The Hot Stuff

Happy Friday! Going snowboarding this weekend at Sunday River, which looks a little weak in terms of snow, but it will still be a fun weekend away with some friends. With that being said, I’m not teaching Sunday, and I’m taking a vacation day on Monday, which means I’m not teaching my normal classes.  I’ll still be teaching an intro class on Tuesday, but I use a pretty radio-friendly playlist for that, and won’t be anything I haven’t posted/ranted about before.

Thus, I have asked two friends to do a guest post on the blog for next week.  One is my friend and sorority sister from Union College who is a spin instructor and personal trainer.  Her blog is and she rocks.  The other is someone I became friends with through, who I’ve never met, who lives halfway around the country (and might possibly be in another country right now?) who runs the website. He’s got a LOT of great music on there, and I’m going to ask him to post some of his favorite, high energy, spin (or workout) appropriate songs from his website.  He’s got a lot of mashups on there, and hopefully you can benefit from both of these posts next week, so check back!

Lastly, to get you through the last few hours of your Friday afternoon… a one hour mix from Derek (Pretty Lights) of about a dozen or so songs picked from the Pretty Lights Music Label, including all of my favorites: PL, Gramatik, Michal Menert, Supervision, Break Science, Paul Basic, and Paper Diamond. Shhhhhwing!


3 thoughts on “The Hot Stuff

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    • OMG! So cool.. you just made my entire day! I have to warn you though, I can’t stray too far from the norm at this studio just because I’m still new and it’s in surburbia, but I’ll still make sure to make a great playlist for class that you’ll enjoy. I’m so excited! Thanks Michael!

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