Sunday are repeats, but I hope you enjoy the rides!

1. Pretty Lights, If I Gave You My Love (4:36): Just warming up here, good old faithful, Pretty Lights.

2. Michael Jackson, Immortal Megamix (9:09): I got the idea to use this from Chris @, and I am thankful she blogged about it! Someone asked me how to get this song after class, so I’m pretty sure it was a hit. We kind of just gradually switched positions and increased resistance with every song change.  (Mashup!) (Soundcloud version is short for some reason so I left the 9 minute long youtube link up too)

3. Empire of the Sun, Walking On a Dream (3:17): At this point after the 9 minute MJ Megamix, we’re continuing the climb for this one. Switch positions during the chorus.

4. Rubblebucket, Came Out of a Lady (4:36): Awesome tune from these guys.  A Boston based group, they’re sort of like a mini-orchestra.  They are young, a little bit indie, but have tons of horns and instruments, and a touch of jam band to them.  I saw them live at the Paradise a few months ago and had so much fun dancing to them! Pick up the pace during the chorus, light resistance.

5. The Black Keys, Lonely Boy (3:13): Great new tune off “El Camino”, TBK’s new album.  Pick up the pace during the chorus, moderate resistance.

6. Rusko, Hold On ft. Amber Coffman (4:35): Uh-bsessed with this song.  Her voice is so beautiful over Rusko’s beats.  Rolling hills, turn up the resistance during the slow and heavy parts.

7. Big Gigantic, Lucid Dreams (5:07): Big Gigantic just announced a winter tour. GO SEE THEM! They will blow you away. Jumps on a hill!

8. Mashup – Germany, Top of the Pops 2011 (What The F): This one is super fun. I found it on, and it’s a mashup of all of the top songs from 2011.  Definitely check it out, it’s a lot of fun and will surely win over your students.  There’s a few “What the F’s” dropped in the song but they are a little hard to hear, besides the very last one at the end of the song.  Jumps with light resistance here.

9. Swedish House Mafia, Antidote (Original Mix) (6:13): This one is super fun and housey.  One minute full on 80% sprint at 1:53-ish, and then again around 3:45 (off the top of my head, but when the beat drops!). You should be dead at the end of this one. (No Soundcloud link available)

10. LCD Soundsystem, Someone Great (6:26): Last straight up hill, no tricks, no intervals, just climb and keep the pace.

11. David Guetta, Turn Me On (Ft. Nicki Minaj) (3:20): A few accelerations with light resistance when the beat drops.

12. SuperVision, Arcane (4:24): Love this guy, Richard Hansen Blake (SuperVision).  Producer on the Pretty Lights Music Label, he was awesome live.  You will see his name on festival bills this up-coming year! Cooling it down.

Sunday Spynergy Playlist:

1. Bob Segar, Hollywood Nights (5:03): Warmup into flat road.

2. David Guetta, Night of Your Life (ft. Jennifer Hudson) (3:42): Sprints light resistance when beat drops.

3. The Black Keys, Lonely Boys (3:13): Pick it up during the chorus.

4. Foo Fighters, Everlong (4:08): Heavy resistance sprints.

5. The Naked and Famous, Punching In a Dream (3:58): Climb.

6. Rusko, Everyday (Boyfriend Remix) (3:30): Keep climbing. (I love this one. Moombahton! It’s a type of reggaeton.. Amazing!)

7. Peter Bjorn and John, Young Folks (4:37): Picking it up during the chorus, standing running.

8. Beastie Boys, Sabotage (3:00): Heavy, quick sprints during the heavy beats.

9. Empire of the Sun, Walking on a Dream (3:17): Climb.

10. Rusko, Hold On (ft. Amber Coffman) (4:35): Rolling hills.

11. M83, Midnight City (4:04): Climb.

12. Led Zeppelin, Living Loving Maid (She’s Just a Woman) (2:39): Flat road, switch positions.

13. Rihanna, Where Have You Been (4:03): Sprints, light resistance.

13. Gramatik, Afternoon Soul (4:16): Cooldown.

See ya next week!


12 thoughts on “Lucid Dreams & Afternoon Soul

  1. It stinks when people talk in class.
    I usually do the “if you’re talking, you’re not working hard enough”. When I do that I’ll usually look at the offenders and give them a big smile. Everything hurts less when you’re smiling. 🙂
    Or I’ll just generally mention that the acoustics in the room aren’t so great so a little conversation ends up being much louder than it should be.
    I have also made annoucments similar to that at the beginning of class.
    Any help?

    • Hahah, it totally helps. I feel so bad clearly singling people out, but I guess that’s what they get for doing that in a spin class where most people like to just zone out and ride. Thanks for the advice, Jess!

  2. I use the same line as Jessica. Sometimes even if you say “You should be working hard here…” with a little evil eye (which I have pretty much perfected from all my years teaching kindergarten) will do the trick. Another good one is turning the music way down for a second. Then they realize how loud and distracting they are being. Don’t you love the Megamix? I’m using it again this week because everyone has been asking for it again. Glad you had fun on your trip! 🙂

    • Hey Chris, thank you for the advice! I think what you and Jess said is exactly the way to go about it. I still feel bad though (I took a SELF magazine quiz about empathy last night, apparently I’m above average… yikes). That’s a good idea to turn the music down too. Yes, the megamix is awesome! Totally wild. 9 minutes of that definitely flies by when you’ve got MJ tunes to keep you going! Have a good one!

  3. I ask in a very loud voice, “Can EVERYONE hear me?” Looking everywhere but at the talkers. I do it up to 5x before I give up and crank the music just a little. It has never failed me. I also have people that try to use the phone so I lower the music and announce (through my mic of course) to be quiet because So and So is making a call. SHHHHHHH!!!! Everyone laughs, So and So gets embarrassed and we move on.

    • Hahaha, that is SO funny about the phone call. I HONESTLY can NOT believe that people would try to use their cell phone during a class. Ok, texting, one thing, and I’d be so offended if someone did that in my class, but a phone call! Ridiculous. Who are the people who think that this is an OK thing to do in an excersize class?! I love your method of madness – if an instructor ever said that to me I’d be so embarrased and feel horrible. You Texans are awesome. Thanks Jennifer!

  4. Really great advice everyone! I use those same lines, plus sometimes I’ll use phrases my parents used from my childhood like – “Do I have to separate you two?” or “Don’t make me pull this car over… because I will!” Those usually get a laugh and enthusiastic support from the non-offenders.

    • Hahaha, Yes, I feel as though making sure to do it in a way which will promote a little smirk or giggle is the best way to go about it for sure. “I will turn this bus around!”

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