Posted in December 2011

Santa Baby & Sail

iTunes (Santa Baby) Spotify (Santa Baby) iTunes (Sail) Spotify (Sail) I hope everyone had a nice time with their families during the holidays! Two things: To my friend on Spotify, Jimmy, who sent me songs by The Rapture: THANK YOU! I have been looking for more artists who remind me of LCD Soundsystem lately, and … Continue reading

See Ya, 2011

I have been waiting for 2011 to end for the past, oh, 9 months.  2011 started off beautifully, and then BOOM! Among some of the worst stress I’ve had in years came and lasted for far too long.  To start, my heart was ripped out and stomped on, which in turn ended a friendship I … Continue reading

Mercy & Rope

iTunes (Mercy) (Not working on Ping. I’ll never understand ya, iTunes) Spotify (Mercy)  iTunes (Rope) Spotify (Rope) Only a few more days until Christmas! I can’t believe it. WHERE is the snow? Please! Someone! Dump, already. I’ve got snowboarding plans for New Years Eve weekend, and I will not settle for this 50 degree weather … Continue reading

Lucid Dreams & Afternoon Soul

iTunes (Lucid Dreams) Spotify (Lucid Dreams) <— Find me on Spotify @ “spinmuse” and send me music! It’s so fun! We can share! iTunes (Afternoon Soul) Spotify (Afternoon Soul) I missed you guys last week! More than that, I missed teaching! I still taught my intro to spin class which I truly love teaching. A … Continue reading

For all you Deadheads out there…

A really great article that my BFF Jess linked me to this afternoon from the Boston Globe. Not to be cheesey, but my favorite excerpt from this article: “It’s that ability to assimilate and yet practice your faith in the sacred space that is a Grateful Dead show.’’ I’m going to refrain from expanding on … Continue reading

From PinkSneaks

I am posting the first guest post of the week, from my girl Lindsay @… Isn’t she awesome? I SWEAR I had nothing to do with her first paragraph…!!! Enjoy! Hey everyone! My name is Lindsay and I am a personal trainer, group exercise instructor, and spinning instructor. Amanda Bucci is a dear friend … Continue reading

The Hot Stuff

Happy Friday! Going snowboarding this weekend at Sunday River, which looks a little weak in terms of snow, but it will still be a fun weekend away with some friends. With that being said, I’m not teaching Sunday, and I’m taking a vacation day on Monday, which means I’m not teaching my normal classes.  I’ll … Continue reading