Posted in November 2011

All Comes Back to One

iTunes Spotify Oh my god, I have some exciting news. I have figured out how to integrate soundcloud INTO my blog posts. I have tried before and for some reason (old age) I couldn’t figure it out. I have figure out how to do it though. This means you should be able to listen to … Continue reading

Paperback Writer & I Cut Like A Buffalo

iTunes Spotify I hope you guys had a nice Thanksgiving! I sure did. Still nibbling on leftover squash, cranberry sauce, and some delicious apple crisp thing my mom makes. The deep fried turkey was delicious, but I only had maybe a thumb’s worth (gross) of turkey. Veggies 4 lyfe. I subbed for a class at … Continue reading

Shakedown Street

iTunes (I’m still having trouble with Ping. Looks like it’s not just me, I’ve seen other people complaining about problems too) Spotify Thanksgiving? No. I refuse to believe it’s already here. When did that happen? Isn’t it still like, 60 degrees out? Legit, my favorite holiday.  We deep fry our turkey (I swear I don’t … Continue reading

1940 & Wild Night

Today, I have TWO playlists for you.  I’ll post them both in the same post, but treat them seperately. I will be honest with you. I LOVE this first playlist (“1940”).  This was for the regular class I teach on Monday nights, and I threw some awesome new tunes in it for this week. You … Continue reading

The Ills

(^ Who’s bright idea was it to make i’s and L’s look alike in certain fonts?) iTunes  Spotify I had such a great time teaching at Spynergy this weekend! It was a totally different teaching experience than what I’m used to, and I loved it.  I don’t usually use a microphone so that felt a … Continue reading


YOU GUYS! I’m so excited/happy/honored to say that you guys have helped me surpass 10,000 views on my blog.  I was hoping to do something cool for a 10K post, so I thought I’d give you some stats, but I also wanted to use it as an announcement. My incredibly talented (and handsome, funny, smart, … Continue reading

Tomorrow May Never Come

Having trouble getting the iTunes link for some reason, but it’s on my iTunes ping account (@ Amanda Bucci) Spotify I try to keep my ramblings on the blog to a minimum, but I have quite a bit to ramble about from the past week involving both music AND spinning. So it’s on topic. 1. … Continue reading

Robot Rock

iTunes Spotify (I totally forgot to link last week’s post San Francisco Bound to Spotify and iTunes – I fixed it though!) November already? I hope you guys had a nice Halloween – we got dumped on in Boston… well, more like a few inches, but for my own sake I’m going to pretend we … Continue reading