Boom Bap Reinstated



[DISCLAIMER]: Can’t figure out why it won’t let me use spaces between songs. I have also learned the hard way, two weeks in a row now, to SAVE WHILE DRAFTING! 🙂 Also, I will try to update the favorites section soon. Scout’s honor.

Feeling like I have an extra jump in my step lately.  After an admittedly pretty terrible summer dealing with a break up and the stress of a-not-to-be-named-infestation in our apartment in the beginning of the summer leading to an immediate move back home at the parents house, fall is turning out to be pretty great.  My big sister got married and we had some good family time on Cape Cod which is hard to get these days with everyone’s busy schedule.  There’s been a lot of fun concerts in Boston, and the weekends have been filled with family, friends, drinks, and lots of fun new people.  Speaking of concerts, I was right about Deadmau5 being the best concert ever. Again. Here’s proof.

Lindsey, Me and Megs – How fun are we with our glowstick mau5 ears!? 
Here’s another playlist for ya. We did intervals for this class. Thanks for the feedback last week!
1. Gramatik, Boom Bap Reinstated (3:37): Another Gramatik song for warmup this week.  This one is super fun. He’s coming to Boston in early November and I will 100% be there! He’s on the Pretty Lights Label, and he is dope-fresh-sauce. I promise to try never use that lingo ever again.
2. The Killers, When You Were Young (3:40): Still warming up, and you can pick up the pace during the chorus, and switching between positions throughout the song to get warmed up.
3. Alex Guadino and Kelly Rowland, What A Feeling (2:59): Ahhh… Alex Guadino brings me back to my days in Australia. Kelly Rowland… days of middle school. Either way, it’s a hot combination for a tune for sprints.  We started the intervals for every 15 seconds switching between an easy 6 and 7.
4. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Up From Below (4:09): Little hill for this one, switching between a 7 and 8 every minute.  This group is phenomenal in concert. The song is a quick paced folk song, with interesting lyrics. I won’t get into it, but it’s about alcohol recovery. The lead singer, Alex (not Ed Sharpe)… well here I am getting into it. Listen to it for yourself and look this band up, it’s an interesting story about how they got together.
5. Ida Corr v. Fedde Le Grand, Let Me Think About It (2:37): I’ve used this one before but it was more of a last minute decision when a song I was editing for about the same amount of time as this one wasn’t saving to my computer. Hopefully it works for next weeks class.  15 Second intervals, switching between a 6.5 and 7.5 and picking up the pace when the music drops.
6. Peter Bjorn and John, Young Folks (4:37): I do believe this song is in Californication. Great show. Great song for some jumps, switching resistance between 7 and 8 every 30 seconds.
7. Diana King, Shy Guy (3:46): Total 90’s throwback, and I love it. Switched between a 8 and 9 every 30 seconds.
8. Rihanna, We Found Love (ft. Calvin Harris) (3:36): This girl… so hot right now. Beth wants the credit for this song even though I was totes going to use it anyway, but here you go Beth, here is your street cred. 15 second intervals here, picking up the pace during the chorus! 6.5 and 7.5 resistance.
9. LCD Soundsystem, Someone Great (6:26): I love using LCD for climbs.  They have music that you can get lost in for a few minutes, with a steady consistent beat for the whole 5, 6, 7 or even 8 minute song.  We climbed heavy here, switching between an 8 and 9 every minute.
10. Fitz and the Tantrums, MoneyGrabber (3:10): I don’t know a lot about this band yet but I really like the sounds of this song.  It sounds a little like it was from another time period… What period, I can’t tell you. That’s just how I feel. Jumps, switch resistance between 6.5 and 7.5 every 30 seconds.
11. Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell, Ain’t No Mountain High Enough (Van O Remix): PLEASE listen to this song.  I think its one of the cooler remixes I’ve heard in the past few months. 15 second intervals switching between 6.5 and 7.5
12. Ex Factor, Lauryn Hill (5:27): Such a beautiful song. We quit it with the intervals and went for a heavy 5 minute climb at resistance 9.  Nothing fancy, just close your eyes and keep a steady, heavy pace. No rush.
13. Flo Rida, Good Feeling (Disco Fries Remix) (6:15): By now, you know I’m obsessed with a few artists. One is NOT this “Flo-Rida” guy, but it is rather Pretty Lights.  This song is a house remix and mixes in Pretty Light’s “Finally Moving” samples (also have used that song for climb before).  You can do sprints for 45 seconds at 2 minutes and 4:20 minutes in.
13. Kings of Leon, Closer (4:00): My sister loves this song, and it’s beautiful. Cool down, and enjoy the slow sexiness of this jam.
And now, because you know I can’t help myself but share my love for music with all you fine people… Here’s a little blip of what a Deadmau5 concert is like. Quality kind of stinks but just seriously check this out. Move away from the computer so you can dance for a minute:

3 thoughts on “Boom Bap Reinstated

  1. Happy to hear you have an extra step, breakups and infestations suck! Just keep Spinning it all away girl!

    I’m thrilled to have found your journal, I like being able to “talk” to another newbie teacher 🙂

    Oh and I made my profile first, then added the songs, then retweaked the profile. It’s a long long process as of now…lol! I started a blog a couple weeks ago hopefully I can keep it up – I’ll add you to my blogroll or favorites or whatever the heck it is!

    xoxo, Lisa (omgirlie)

    • You are so sweet – I didn’t realize through twitter you have a blog too! Isn’t it so fun? I’ll totally be adding you to my blog roll, and I’m curious, do you work for lululemon? I saw the post about the R&D team… seems like a really great company, nonetheless!

      Awesome, I can’t wait to see the profiles and tunes! It’s great that you’re making it a long long process though because that shows a lot about what kind of instructor you must be, ya know? Where do you teach?

      Have a great weekend Lisa! Thanks for checking this out 🙂

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