Tomorrow May Never Come

Having trouble getting the iTunes link for some reason, but it’s on my iTunes ping account (@ Amanda Bucci)


I try to keep my ramblings on the blog to a minimum, but I have quite a bit to ramble about from the past week involving both music AND spinning. So it’s on topic.

1. Gramatik, SuperVision and Michal Menert last week was… incredible. I know I rant all the time about how awesome concerts are, but this was a 15 dollar, 1 mile away from my apartment absolute banger concert.  It was constant flow and constant music between the three artists, and I love listening to their studio stuff, but hearing them live was just so fantastic.  They mix together their tracks so well and there was so much energy from the crowd.  These three guys will definitely be on a lot of bills for festivals this summer. You heard it first @

2. Instead of seeing Furthur on Friday, I got hooked up with a gig to work the merchandise table at The Brew’s CD Release party at the Brighton Music Hall.  Easiest $80 bucks I’ve ever made, and the show was pretty jammy. Will hopefully have the opportunity to do that again sometime for the Paradise/Brighton Music Hall.

3. Saturday, I took a 90 minute Grateful Dead “Dead Spin” at Spynergy in Wellesley over the weekend. Literally the most enjoyable and relaxing spin class I’ve ever taken.  You’d be surprised how much 90 minutes of live dead shows can pump you up.  The instructor, Bill, who runs the studio with his sister Alex, is really enjoyable to take a class with, too.  He’s got funny anecdotes, and knows when to talk to keep you going.  This class gave me some confidence to want to play some more jammy music in my future classes… and now I’m back onto a Dead kick (which is never a bad thing).  If you are interested, check out their website and get on their mailing list – it happens twice a year, and I will for sure be at every one here on out! By the way, it pretty much sold out around probably 50 bikes… so if you spin at a large studio with an older audience, maybe you should think about running one of them at your own place!

4. I am actually subbing this Sunday for a late morning class at Spynergy in Wellesley.  This is HUGE for me! I am so excited.  It is a stand alone (co-ed!) spin studio in a very nice town, and they have a great reputation around Boston.  It’s going to be so completely different from my class that I teach now in the city at a small all women’s gym, but I am definitely ready for the challenge. Wish me luck, and if you live in the area or have fellow spin-obsessed friends, send them my way. 🙂

5. Last but not least, the gym I normally teach at is going to undergo some renovations, which (fingers crossed) means new bikes, bigger space, and… drumroll please… POSSIBLY CO-ED CLASSES! Spin, good jams, and hot babes.. the three things I live for. (That “spin” link is what my 4.5 year old niece thinks I mean by spinning – and she’s got every reason to think that). I’ve also picked up an Intro to Spin class there, which I taught for the first time tonight and loved it!

Now, for the regular post, and the weekly concert update…. Going to see Mim0sa this Thursday in Boston. Woop! Keep in mind this playlist is for an Intro to Spin class, and a lot of the songs I’ve used before, and I am not going to post a profile for each song  just because this class was a lot of me rambling about positioning, HR, RPMs, form, and movements (jumps, hills, etc).

1.  Pretty Lights, Take the Sun Away (10:34)

2. Jay-Z and Linkin Park, Numb/Encore (3:23)

3. Coldplay/Simon Sh:Out, Speed of Sound (6:49)

4. David Guetta, Night of Your Life ft. Jennifer Hudson (3:42)

5. Bassnectar, Lights (Ellie Goulding Remix) (5:03)

6. Jay-Z and Kanye West, Otis (3:01)

7. Deadmau5, Hi Friend! (5:15)

8. Florence and the Machine, Rabbit Heart (3:52)

9. Foster the People, Helena Beat (4:36)

10. Justin Timberlake, LoveStoned (7:24)

11. Michal Menert, Tomorrow May Never Come (5:38) This is who I went to see last week – amazingly beautiful song, and a total feel good song.

12. Ray Lamontagne, You Are the Best Thing (3:55)

I’ll have lots of great stuff for ya next week! Much love.


2 thoughts on “Tomorrow May Never Come

  1. congrats on the sub gig! sounds very exciting! I’m at a pilates based place so there are only 8 spinning bikes. it’s co-ed but more women then men.

    but the place I spin at is spinning based at over 50+ bikes so it’s way different! I’ll work my way up to that 😉

    love me some dead! oh oh oh and have you heard deadmau5’s “rope” by the foo fighters? it’s freaking awesome!

    thanks again for your condolences re: Harvey, you are so sweet 🙂

    • Thank you! I am super excited to sub at this studio. Will letcha know how it goes. I haven’t heard deadmau5’s version of rope, i love that song by foo though! I’ve used it before in class, I’m gonna have to check out that version of it, I bet it’s incredible knowing deadmau5! I’m glad you are feeling a little better, and have a great weekend Lisa!

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