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(I totally forgot to link last week’s post San Francisco Bound to Spotify and iTunes – I fixed it though!)

November already? I hope you guys had a nice Halloween – we got dumped on in Boston… well, more like a few inches, but for my own sake I’m going to pretend we got dumped on and blame staying in Saturday night on the snow, and not by my own desire for sleep 🙂 Some of my friends decided to stay in, I was all prepared to be a Never Nude, and Beth was the Black Swan, and well, we looked pretty good before we realized how crappy it was out. By we, I mean Bethany looked good.  I look half naked, and now my landlord who came over to fix the heat thinks I’m a total weirdo:

I put in a few Halloween themed songs into the mix this week. I finally got Bethany (my roomate, the Black Swan, for clarification) to come to her first spin class.  I’m pretty sure she hated it, but at least she did it and now I’ll never bother her again! I also saw the Infamous Stringdusters on Halloween, and they were absolutely amazing.  I look forward to working one of their crazy bluegrass jams into a spin class soon! Also, going to see Gramatik, SuperVision and Michal Menert tomorrow night and I am SO excited for some high quality, live glitch-hop music in Boston.  Check them out if they are coming to your city! Also potentially driving to Portland Friday night to see Furthur (the Grateful Dead, essentially) because I won’t be able to justify not going when I’m really bummed out I missed them while they were close by. Lots of good music around these parts lately!

1. SuperVision, I Can Still Hear You (3:55): This guy, Richard Blake Hansen is on the Pretty Lights Music Label under the producer name SuperVision.  Good warmup song, he’s got plenty of other chill stuff like this, and I will let you know next week just how great he sounds live!

2. Deadmau5, Moar Ghosts ‘n Stuff (4:30): Halloween, I couldn’t resist playing these songs. Still warming up, talking about form, throwing the resistance up just a tad.

3. Ghosts ‘n Stuff (ft. Rob Swire) (3:15): We can start with sprints for this song during the chorus. Very quick sprints, 15 seconds or so for each one.

4. Daft Punk, Robot Rock (3:06): It’s been a while since I’ve used Daft Punk in a class, I don’t know where my heads been! This song has sort of a Halloween-ish feel to it, and we put the resistance up to moderate/heavy, each of the three positions.

5. The Hood Internet, Estelle (ft. Kanye West) v. the Ting Tins, Shutup American Boy (2:58): Mashup… Keeping it simple, “jumping” into jumps (it’s late, okay?) on an 8 count for the majority of the song.

6. Michael Jackson, Thriller (5:58): Recovered for most of the first minute or so to catch our breaths, then we gradually increased resistance for 5 minutes, and switched positions with every new phase of the song.

7. Rihanna, We Found Love (ft. Calvin Harris): I used this a few weeks ago, but Bethany had a special request, so I figured if I ever wanted her to come back to spin class, I had to abide. Great song for sprints when the beat drops.

8. 5 & A Dime, #BASSMOB (5:02): This one is a very cool.. I don’t even want to call it a mashup, but I guess it is.  Take a listen and see for yourself! We recovered for a minute, endured for a minute and then did jumps on our own with a moderate resistance for the remainder of the song.

9. Sam Adams, No Speak Americano (2:24): I love this one. Sam Adams rapping over the No Speak Americano house song.  It’s a lot of fun, and we put up the resistance to moderate/heavy.  Might need to edit some lyrics…

10. The XX, Crystalised (3:22):  This group is awesome, very pure sounding.  Put the resistance up to heavy, and pick up the pace during the chorus.

11. Michael Jackson, Thriller (Wick-it Remix): I know, I already played Thriller… I found this remix on and thought it was a perfect reprise for the end (or near-end) of the class.  It doesn’t play the full song, just enough so you know it’s MJ and the zombies.  It gets very slow at the last minute and a half or so, and you can toss that resistance up to way heavy!

12. Justin Bieber, Baby (ft. Ludacris): Again, a Bethany special… oh, the things I will do for you! It was actually perfect for jumps on a hill though. You can drop the resistance down from the previous song, but keep it heavy enough where you’re pounding through it. Jumps during the chorus after every “baby baby baby” bla bla bla (man, if I were like 16 though…)

13. Kap Slap, Strobe 2 Lights Ibiza (Club Mix) (4:45): Okay, so if you read my blog on the regular or know me at all, you know that two of my top songs are Strobe by Deadmau5 and the Ellie Goulding remixed Lights by Bassnectar.  This mashup artist combined STROBE with LIGHTS and it brings me to a whole new level of happiness. Honestly. Okay, the last like minute of this song is filled with swears but you actually can’t really hear them so I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

14. Fedde Le Grand ft. Camille Jones, The Creeps (5:09): We did 15 second sprints, 15 second recover, for like 4 minutes straight once the 1:00 marker hit.  We were… tired. The motivation was the peanut butter cups I knew I wanted to eat today at work. Sorry, class, that you had to be apart of my #fatkid motivation and that I made you sprint for a long time.

15. Stuart Duncan, Here and Heaven (3:53): Okay, I heard this collaboration group on Emerson College’s radio station this weekend during morning coffeehouse Saturdays, and I fell in love. It’s a folk, bluegrass, Irish-sounding group effort from Stuart Duncan, Yo Yo Ma, Chris Thile, and a few others that I’m too tired to lookup, but they are very cool. This song happened to be free on iTunes on Sunday, so I nabbed it. Cool down!

Have a great week!


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