All Comes Back to One



Oh my god, I have some exciting news. I have figured out how to integrate soundcloud INTO my blog posts. I have tried before and for some reason (old age) I couldn’t figure it out. I have figure out how to do it though. This means you should be able to listen to songs straight from my page instead of getting re-routed to a new website. This way, you stay on my page for longer ūüôā If anyone has trouble, please let me know.¬†¬†I am really excited about this, and I hope it makes your lives easier, because it feels more streamlined for my own life. Who doesn’t love a good streamline? (Have I mentioned I used to teach swim lessons?)

There are some good ones listed here! I have opted to leave out the intro to spin playlist this week, because I am going to use the same one from last week. Deadly sin, I know, but it’s an intro class and I think the one I used last week was perfect for the intro class, and hopefully they only come to the intro class once… ¬†So there.

1. Jahdan Blakkamoore, All Comes Back to One (Nate Mars Remix) (3:54): I heard this in the ski movie I saw a few weeks ago and had to incorporate it somehow. A little reggae with a touch of dub. Warming up.  

2. Avicii, Levels (3:22): Avicii’s pretty hot right now, and I like this song but am unsure how I feel about him clearly stealing the Pretty Light’s “I get a good feeling” sample and putting it into this song. That’s okay though, I will still spin face to this song.

3. Pretty Lights, Up & Down I Go (7:53): This one is an awesome, high energy song that we climbed to, increasing resistance and keeping the same pace.  Good long song to talk about form in.  

4. Savoy, California Dreamin’ (6:37): I love this song, but I’m not sure if the general public will. ¬†It’s a housey remix by Savoy to The Momma and Poppa’s California Dreamin;, and it’s super high energy. ¬†We recovered until 2:15, sprinted with some resistance for a FULL MINUTE, recovered until 4:30, sprinted with resistance again for 1 full minute.

5. Beastie Boys, Brass Monkey (2:38): Who doesn’t love this song? ¬†Jumps with 75/80% resistance. ¬†Slow jumps for a very slow 4 count the whole song. ¬†The jumps correspond with the weird (awesome) noise that happens every slow 4 count.

6. Radiohead, Jigsaw Falling into Place (4:09): Possibly my favorite Radiohead song. Definitely from my favorite album of theirs, In Rainbows.  Quick pace here at 75%, switching positions.  

7. Pretty Lights, Fly Like an Eagle Remix (3:43): This is a fun remix, unless you’re someone who doesn’t like classic songs remixed. ¬†Climb.

8. Crystal Castles, Not In Love ft. Robert Smith (3:47): Love this one so much, sprints during the chorus!

9. Red Hot Chili Peppers, Torture Me (3:45): Couldn’t find this on soundcloud (I think soundcloud is good for obscure stuff/remixes), so I have linked it to youtube. ¬†This song goes between really fast and really slow every so often, and during the fast parts, we turned up the resistance every 5 seconds or so and sprinted. It was kind of killer.

10. Rihanna, Where Have You Been (4:03): Off her new album, Talk That Talk. Definitely worth checking out. ¬†It’s housey, but her voice is so good that you can take it. Great for a few sprints when the beat drops. You’ll hear it.

11. Royksopp, Happy Up Here (2:44): This song will forever remind me of my friend Lindsey, after the night of the Pretty Lights show (and little Uzu).  Jumps here with resistance on our own.  

12. Break Science, Move Ya Body (3:48): This group is awesome. Adam Dietch is the drummer, who is also in the group Lettuce. ¬†I saw him perform in both of these groups at the Royal Family Affair over the summer, and they were so awesome. ¬†Break Science is sort of like a fusion of all sorts of genres, incorporating a little dub but nothing obnoxious. ¬†Chali 2na also raps over some of their stuff and it’s seriously incredible. Okay, now that you’re educated… I called this one the “last chance hill”… I’ve been watching far too much Biggest Loser, but you can’t blame me. Dolvett is like the hottest thing to ever walk this earth. ¬†Climb super heavy for this song, any position you want, just keep a slow resistance

13. Ellie Goulding, Salt Skin (Alex Metric Remix) (5:02): Used this one a while back, but it’s still one of my favorite songs to work out to. ¬†The beat drops twice during the song for like 1 minute long sprint both times. Amazing. Her voice is just too much.

14. AWOLNATION, Sail (4:27): Great tune.

I hope you enjoy the soundcloud plugs, this makes me super happy. Let me know what you think!


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