YOU GUYS! I’m so excited/happy/honored to say that you guys have helped me surpass 10,000 views on my blog.  I was hoping to do something cool for a 10K post, so I thought I’d give you some stats, but I also wanted to use it as an announcement. My incredibly talented (and handsome, funny, smart, etc. etc.) best friend Brandon is going to help me create a logo for the blog.  He’s got two degrees in visual arts/graphic design, and he thought I should create one.  We are working together to brainstorm one, and I can not wait to see the product.  This might mean some formatting updates on my blog at some point in time. Hooray! Thank you, Brandon! Now, to talk him into coming to a spin class sometime… (we definitely did not eat a bunch of fried food together last night. Nope, no way).

Here are some fun facts/fun with numbers:

– It took between June 24, 2011 and into the first few days of October, 2011 to reach 5,000 views. So cool.

– Between October, 2011 and November 14, 2011 I reached ANOTHER 5,000… That is LESS THAN HALF the time from the first 5,000. Viewership doubled in half the time. Awesomeness ensued. (I think it had to do with the fact that I started linking songs to youtube, to be completely honest).

– The most views I’ve ever had was on October 20, 2011 at 197 in one day. LET’S BEAT IT! (MJ stylie)

– By far, most of my clicks TO my blog are coming from spinningmusic.wordpress.com.  Other big traffic comes from my girl Chris @ chrispins1.wordpress.com, spindj.ca, darcyknoblich.com (who I just realized is not on my blogroll? I’m sorry, Darcy! Will be adding you).  It’s been fun getting to know other spin instructors who have blogs, and to have blog friends 🙂

– Search terms are my favorite thing to look at everyday (this is how people find your blog from googling you).  Most searches are for “spinmuse”, “spinning muse”, “spinning music”, “dubstep spinning music”.

– My favorite searches include: “spin music womp”, “dubstep breakup songs” (?), “daft punk spinning sprints”, “deadmau5 glowstick ears”, “how to teach my 5 yr old girl to not be so shy to family” (??), “why are missy elliot songs out of order on itunes?” (???), “can I use super bass for spin music”, “explicit workout songs” (badass), “music lights that spin” (those are awesome), “song that is just beats, goes slow then fast. people use in cycling classes” (I am such an eloquent writer, because I definitely describe songs like that. Oops), “twangy intro dubstep track”, “dubstep song – hand me down, from the, ooo, ooo”, (sounds awesome) “i have too much dub in my step” (don’t we all), “if you are sexy spinning songs” (totally talking about me, of course), “whats the name of the song that goes like this: go fat boy go fat boy go, womp womp womp womp” (again, sounds awesome), “womp one dollar”, “muppets womp”, “pumped up fist song”.   I LOVE YOU GUYS. These always put a smile on my face!

– Nothing to do with spin, BUT… I was born on 7/23/1987, on my Grandpa Leo’s 80th birthday, on the start of the Leo zodiac, and therefore, my middle name is Leigh, and my first born son will absolutely be Leo. My big sister also loves that name, but don’t even think about it, Kate. My grandpa Leo would be 104 if he were still with us! What a guy, what a guy.

– According to my iPod, I have provided you guys with 310 UNIQUE songs to spin to (not including the ones I’ve repeated, and it is including the ones I’m going to post this week).  I hope you guys have truly enjoyed reading my blog as much as I love writing it.

THANK YOU GUYS! I’m in a great mood 🙂 Will be posting THREE playlists this week!


4 thoughts on “Y10K

  1. Your blog rocks Amanda! I love to read the search terms as well-sometimes they’re pretty hilarious! Hey-my birthday is very close to yours-July 28th! (And I guess I should probably admit that you were born the year I graduated from HIGH SCHOOL!!!!!) And I have a cat named Leo. I feel so connected. Ha ha 🙂 Keep on spinning girl-and congrats on the blog views!

    • THANK YOU CHRIS! 🙂 haha, please, spinning knows no age.. and in your picture you don’t look a day over 30. Thank you so much as always for your kind words, Chris!

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