The Creeps

That time of year is coming where little cutie pies get all dressed up, lots of delicious peanut butter cups are downed, and girls age 16+ forget the meaning of classy.  I’m gonna keep the class, and stick to the PB cups. For those of us who are teaching a class within the next week, you might be wondering what kind of music you can use for a Halloween ride.  There’s plenty of stuff out there you could use, but a twitter follower asked me (and he might be my new favorite for asking me this!) if I had any songs that were NOT cheesey.  I’m so not into cheese unless it’s a grilled cheese or the String Cheese Incident, so I am thrilled that there are others who want to steer clear of tackiness during class. I came up with a few songs that you might want to check out (in no particular order):

1. Deadmau5, Moar Ghosts N Stuff (4:38): I’ve already used this before, and you already know how I feel about this DJ. OK – this song MIGHT be a little cheesey because of the creepy guy who talks in it, but I’ll pretend I don’t hear it.

2. Deadmau5, Ghosts N Stuff (3:15): This song immediately follows the above track on the album “For Lack of A Better Name.”  If you’re going to play these, make sure you play Moar first, and then this one. This one’s got Rob Swire singing over Deadmau5’s beats, and it’s super catchy.  You can sprint during both of these during the chorus when the beat drops.

3. Deadmau5, FML (6:36): This one might be a little stretch, but it might also have some creep-iness to it.  It’s instrumental, and a bit long – might be a good one to climb for, trying to keep up to the beat with a quick RPM pace.

4. Fedde Le Grand v. Camille Jones, The Creeps (2:33): This song was huge in Australia while I was studying there, and I’ve been looking for a playlist to throw it on.  There’s also probably a bunch of remixes you can find on youtube for this song if you dig it and are looking for a longer track.

5. Michael Jackson, Thriller (4:52): I mean, I’m not going to bother explaining. We’ve all seen it. We’ve all heard it. We all love it.

6. The Kinks, King Kong (3:22): Maybe I was just born in the wrong generation (duh) but I think The Kinks are such an under-appreciated band in this day in age. You could do a few things with this one, maybe a climb with some surges.

7. Dave Matthews Band, Halloween (5:08): I don’t know exactly how great this is for spin, but maybe a warmup or a cooldown song. It starts to rage a little bit toward the end of the song, so maybe even a climb. Play around!


3 thoughts on “The Creeps

  1. Teaching an early a.m. class on Monday…here’s a few of mine:
    Edward Carnby (Tiësto Radio Edit) by Alone In the Dark & Tiësto
    Ghoul’s Dance by Robert Walsh (OK, maybe just a little cheesy)
    Insomnia (Monster Mix) [Radio Edit] by Faithless
    And for the boomers (such as myself):
    (Don’t Fear) The Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult (great warm-up)
    Sympathy for the Devil by the best R&R band in the world, the Rolling Stones

    • NICE! I love the Blue Oyster Cult, and of course the Stones. I need to check out Tiesto – for some reason I don’t have his stuff on my computer! Thanks for these Denise! Have a great Halloween!

  2. Nice diverse Halloween playlist. Love that you used Thriller. I totally expected it NOT to be there when you said you were looking for non-cheesy songs, because so many other people feel that it’s overplayed at Halloween time. But really? Can Michael Jackson ever be overplayed? And Thriller? Come on! Genius!

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