San Francisco Bound



It’s been a wild past few days.. Saw my first STS9 concert in Boston, and I have no idea why I’ve been holding back on them all these years when they’ve been around. So. Much. FUN! A long, sleepless but incredibly fun weekend visiting friends from college in NYC ensued, where I slept through my 1pm SoulCycle class in the city. 1 PM?! Slept through!? So much for finally trying the indoor cycling class that’s all the rave in NYC and now in LA that I’ve been dying to try for 6 months. What a BUM! I don’t know how you New Yorker’s do a 4am last call every weekend. I’ll stick to my 2am bed time in Boston.

Did anyone else get shut out from buying a pumpkin today? Thanks a lot, Whole Foods, now I’ll never have a Deadmau5 pumpkin. Apparently pumpkin season is over and Christmas decorations at CVS are already up. What.. the.. f.

1. Widespread Panic, Saint Ex (Gramatik Remix) (5:25): I LOVE Widespread Panic.  If you’re into jam bands, then you are well versed in these guys.  They’ve been around for quite some time now, and I was lucky enough to see them do an incredible, and I mean INCREDIBLE late night set at AllGood 2010.  This song is actually a Gramatik remix (surprise, surprise) that is very cool. Check it out.

2. The Postal Service, We Will Become Silhouettes (5:01): Still warming up our legs here, keeping the resistance low, getting it all started.  This song has a consistent beat pretty much the whole song, so the 5 minutes kind of flies by.

3. Lady Gaga, Marry the Night (4:25): Gaga, I just love you. We did jumps during the chorus – the first half of the chorus is on the 8 count, and the last half is on the 4.  You’ll know when to hit the 4 counts when she starts stuttering.

4. Stardust, Music Sounds Better With You (Radio Edit) (4:24): Using a little bit of this song for a recovery from the jumps, but also using it as the 1st of a 2 song climb.  Again, there’s a steady beat here to get lost in but it might get a little boring, so change up the positions throughout the song.

5. Boro Beats, Bassnectar v. Kid Cudi (Michael Hayes Remix) (4:53): This is Kid Cudi’s “Pursuit of Happiness” song (which is a great song for cooldown!) mixed over one of Bassnectar’s songs.  I’m not sure the Bassnectar song, but it’s obviously heavy bass in the background and it’s a great mixture for a REALLY heavy climb.  To get them through the 5 minute song with the heavy resistance, provide cues for breathing, form and pedal stroke.

6. David Guetta and Kelly Rowland, When Love Takes Over (3:09): Sprrrrrints! Great catchy tune.

7. Ke$ha, Blow (3:40): Jumps! Moderate resistance, maybe a 7 or so, and we do 8 count jumps during the chorus.

8. Paffendorf, Where Are You (e-Bonit Remix 2008) (5:06): I’m a little embarrased I used this song, but it does the trick for a song to work out to.  It’s really cheesey, sorry guys. We did 15 second sprints with 45 second recovery throughout the whole song.

9. MGMT, Time to Pretend (4:21): I love these guys, but a little disappointed with their 2010 album, “Congratulations.”  This song is off “Oracular Spectacular”, and it’s got good beats and lyrics.  This was the start of our 3 song climb, so throw up the resistance!

10. The Pimps of Joytime, San Fransisco Bound (4:58): I LOVE this group. Check them out even if you don’t use them for class.  This Brooklyn based group will be blowing up within the next year all over the place. Mark my words!  I saw them at AllGood 2010, Royal Family Affair 2011 and at a free concert (!!!) in Brighton, MA on the Charles River.  They’ve got such an eclectic sound, with all sorts of genres, but they specialize in a soulful, funky, jazzy, latin, dance music genre that is hard to find these days.  Oh, right – spin – keep throwing up the resistance.

11. The Pimps of Joytime, My Gold (3:56): Climb isn’t over yet. Keep it up until the first chorus where you can start slowly taking a little resistance off and pick up the pace during the chorus.  It’s not even noticeable that two songs in a row were by the same group because they can change their style so steadfastly.  This song is more of a Black Keys kind of tune.

12. Pitbull ft. Marc Anthony, Rain Over Me (Benny Benassi Remix) (5:16): I like to get a little clubby for the last song lately, apparently.  I don’t really like Marc Anthony’s voice, but I love this remix and it can really get you going.  Our first sprint was for about 30 seconds at the 1:28 mark, and then again at 2:30, and then again at… 3…. something? I forget exactly, but basically once the beat drops.  Have fun with it!

13. Van Morrison, And It Stoned Me (4:30): Everytime I was in my dad’s car growing up he had Van Morrison on, and for good reason.  What a guy (my dad, not Van Morrison ;)) Cooling it down.

I posted a post (I can’t find any synonyms for this sentence… anyone?) earlier about not-cheesey songs to use for the Halloween weekend, since you always sort of kind of feel like you have to adapt to a Holiday.  Have a fun Halloween!


5 thoughts on “San Francisco Bound

  1. If you do ever try a Soul Cycle class, let me know how it goes. I saw it on Live with Regis and Kelli once and it looks like it’s filled with contraindicated movements (crazy high RPM’s, pushups on the bike, etc.). I wouldn’t mind cycling by candlelight once in a while though. Glad you had a good time!

    • Thanks, Chris! I agree, I think that class would go against everything I learned through Mad Dogg. I hope you have a nice Halloween and a nice Halloween ride today!

      • Thanks so much for comin by, Annette! I’m glad you like TPOJ, they are one of my new favorites from this year. I like the I want Candy song choice too, Bow Wow Wow is a cutie.. although he must be like, 21 by now haha! Have a great Halloween, girl!

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