The Ills

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I had such a great time teaching at Spynergy this weekend! It was a totally different teaching experience than what I’m used to, and I loved it.  I don’t usually use a microphone so that felt a little weird but it was kind of nice to not yell.  I got great feedback from the owner, Alex, who sat in for my class, which I was thrilled about.  It’s so helpful having another instructor give you feedback, and it feels good to have someone who has been doing it for years with experience on running their own studio giving you positive (and constructive!) feedback.  Can’t wait to sub there again sometime! I have a diverse playlist for you today.

By the way, you know how I’m always ranting and raving about concerts? Well, just to prove that I don’t talk so highly about every concert (just the ones I’ve been to these past few months have been so ridiculously fun), MiM0SA was not as exciting as I hoped he would be in concert.  The guys who opened for him though, the M Machine, were incredible. I’ve already got one of their songs on a playlist for this week, so you’ll be able to hear one of their few songs out (I think they are brand new, and releasing an LP soon).   No concerts this week. Must… save…. money! Eat, sleep, and workout this week. Repeat.

1. Moby, The Natural Blues (4:16): I thought this was a great warmup song, but Bethany said “Ew” when I told her I was playing it. Thanks for the support, BFF.

2. Amy Winehouse, Valerie (4:37):  I like this one for a quick cadence with light resistance while still warming up. Make sure you get the quick version of this song, not the acoustic version.

3. The Pimps of Joytime, Long Ride (2:55):  You know how much I love these guys already. I picked this song for this ride so that it sounded a little recognizable, since this song reminds me of something The Black Keys would put out. Funky fresh tune, put some resistance on and pick it up during the chorus.

4. LCD Soundsystem, Home (7:53):  I think this is a perfect song for a small hill, where you can try to maintain the same pace while picking up the resistance throughout the song, and switching positions.

5. David Guetta, Titanium (ft. Sia) (4:05):  Did some sprints during the chorus for this one while turning up the resistance just for the sprints.

6. Mayer Hawthorne, The Ills (2:50):  Alex, who I mentioned above, also loves this song which I was happy about.  It’s cool when you can connect with someone about great music that is not played on the radio.  A little recovery song here, out of the saddle and keeping up a quick cadence.

7. Railroad Earth, Long Way To Go (4:31): Since I got the idea of having a “freestyle” song from Bill, another instructor (and part owner) at Spynergy, I thought I would make it a point to take what I’ve learned from them and apply it to my own class there.  This is a JAM.  I shut up for 4 whole minutes and let the students have some time for themselves.  I told them they could be in whatever position they wanted, with whatever resistance they wanted – just as long as they weren’t cheating themselves of a good workout.  This is an Americana, bluegrass band that I have been in love with since my cousin Sean gave me their live cd set, “Elko.”  I got to see them play at Allgood 2010 last summer too, and I’m still hooked on them.

8. Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell, Ain’t No Mountain High Enough (Van O Remix) (3:00):  Personally, I love this remix, but Alex told me it sounded like it was recorded poorly.  I had to say “nope, this is just ‘kids these days’” kind of music.  It is truly butchering a classic song by making an electronic remix of it, but honestly, I still think it’s a banger song.  We did 30 seconds off, 30 seconds on sprint for the whole song.

9. Led Zeppelin, When the Levee Breaks (7:07):  I cut this one a little short (about a minute and a half at the end) due to time reasons, but we did a heavy climb with three challenges to get us through the 5.5 minutes of a slow song/heavy beat climb song.  Challenge 1, sprint with the heavy resistance from 2:28 – about 3:00.   Challenge 2, position 2 from 4:00 – 5:00 and Challenge 3, sprint from 5:25 – 5:40.  Boo yah.

10. Big Gigantic, High and Rising (5:52):  I love this one so much. I think anyone can appreciate it as long as it’s taught like this: keep this song after a climb, and continue to climb for the first 2.5 minutes or so of the song, and then slowly when the song picks up, take a little resistance off and pick up your pace.  The song continuously gets faster, and by the end of it you are so engulfed in the trumpets and heavy bass beats that your heart is pumping from excitement rather than tiresome reasons.  Seriously, I love Big Gigantic.

11. Michal Menert, Tomorrow May Never Come (5:38): I know, like stop playing this song already. Problem is, I can’t, and I probably won’t.  I think this song could go on my list of “songs I could listen to 24/7 for the rest of my life in a room with white walls and no windows.”  Just. Love.

I’m attending an Open Audition for Healthworks in Boston this Sunday.  I’ve never auditioned before, and I’m a little petrified.  I’m also not banking on winning a class spot from this audition, but I feel like it’s good experience to go for when I’ll have to audition somewhere when I can truly commit to picking up another class during the week.  The guidelines are 5 minutes of the peak of your class.  Yikes. Thoughts on auditions? Have you done them before… words to the un-wise? ( <–Me)


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