Shakedown Street

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Thanksgiving? No. I refuse to believe it’s already here. When did that happen? Isn’t it still like, 60 degrees out? Legit, my favorite holiday.  We deep fry our turkey (I swear I don’t live in a trailer park), and it’s super tastey, but I’m all about the sides. My brother Andy who’s a phenomenal chef cooks every year. If it’s going to be Thanksgiving already, I’d appreciate some snow.  I’m going snowboarding in a Santa suit at Sunday River the first weekend in December, and Santa wants some snow.

Me and some friends at Santa Sunday Charity Event at Sunday River last year. I'm the Santa crushing the snowboard. This picture made the Boston Globe!

This year, I’m most thankful that the pipes in my parents kitchen burst, which enabled them to finally update the kitchen, and it’s gorgeous. There’s always a bright side to unfortunate events.  Other things I’m thankful for include the justice system, brothers that are also pro-bono lawyers for their sisters, apartments that don’t have certain infestations, best friends (and sisters!) who are there to sit with you all weekend and be pathetic with you during breakups, and my niece and nephew who make me happier than anyone in the world (no offense).

Remember I said I was going to an open audition for spinning for a club with a bunch of locations around Boston? I ended up not going. Firstly, I can’t commit to another class right now with my work schedule. It’s up in the air when I’ll be traveling, and somehow, the Monday night class hasn’t interfered yet, but I know there will be a day when I have to go to Long Island for three days and I’m going to screw myself over.  Secondly, the audition is “5 minutes of the peak of your class”, and I’ll be honest, I struggled with this all week.  I really could not figure out what music to play, or what drills to do.  If it was a ten minute class, I would have been all set because it gives way for more variety, and a broader spectrum of how your class runs.  5 Minutes!?  This all worked out for the best, because I have picked up a permanent Sunday morning slot at Spynergy and couldn’t be happier!

Since Thanksgiving creeped up on us so quickly, I decided to hit them hard this week with the Monday night regular class.  So, I did a pyramid climb.

What’s a pyramid climb? After warmup, for every 1 minute of climb, you get 30 seconds rest. Here:

5 min. warmup

1 min. climb (75%)

.5 min. flat (60%)

2 min. climb (80%)

1 min. flat (60%)

3 min. climb (80%)

1.5 min. flat (65%)

4 min. climb (85%)

2 min. flat (65%)

5 min. climb (85%)

2.5 min. flat (65%)

6 min. climb <– PEAK!  (90%)

3 min. flat (65%)

5 min. climb (85%)

2.5 min. flat (65%)

4 min. climb (80%)

2 min. flat (65%)

3 min. climb (75%) <– JUMPS!

6 min. cooldown/recovery

 This was a pretty simple class in terms of movements – we essentially just switched positions the whole class, we did a FEW (and I mean a few!) sprints with heavy resistance or a few sprints with speedwork and light resistance depending on if we were recovering or climbing, and depending on the song.  We didn’t do any jumps until the last working song, where we did jumps on our own for the entire last song.

 This was a kick-ass workout.  I could hear the panting over the music, I heard a few “woo’s” (like thank god this is over, woo). One woman told me she hated me, a few said they were nervous to walk down the stairs, and one woman said she feels like she has earned the right to eat an entire pie on Thanksgiving.  (You can also easily adapt this workout to a treadmill!)

This might be a good workout to try pre- and post- turkey, because it really is the time of year for stuffing face (with stuffing).

1. Grateful Dead, Shakedown Street (4:59): Love this tune, and the culture of Shakedown Street at concerts.  You’ll find some real characters on Shake selling all sorts of things from clothing to arts and crafts to food to illegal substances. I, of course, only buy grilled cheeses on Shake.

2. Talking Heads, Once in a Lifetime (4:20): If you like The Talking Heads, make sure to watch their DVD called “Stop Making Sense.”  It’s the weirdest, yet most enthralling hour and a half of a movie you’ll ever watch.  It’s a live taping of one of their shows, with no audience, and David Byrne is a total weirdo in it. Makes me wish I could go see them live, but unfortunately I don’t know if they’ll ever tour again!  (Sidebar: I met Chali 2na of Jurassic 5 this year, and he said David Bryne was the most difficult artist to work with. Surprised?)

3. OutKast, B.O.B. (5:04): This is a wicked fast (yes, I’m from Boston and yes, I use wicked in every day language) song, and you could do many things during it.  We were starting our climb, but you could do intervals/sprints, and then jumps towards the last minute or so of the song if you weren’t doing a pyramid climb.

4. The Killers, All These Things That I’ve Done (3:51): Slower tune, cool lyrics.

5. David Guetta, Little Bad Girl (ft. Taio Cruz and Ludacris) (3:11): Shoutout to my sorority sister (DeltaDeltaDelta can we help ya help ya help ya?) Lindsay for this one.  Check out her blog at, she’s my favorite and she’s training for a long distance Tough Mudder challenge and she’s just badASS.  She is a personal trainer and spin instructor in the Boston area, who guided me on the spin certification process. I just love her! This ones typical Guetta – house infused with ample room for sprints.

6. M83, Midnight City (4:04): This group is blowing up.  Apparently, they were supposed to play at Brighton Music Hall, which is a capacity of 330, and then they sold out so quickly that they moved the concert to the House of Blues in Boston which is probably (this is a guess!) a 2k capacity venue? That might be an overshot. Anyway, it sold out there too, and I think they were feautured on MTV recently, which explains their quick success. Who even knew MTV still played music? Last I checked they were just enabling girls in highschool to have babies.

7. Daft Punk, One More Time (3:56): Love this Daft Punk song!

8. DJ Tripp, Paper Rump (3:49): LOVE this mashup. I hate to call it that though because it’s way cooler than a mashup.

9. Miike Snow, Animal (4:23): This one is a little slower and maybe even a little boring, but maybe it’s because I’ve listened to it a million times.

10. The Postal Service, The District Sleeps Alone Tonight (4:44): Another great hit by The Postal Service.  There’s some room in this song for a long sprint when the music picks up.

11. Foo Fighters, Walk (4:16): Great new jam from Foo, it’s definitely a heavy hitter!

12. Chromeo, Bonafied Lovin’ (4:33): Mmm, Chromeo. Love it.

13. Enrique Iglaisies, Tonight (ft. Ludacris) (3:51): Jumps for this song on our own for the last working song. I just realized Enrique is still with Anna Kornacopia, who I have not enjoyed watching on The Big Loser this year. She’s hot, but not the most compassionate woman I’ve ever watched for hours on end (thanks to Beth, I am now addicted to that show).

14. Gramatik, Tranquilo (6:24): Relaxing song for a warmup. What’s a spinmuse playlist these days without a Gramatik jam? Nothing.

Here is the list for the intro class this week:

1. Pretty Lights, Take the Sun Away – Warmup

2. Dexy’s Midnight Riders, Come on Eileen

3. David Guetta, Night of Your Life

4. Lady Gaga, Marry the Night

5. LCD Soundsystem, Home

6. Rhianna, We Found Love

7. Scissor Sisters, I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’

8. Beyonce and Jay-Z, Crazy In Love

9. Fitz and the Tantrums, Moneygrabber

10. Black Eyed Peas, The Time (Dirty Bit)

11. Foster the People, Helena Beat

12. Grateful Dead, Good Lovin’ – Cooldown

I’m sorry for the lengthy post… Have an AMAZING Thanksgiving! Earn the right to eat a whole pie, and give thanks to the pie gods.


5 thoughts on “Shakedown Street

  1. Glad to hear I’m not the only one with iTunes issues. WTH iTunes?-we’ve got playlists to publish! Love the Talking Heads. I’ve used Psycho Killer, Swamp and Take Me To The River in my classes before. David Byrne is a nut job for sure. I’ll have to check out the video. 🙂

  2. YOU have outdone yourself, Sister! If this is half as awesome on the bike as it sounds it will still be AMAZING! Lovin’ U in Texas.

    • Texas Lovin! I couldn’t have asked for anything better on a Friday afternoon. You are awesome, thank you for the nice compliment, I’m so glad you like the blog!!! BTW, Your picture (it shows up next to your e-mail on my comments page) is kick-ass. Elvis themed spin class?!

      • Yes, my lameness is spending Friday afternoon at the computer writing rides…anyway, Elvis Endurance Ride. Did it on the anniversary of his death and talked about heart health and diet (Is the butter really worth it? Yes, sometimes!). They never saw it coming. It was amazing.

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